White Clarity Wallpaper: Ethereal Emotions

Actress, Princess Soft, White Clarity, Rino (White Clarity) Wallpaper
Actress Studio Princess Soft Studio White Clarity Visual Novel Rino (White Clarity) Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Back once again with another wall and I'm very pleased with the result as it's such much better than my other walls so far. Had a urge to wall after I found that my previous wall was kinna crappy so I went ahead and pick this to wall!

Got insipred by chichiri1907's recent wallpaper and decided to do a scenic fantasy wall. Check out the ones that inspired me!
Tied to Fate by chichiri1907
Crossing the River to Heaven by chichiri1907

Attained some help at the Sandbox too! So I would like to thank you people there who helped me out!

This is how it looked like before I consulted those guys there!
Orginal Concept

Thanks to Devildude, bluSake, Milkiyo and of course to enchantressinthedark for helping me with the birds and looking for brushes for it! Dedicating this wallpaper to you guys! =)

Also wanna dedicate this to GodFatherGFA and hope that he'll get inspired and continue walling! Guys, do help him out too!

Looking at this wall... It gives off a mixture of feelings thus the title of the wallpaper. Ethereal was portrays here in the wallpaper together with other elements.

Meaning Of Ethereal:
1) Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible.
2) Highly refined; delicate.
3) Of the celestial spheres; heavenly.
4) Not of this world; spiritual.

Of course emotions portrays the mood of the wallpaper. As you can see, it seems like a serene wallpaper but the girl looks sad and yet happy at the same time, leaving viewers to guess and take their own perspective. Of course it potrays the mood I had when I completed this and I thought of the times where I got fustrated but at the end of the day, I'm just feeling happy and proud for myself and this wallpaper.

Meaning Of Emotions:
1) A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling
2) A state of mental agitation or disturbance
3) The part of the consciousness that involves feeling; sensibility

Ok~ Started off with a scan and I thought, why not add something to her? Wanted to do feathers for her but decided not do since it's kinna common. So I end up drawing a ribbon that goes around her. Yes! I know it looks like it's part of the scan but it's not! It was hard work! Took alot of time just to get things right and looping in and out.

Then did a cloudy background and added some colours since I thought a blue sky would be common too, so I ended up making it slightly purple. Played with the clouds around and got what I wanted.

Started to add birds but somehow I got carried away and removed some. Then added some minor small shiny effect to the sky.

After that, just when I thought it was all done... I browse through my brushes and got it! Added a flowerbed at the bottom for her to stand on! Did some various colours of flowers and added a small mist to make it nice. Finished up the wall with glitters around her just above the flowerbed and it's done!

Hope you guys like this wall! Add to favourites if you like it ok? =)

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: zaira
Wall: Waiting For Summer
Reason: Great colour combination. Terrific sky as always. Beautiful cherry blossoms.





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  1. jaguar88 Apr 09, 2006

    Yeah... i love Chichiri1907's work >.<
    i reckon she is talented.... but your work (this one) is not so bad either....
    i like the birds and the sky on the background...
    Thnx for sharing this wallpaper (or creating it i should've said)
    Look foward for you next one^_^

  2. Loos3r Apr 09, 2006

    It's just... wonderful, especially all these little birds :) Relly has to be on my favs (^-^)

  3. darkar Apr 09, 2006

    Ah nice wallie! I m sure the time u used is worth it.

  4. Milkiyo Apr 09, 2006

    looks better with more effects and varied colours this time :)
    smooth and silky :P this type of walls usually get a lot of attention =.=

  5. meomeo92 Apr 09, 2006


  6. GodFatherGFA Apr 09, 2006

    Quote by bj0rn,Apr 9 2006, 02:05 PM Hee Hee! Thanks! Anyway, after so much effort~ I finally done another wallpaper! Will be adding this to the 1st thread so that I can list it down. =)

    My Newest Wall: Ethereal Emotions


    bj0rn this is by far the best wallpaper you made. I think its even better then the First Love one.

    I like the colors and the render a lot. The way you smudged those clouds and did the birds as brushings... its awesome ! And the ribbon suits the wallpaper very well.

    Got nothing else to say except for the fact you can be very proud about yourselfs. I think even DD will say the same. Its awesome...

    I hope I will make such works one day... hoping is allowed right ?


  7. meomeo92 Apr 09, 2006

    but do u think there r empty spaces?
    u can draw some birds, butterflies... next to her
    so it will be ok

  8. Devildude Apr 09, 2006

    indeed, this is by far the best wallpaper yet that you made, the matching beauty equivalent to that of the entire wallpaper.
    I am glad you took the advice and tried what we said about adding a floor, avoiding the all but typical wings, you done well, and this wall is indeed something an amazing jump from you.
    My fav for sure, keep up the good work, I be sure to do one thing, I am plugging you as the next aspirant artist.

  9. enchantressinthedark Apr 09, 2006

    Seriously, this wall is much more better than the original one you showed me this afternoon ^_^ Glad you used the bird brushes I gave you XD Now everything looks really neat! The effects are soooo darn ethereal and amazing! keep it up!

  10. royaldarkness Apr 09, 2006

    seriously, a very beautiful wall here :) really nice brushes you used, and such a pretty background too. wonderful!

  11. Minervahime Apr 09, 2006

    Whoaaa this is truly the best wall so far! It's soooo pretty. I dunno this anime but the girl and the background surely match 2gether! So dreamy.. heheh
    Hmm.. got nuthin to critisize, it's already beautiful as it is!

  12. nisnoopy3 Apr 09, 2006

    She is sooo lovely! ^^
    I like her eyes emotion and the atmosphere..
    Bg is great!
    Thanks for sharing! :pacman:

  13. chichiri1907 Apr 09, 2006

    Bjourn u outdid yourself, this is a fantastic wall you made and lol Im so happy that i inspired you to make this wonderful wall of yours, it makes me soooo happy >.<
    I love everything in this wall, its soo calm and everything matches and that scan is one of my faves <33

  14. Xx4azngrl8xX Apr 09, 2006

    ok. This is the best wallpaper you have ever made. The colours are great, the girl's pretty, and the background matches her. Great job ^.^

  15. Zoamel Apr 09, 2006

    Very beautiful although the colours are very cold *shaking*
    The background is fitting great to the scan and the extraction is also well done. I like it a lot :D

  16. ChopperDave Apr 09, 2006

    Very nice bj0rn! I like it! ^_^

  17. Sumomo- Apr 09, 2006

    Thank the lillies that you decided not to make wings on her. I love this scan and was tired of seeing her portrayed as an angel in every wallpaper about her.
    I dont like angel wallpapers, so its good that someone made a wallpaper with her like this. Really love ly background :)

  18. rica-san Apr 10, 2006

    Very suberb & beautiful. ~^^~ The wall is amazing, awsome, great, pretty, lovely, beautiful, & very nicely done. The charater is very pretty, & she looks very lonely as well. But I suggest you put an outer glow effect or beautiful wings^^ But just without that is ok. The bg is very mystical, beautiful, magical, soft, & lovely. I love the doves & the skies, the others are also beautiful. Awsome job! I'll definately add this to my favs! Keep up the awsome wrok!

  19. phamthuha Apr 10, 2006

    Very nice one ^_^ But can i ask you a question? I think you also inspired by the one the Lunaregina made ^_^ I can see the flower here is almost the same in her wallie.... the sky you made really eye-catching but it is blurry when i fullview.... the bird is too blurry too +___+

    Also the resolution of the wall is big problem. I did wish this wall can be bigger but it is too small. Sure you still did a nice work ;)

    Introduce it in CW as well and good luck on your next work :nya:

  20. zaira Apr 10, 2006

    aaw.. this is soo nice! love the scan! XD the bg is nice too!
    the color pink really fits the scan! like the birds + the flowers though the flowers kinda familiar eheh ^_^'
    anyways as usual a bright and lovely wall! :D great job and keep up the good work! + fav!

    merged: 04-10-2006 ~ 04:22pm
    btw thanks for the plug! XD

  21. krisaiee Apr 10, 2006

    wow! just one word is enough to describe this-beautiful~

  22. GokuB Apr 10, 2006

    now this is very beautiful^^.amazing!

  23. 4yosoul Apr 11, 2006

    nice. I love the detail w/ the birds.

  24. crimsondivide Apr 11, 2006

    simply awsome and praise to your flowery effects on the bottom of the wally.

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