Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Amigo

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

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And I thought I couldn't make any madder walls <_<
Inspired By: Capote (watch the movie and u'll see why the title)
trying a new look..gives it an old magazine feel with crayon colours n.n it's actually still in progress but due to some probs and I have to rush for a funeral and wedding..I decided to submit it first OX
Dedicated to: My late cousin bro who just passed away yesterday and my other cousin bro who's also getting married at the same time..
full view pls

*edit* original scan's from mt... Shinn in the Green by ladykaze
btw..I'm trying a new look and all the effects is embedded inside if u look closer


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  1. keevang Apr 08, 2006

    hm sad to hear the news about ur late cousin bro :(
    and congrats to ur other cousin bro who's gonna get married XD
    anyway nice bg with nice colours ^_^ quite plain though >_<

  2. BlkLotus Apr 08, 2006

    i like the colors in this... not sure how to describe what i like about it but i do :)

    i am sorry to hear about your cousin though
    and congrats to your other cousin as well :)

  3. Abzuseilue Apr 08, 2006

    The text is not really seen for that background, and The character that lower the opacity and fill make the character like texture scan,others looks ok for me

  4. ShiXon Apr 08, 2006

    nice color scheme and has a hint of style in this wall ;]

  5. uchiha-vegeta Apr 08, 2006

    nice! ur style is amazing , fits perfectly with any scan , keep it up ^^

  6. lthnadml Apr 08, 2006

    Beautiful wall . . .i like it very much. The colors are lovely and the effects on the background are nicely done . . . and i like the style a lot.
    Thanks you very much for the sharing. XD XD XD

  7. dax3 Apr 08, 2006

    so cool and great idea to made it ><
    thanks for share good job ^^

  8. Rhonda21 Apr 08, 2006

    yeah I'm sorry about your cousin, but congrats to your other cousin.

    Cool looking wall. Pretty colors. Nice style. Well great work.

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2006

    Very cool. Love the colors and that crayon feel is definately cool.
    And I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin but congratulations to your other cousin!

  10. Machika Apr 08, 2006

    Sorry for the late comment, milkiyo-chan! I was gone for a day or two so I couldn't go online.
    Ah, this wallie is really cool >_< I can see that you've changed your way of making wallies. I love the FX.
    By the way, I'm really sorry about your cousin bro who passed away and congrats to your other cousin bro as well (ok, this feels a little weird when saying sorry and congrats at the same time ^_^' )

  11. onestepclosertonumb Apr 09, 2006

    My dear Shinn-sama! You did greatly with the color and the bg's so cool! Wish the text was more impressed... However, nice wallie with this top of the top Shinn-sama scan!

  12. Akarix Apr 09, 2006

    though the background looks a bit stress up.. the colors mix very nicely.. it blends to each other.. The scan is nice soo overall it is fine..

  13. enchantressinthedark Apr 09, 2006

    Well, it doesnt looks like a magazine cause magazines doesnt have crayons ^_^' The style is kinda similar with your previous ones...Oh well ^_^ The text is kinda weird though ^_^' Kinda hard to see >_< But nonetheless, its really a mad walls XD Kidding....

  14. Devildude Apr 09, 2006

    not bad, I hate the text tho.
    the rest is all good, i sorta like how you managed to channel through a style with all the freakish colors.

  15. yen138 Apr 10, 2006

    me lyk`!

  16. CosmoStar Apr 14, 2006

    I don't know why but this wallpaper simply attracts me and whenever I see it I come here and although I don't download it or comment it, I stared the pic enjoying it a lot, so now I'm posting at last, giving way to the strange magic that your wallie exerts on me...
    The colors are so pretty and I love this "Rhett Butler" Shinn! The composition is awesome, the warmth of his smile and from the background gives me a sense of comfort.
    Congratulations! I'll add your fascinating wallpaper to my favs!
    Keep up working like this! Thanks for sharing!

  17. melymay Apr 15, 2006

    hmmnn...on the wallie, the title is "Utter Madness". the background goes well with the title (theme wise), but the char's expression looks pretty pleasant...unless i'm mistaking the meaning for title...but, anyways, good wall :D i really like the scan of shinn you used, very cute :) keep it up!

  18. Rikkablurhound Apr 16, 2006

    I hate Shin.... -_-
    lol... anyway... Its a good wall U made, I like the colours... Maybe changing the green balls into other colours might be better though... >_<
    Anyway... Better off without the border...
    I like the colours...
    need a lil more work on the extractions...
    & erm... the rest is nice, especially the bG....
    fonbt not too onbious... >_<
    forgive me for wrong spelling, typing 100 words at per minute desperately!
    FW banner!

  19. LonelyFriend Apr 26, 2006

    This background looks like so greater than other !

  20. k8-thryn May 25, 2006

    No way! Shinn looks DAMN sexy! Shinn rules! *whooot!* Very NICE job!

  21. pchne2630 Banned Member Jul 22, 2006

    Appears shinn to be lovable and lively also appears Commander shinn to
    be mad clothing also Man Shuai oh completely likes this tablecloth oh
    well liking oh

  22. xxtsukichiixx Aug 07, 2006

    Ouch~Going to a wedding ceremony and a funeral at the same time! I'm so sorry for your late bro, but hey look on the bright side, congrats to your other bros (I feel weird saying this) XD Love your wallie! Shinn looks soooo cool~ Keep it up! XD

  23. Lionhearted911 Oct 05, 2006

    totally hot and the background is amazing...that's an understatement hunny...keep it up...

  24. nanulacus May 19, 2009

    me gusta mucho este personaje

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