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Right. Finally I had the time to stop myself from lazing off and get my butt right on the chair to finish CG-ing this one. It's been sleeping around undone for about one month and finally I have the time to continue. Yay.

Okay, first off. This is Kiro and Rena. Hm. Right. Maybe those who's been catching up with my doujinshis might think that Kiro is with Shizu, (though I think that no one is, actually) but well, the truth is... Kiro's with Rena. Anyways, there's lots of twist inside so unless I really did manage to draw my manga, you will have no idea what's going on unless you poke me with a stick or point me with a rifle just to ask me.

Basically, I was trying to give that... "as our paths clashed" feeling. Or rather... "when you entered my life" scene. Uhh... if you get what I mean... hmm... Literally, I'm trying to show an imaginative scene of when Kiro and Rena met each other in life. (I hope I don't get to confuse anyone, really I do.)

The most fun part in making this one was the background. (Owhhh yeah, fun fun fun) It is the mix of abstract + grunge, which you can call it grungestract. It was fun! Really! Especially when you add those grunge brushes on top of abstract, hehehe.

Okay... I'll stop crapping. Enjoy.

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2006

    Very cool!
    The characters looks awesome and I love their clothes! The bg is great too ;)
    Nicely done!

  2. Anjhurin Apr 10, 2006

    Eheh grungestract ^_^... nice one !

    Anyway *throws confetti* long time no doujinshi, so welcome back in a way :)

    The drawing's pretty good, though there are a few flaws : details aren't that good (rena's clothes have an "empty" feeling to them... you could have added folds and shading to the dress), and their eyes do not seem like they're meeting (which could have been expected given they're supposed to "enter each other's lives").
    On the other hand, the clothes are cool (i like the pearl belt and scarf), and you've got some nice coloring.
    Just one thing i wonder about : why does kiro's pants seem to have one of the leg with a red outline at the end, and the other none ? it's cool though, cause it interacts well with the blue shoe :)

    Good come-back doujinshi eheh :)

    *gives a anti-belly-ache lollipop* (i'm sure it was the hanata lollipop that was poisonned actually XD)

  3. Akaiken Apr 11, 2006

    Hey girl... *pokes Sofia with a nuclear bomb*

    Been a while since you finished your last one. Stop being lazy! Oh well... enough for that, I must say you did pretty well on the doujin but I think there's a problem with Kiro. I dunno but it seems like Sieg's, I mean Kiro's, lower body is kinda short. How old is that guy anyway? Seeing that makes me wonder... I think he's 9 years old? And Rena's around 16? Gee... you manage to overcome your laziness but you still have some hang-over.

    Want me to poke you again with a nuclear bomb? But I like their clothing. And I must agree with Anjhurin that their eyes are not meeting.

    And one last thing... why is it have to be blue? You really hate me, huh? Oh well... nice job though, just a little more!

  4. Kukuru Apr 11, 2006

    Ahah Akaiken, *pokes Sofia with a nuclear bomb* - a bit harsh wouldn't you say X-P

    Ephemeral-Garden, this has potential, I like what you wanted to acheive out of this, but I think I little more detail would really have gone a long way to make this piece stand out... I know detail sometimes can be a pain to take the time, but you have a good overall concept happening :)

    Try to be more flowing with the hair, too me it looks a little stiff, also the hair over the guys eyes, looks a bit unnatural.

    Otherwise, keep at it :D Your clothes designs are coming along great, and your background looks nice :)

  5. enchantressinthedark Apr 19, 2006

    Nah..it really isn't that bright XD Awesome work as usual Epphie-chan! I just love your CGs and I think I like this one the most! Especially the background! Its really cool!

    The characters are nicely done! Keep it up! ^_^

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