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Chen Shu Fen, Sweet Days Wallpaper
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An old wall i did back after i got myself out of MT to take a breather from the this second life this internet has given me and so i give you this, one of the chracters drawn by Chen Shu Fen. I wanted to keep it plain and simple, ive pictured myself in a foggy background enviroment with moving lights of cars as well as neon lights all around... the text was a mother to fix since i had to find this one text in order to make it fit together. Lots of grunge brushes and effects of simpleness to capture a moment of situation i am trying to put together...

I would say this is a self portrait of me in my psychological state i am living right now which is more on the emotion of confusion, lost, love struck and dead. It seems that everytime i close my eyes i think if i have to die so nothing wouldnt matter or people would just be better off without me in this proof of existence... the problem is the other voice in my head says "you have too much to live for Ray, you still hae to find it..." And because of that its still been a constant search to find a meaning to my own as well as to find the shadow that would keep me together.

I dont believe in 'second chances' because most of the time i take it, it just ends in blunder and sin in which i hate it most of the time since highschool. But now i live for one goal nad that is if oppurtunity knocks on your doorstep then you grab it by the horns and yank it in with ya since its never ever gonna come back... but what about love? *sigh* -__-

And im not sure if im 100% back... >__>

Hope you like it. ^__^
More resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions.


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  1. Phill Apr 12, 2006

    first comment ^^ Oracle is back ( not 100% as you said ) but I hope you will ^0^ to see more awsome wall from you
    About this wall , pretty as usual . I always love your texture ^^ the way you arranged texts
    great job ,+fav

  2. Amru-chan Apr 12, 2006

    Wow, so cool XD. Fav from me XD

  3. Milkiyo Apr 12, 2006

    very mysterious and 'mythical' wall from u..by the state of the bg, it is focused on the guy...which is u?! >.>
    he/u...whatever..seems lost, nicely portrayed and I can tell from his eyes..he seems to be in a trance :P
    love the fog surrounding the area :X

  4. euna Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2006

    Awwww... OA's having some hard time *pats OA and gives him a super giant adrenalin cookie - euna's 'special' formula* OX
    Anyway, forget what you said about people being better without you. We want you back 100% full stop. You have no call in this. >_<
    Nevermind all that. Your artistic talent seems to be still alive. It's a nice wallpaper. The grainy, soft bg really suits the wall and you've done a nice job to bring out the mood/atmosphere. The only problem is that that guy doesn't look like you at all. lol. XD
    Simplicity works well in this wall. I like it.

  5. candy-chan Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2006

    I know it's quite simple and does look a lot like some other stuff you did, but somehow I really like it XD
    the textures, slight grunge , fading, colors, text, everything fits so well together :3

  6. cyd84 Apr 12, 2006

    A lovely soft nighttime feeling to the wall...love the text...it was worth the time it took to hunt down

  7. flyindreams Apr 12, 2006

    XD It's so good to see you somewhat back, complete with wall and all. The wall is wonderful, as always... I don't think I've ever seen this Chen Shu Fen image before, and you managed to bring out the moodiness + create a wonderful atmosphere for it as well.

    ...Loves for you, and just keep going lol... life definitely sucks sometimes but things have a funny way of working themselves out in the end <3

  8. ayaki Apr 12, 2006

    I really like ur texture style.....it's subtle
    even tho u're not 100% back....we'll be waiting! :)
    sometimes when u are trying too hard to find a certain thing...it always keep hiding from u....
    life is a challenge that everybody's destined to face it ... just a matter of time when this idea will hit you ...
    so don't be too harsh on urself..... >_<

  9. fawna-chan Apr 13, 2006

    I like the scan, you hardly fine guy wallies and this one's really good! >_< I love the purpleness and the text looks good with the background and it really stands out. Hope you'll be 100% back soon!

  10. fukushuusha Apr 13, 2006

    O_o finally...my king is back
    I was wondering what really happened out there; this descrription explains some things.
    not %100 you say well if I can return with that uber pissed state of mine I am sure you can find your way back again. Just clear your mind a little and we ll see what happens.
    Anyways; for the wall
    Awesome as always. Simple looking yet striking emotions in it. Textwork is great man.
    Now go get yourself together and kick some more ass around here

  11. LeeAnn Apr 13, 2006

    he looks a lot like my real life crush..makes me sad.. the wallie is cool!

  12. shiningdays Apr 13, 2006

    preeeeeeety. :D

    do i really need to say more? no, not really. :D

    fav'ed. :D

  13. Yina Apr 13, 2006

    you don't believe in 2nd chances? o__o
    to me, it's hard not to take the 2nd chance.. >__< cuz its always the last chance i have..
    mhmm.. I really hope that you'll feel better soon.. .__.
    the wallie is really nicely done.. i love the atmosphere.. it's so peaceful.. >__<
    and the textwork is suggeee.. *__*

  14. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Apr 15, 2006

    It's great to see you back and submitting something OA :D

    And are you kidding? I love this! Simply because the emotions are captured very well in the scan and the background you created for it. It's lovely :)

  15. RainWater Apr 15, 2006

    I liked it a lot.. My friend can really realate with what's written on your wallie. I can relate more with you. I was- or still am- in the same state. I dunno if I can ever get through it.

    It's nice to know you have the strength to think that way. It would be terrible to succumb to something like that. I'm trying not to. :p

  16. Sandra Apr 15, 2006

    Brilliant textures X__x And the font is really nice. And so the bg...fog fits really good and i love this moving lights. Simply beautiful.

  17. Midori-chan Apr 16, 2006

    whoa! the bg is superb! it's a great idea to use fog!
    it fits the scan perfectly! and the blurry lights at the back are great! it's an awesome wallie! ^^V

  18. rorenzu Apr 18, 2006

    full of sad emotion,,.,
    ,well,, somehow that's what I've felt when I saw this
    ,,it surely catches an eye,,
    ,,,long live,,,
    ,and spread works as awesome as this,
    ,>>reminds me of squall of final fantasy 8

  19. studio Apr 22, 2006

    Ohw. He`s sort of ugly. LOL! The girls were quite pretty - but what IS with the haircut - so Beatle-like don`t you think? Oh god - I really don`t hope you consider this a physical self-portrait OA! Well, I can see how it fits in emotionly. Love the purple and highlights down the back.

  20. Sairah Apr 24, 2006

    Wow. This is so good. I love it, great job!
    Looks a lot like the guy I like...

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