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Finally, my newest wall ...

Mah, I know ... she isn't really falling ... but couldn't think of any other title, so I stuck with it xD

about the wall ... mah, started making it in Summer 2005, and finished it some days ago x_X yeah ... it took loong time ... tho, if I count the time spent on it, it'd be only around 8-10 hours xD.
As soon as I saw this image, I had to wall it ... the char, and the "window" behind her are from the original image, I just edit and cleared it a bit, and added some effect. I've changed a bit her skin color ... she was like a zombie before xD
The "magic circle" behind her is from Fullmetal Alchemist xD ... found an image on the net and vectored it in Corel Draw ^_^;
The left bottom part is made from nothing ... had quite some problems with the perspective ... it still looks awkward.
Mah ... don't ask me about the number of layers .... too lazy to count ... but to tell the truth, that doesn't mean anything, does it?

Anyway, tnx to Muz and others that helped me with this wall ^_^

Suggestions and comments are welcome ^_^

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  1. MuZ0NaZ Apr 09, 2006

    You know what I think already <_< It's just that the wooden panel is still kinda bothering me.

  2. jaguar88 Apr 09, 2006

    Very very NICE! If i rate it, i'll give 8.0/10.0, it's pretty high you know!
    Anyway.... what attracts me to this wallpaper is the character >.<
    plus... the colour is very soothing and calm ^^. This is a beautiful work >.^
    There is nothing wrong with how many layers you have... i think the results are much more important, and this prove that you have made a good wallpaper!
    Thnx for sharing this walllpaper and hope you will make another beautiful one like this >.<
    Keep up the good work ^_^

  3. Taurec Apr 09, 2006

    The white rays could use a little more brushing / diversity since now they all have the same glow applied to it ..
    Still it's a pretty good wallie. ...

  4. Moati-san Apr 09, 2006

    Wow! this makes me wish i could make walls. its freakin' awesome IMO. keep it up. ^_^

  5. lamhoimanvindy Apr 09, 2006

    Cool~~~ beatiful draw.
    If the color of skin more deep, it is better. <---only I think......

  6. upheaval325 Apr 09, 2006

    great imgae...love the background, the symbol is really ncie..love the colours and the detail...great job!

  7. keevang Apr 09, 2006

    it's really nice but i think it would be better.. if u remove da black outline of da scan :x
    still very nice though ^^

  8. nolove Apr 09, 2006

    kool wall sweetie ^__^, you did improve a lot in walling skill ^o^.
    the BG is truly amazing i do love it so much
    oh plz add in the CW banner sweetie ^__^, you know that :D
    keep it up the great and fabulous walll ^o^

  9. Bloodlust Apr 09, 2006

    i love it, immediatly on my desktop, color scheme and the whole feeling it give is great, tanx for sharing

  10. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 09, 2006

    I love the sfot tones. The feel of the whole medium is that it's a beautiful soft painting with a devine glow softening off the sharp edges. Most original is how you've brought in the FMA circle & made it come to life. She's bursting with power, and the whole image has an impact. Proposed highlight.

  11. Kiako Apr 09, 2006

    the wallpaper looks very good,
    the circles are very good, and i like the texture and colors of the bricks .
    keep it up

  12. MagicianFairy Apr 09, 2006

    Awesome XD

  13. DepressedYoukai Apr 09, 2006

    ^ I gree with that xD
    Very nice wallpaper and the circle and just the whole bakground looks well done! I love the effects =D
    Nice job! ^_^

  14. Bacher Apr 09, 2006

    Nice wallpaper, I like her magical pose.

  15. Elves Apr 10, 2006

    This is a very nice wallpaper. I love the effects you created, sweet. You are right about the perspective of the lower left. I think that the brick lines need to be slanted more towards the top of the wall. They're in too much of a front-on-view position. The window is very nice, it feels like it's going to shatter at any moment. I love it when I hear a voice from a peice of art. Great job!

  16. phamthuha Apr 10, 2006

    Such a nice one ^_^ I can see you extract the scan so nice ;) but you haven't try to make the scan more claer and attractive .... it still look a bit blurry.
    The bg is nice to see ;) I really love the window you create, so nice then :nya:
    Okie, so fav+ from me and add to CW gallery ^_^

  17. MercyOfIdiots Apr 10, 2006

    I really like the colors, and the lighting is really well done! The wall kind bothers me, but its still awesome and still gets a +fav ^^

  18. QwertyAccess Apr 10, 2006

    Very nice looking, and i like the lighting, though instead of falling you could have used, Floating ^^

  19. sylvacoer Apr 10, 2006

    Awesome use of magic cirles - I can't tell if she's introuble or just kicking a lot of ass! ^_^' I also love the gothic feel of the rosette window (?) behind her and to the left.

  20. Balljacker Apr 10, 2006

    Cool wall.I like the bg,effects, n the lightning.add to favs

  21. onestepclosertonumb Apr 10, 2006

    Great wallie! Every parts of it are perfect!@_@ Fav of course!

  22. karuu Mute Member Apr 10, 2006

    good work ^^ i love it ! *__*

  23. averent Apr 10, 2006

    cool wall i love the soft feel of the characer and the background looks excelent especially the magic circles +fav

  24. EternalBlue Apr 10, 2006

    Yay wizzy XD Still miss the sparkles ;) But I really liked the magic circle. I -still- think the peachyness needs some work(you know what I mean lol) but of well, still a great job ^^.

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