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Artist Comment

I must be going nuts or something. I don't know why I'm even doing this or even why I'm even considering making this wall. Probably because I just wanted be one of those best gfx artists around or maybe I just wanted to have a wall that could at least get noticed. Sometimes I wish that this "determination" and being a perfectionist-personality of mine could at least stop. But no it isn't. I'll keep on trying until I get my expected results. I was always used to being really succesful; I was one of the most artistic, brightest, well-behaved, loved or favorite, role-model and talented students in my school; and a 2nd place winner in a digital mother's day greeting card competition when I was still 9 or 10 years old, defeating a lot of people who are older than me (some were in their teens like 15 and above). I guess that I got so wrapped up in success and determination since childhood that it has become a part of who I am. Despite all of these, I should never ever forget that life isn't about fame and glory. There is a much more deeper meaning to it that I could never explain. I should always remember that I'm only and started photoshopping because it's my passion. It's not about me. Nothing else. I guess that's what inspired me to finish this wall. This is my first vector and it showed my love for music. It may not be "one of those greats" but it will be one of my most accomplished graphics that I'll be proud of someday.

As usual, I wanna say thanks to all those who have given their time to read this, comment, add as a fav, or download this. It really means a lot to me. God Bless and may He watch over you!


Chosen by minakomel and Saikusa

This has got to be the most eccentric and original treatment I have seen for any CLAMP series. My personal love for the character aside, there's no denying the power and dynamic force busting out from the monitor. There's a strong energy burst that fills the whole image without drowning the canvas in a deluge of texture and detail. The normally dull colours of greys & blacks have kept the over-all look simple, and the highlighted colours of her wand create a centralised warmth & keep the whole thing bright. It's a strange treatment for the character as you can't even see her face, yet her passion for life is evident as she charges out of the shadows. All-in-all it's a little crazy and thoroughly brilliant.

Proposed by minakomel and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. Devildude Apr 07, 2006

    I am not a God believing person, but thanks anyway.
    This wall is good in a sense, I like the abstract grey and black, using a bit of Paul's brushes and a composition of messiness and simplicity, you bring out a unique flavor of its own.
    I think there is something very nice about it, however, the colorfull stick in there she is holding sort of kills the harmony of the entire concept piece.
    The left end is kinda too busy for all that showing, but it is all good. Speaking of which, I haven't seen a CCS wall since Tsubasa Reservoir came along, this is a good step forward.

  2. Kiako Apr 07, 2006

    cool, the bg looks great, the grey types of colors and the brushes u used, the composition is good too, but the colored stick there is disturbing.

  3. fluke Apr 07, 2006

    I agree with DD, the wand looks kinda out of place with the grey and black. I also think the iPod itself looks a little out of place as well...I think there's too much detail on it and it sticks out a bit too much, I think it would look fine if it was just a silhouette of it, and possibly make the ear pieces a brighter white to mimic the advertisements look. The background is great I love splatter design you have. Over all I think you did a great job on it.

  4. minakomel Apr 07, 2006

    it scares the hell out of me but it is well composed...
    good choice of grey colors for your scheme...makes her magical key be the main actor in your wallpaper ^^
    thank you for sharing it with us.

    PD: i'll show it to a friend who loves sakura....he'll run away crying ^^

  5. phaner Apr 07, 2006

    really lovely wall ^^ I think the wand is really fine , only the ipod is not needed , because , ipod wall is really popular nowaday and if you want to do something new , you better kick the ipod out of your way , secondly , the wall is busy enough , adding ipod make it looks nonsense and too much ^^
    but overall , this wall is really good
    keep it up ^^

  6. Elsie Apr 07, 2006

    Oh, this is soooo cool! I think that the wand looks fine but, like phaner said, the ipod is a bit weird and I can't really imagine sakura wearing a set of airphones while she's cheerleading. But I love the abstractness and it's a great wallpaper!

  7. ShiXon Apr 07, 2006

    this is just.. wow :O
    it's sooo different than the other wallies i've seen this day and I must say bravooo to that ;]
    it looks stylish and even tho it has lots of elements it's still kind of simple with the monochromatic color~
    you did a really nice job (:

  8. Dream24 Apr 08, 2006

    An awesome wallpaper. I just love what you have done in the background. It's a nice blend/mix of things. I like how you made the staff rod the only thing in colour in the entire wallpaper, it makes it stand out more. A very unique and stylish approach to this overall wallpaper. Great job! Hope to see more from you!

  9. euna Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2006

    Very stylish wallpaper - this is possibly one of the most stylish sakura walls I've seen.
    The concept of using shades of grey and white is very good. Nice job for making an unique wall. It's rare to see such sakura walls.

    However, a few suggestions (they are just suggestions, so you don't have to follow them, although I think the second point is really really important):
    1) I think it will look better without the iPod. It's rather cliched and doesn't seem to quite fit in with the rest of the wall.
    2) Did you enlarge the wall a bit or is it just the jpeg quality? It's a vector, but it's not as sharp and clean as it could be. I think it ruins the wall a bit because it makes it blurry - that's a killer for a vector wall!
    3) It's not important, but that giant splatter just behind sakura (on the right) seems a tad too big. To me, it just looks like a blank area. Maybe it's just me...

    That's about it really. Nice work - just improve the quality a bit though. Keep up the good work!

  10. Sandra Apr 08, 2006

    Add white eyes and it will be perfect 4 me :D +fav

  11. boogybro Apr 08, 2006

    I'm not liking the composition on this wallpaper. It all seems too unorganized and random., with stuff thrown in just for the hell of it. And the focal point is in a weird position (well, for me. Others might think differently about that). Vector could be better, and Logo should be where everything else is. Because it sort of throws your off with the place it's at right now.

  12. driftwood Apr 08, 2006

    luv it!
    ...although her black face combined with the black spots in the backround looks a bit scary XD
    i really love the fact that only her "wand" is in color and everthing else in black and white

  13. AngelKate Apr 08, 2006

    This is one of the weirdest Sakura walls I've ever seen. But its awesome.

    Congrats on the highlight...on both sites, no less. ;)

  14. shiningdays Apr 08, 2006

    this is just one of those walls you click on as soon as you see the thumbnail.

    The vector is well done, of course. I really don't like ipod wallpapers as a general rule, but this is quite cute. The dropshadow on Sakura's staff seems a little bit misplaced, but it's forgivable because the splash of colour provided is well-placed and well done. the grunge background is fabulous (you already knew that, though) and it's quite pretty. :D

    nice wall~

  15. moonelf313 Apr 08, 2006

    Quote by shiningdaysthis is just one of those walls you click on as soon as you see the thumbnail.

    I completely agree...saw the thumbnail had to click. I like the grungy look and just the different type of wallie it is. +Favs for me.

  16. phamthuha Apr 09, 2006

    Sakura-chan with iPod? So cool idea ^_^ I just think the scan or we can say the whold world is not really in best quality ^_^ a bit blurry ....

    But after all, this one is really a cool idea ;) Love it so u got my fav :nya:

  17. enchantressinthedark Apr 09, 2006

    Oh my, congrats Larxie because your wall just got highlighted! :nya: *hugs* You're improving really REALLY fast - lightning speed XD And this style is really unique, really different from your other walls XD Keep it up!

  18. rica-san Apr 09, 2006

    Abstractish lightning. Amazing. XD The BEST iPod wall I've ever seen. No wonder it was highlighted! The wall is amazing, abtractly feautured, awsome, great, stylish, moody, odd, difrent, & amazingly done! The veactoring is amazing! Very soft & smooth, & no jaged lines. I love the splatterinsh/abtractish/grungyish/moodyish/(...) style of bg! Truly incredible & amazing. Amazing job! I'll definately add this to my favs! Keep up the awsome work!

  19. Icewind Apr 10, 2006

    ya it's good but, i don't know it really doesnt do much 4 me. i guess i'm too much into coler,but like that ff7ac that was just white with the black symble. so to sum it up it's just not my style

  20. aqiaqua Apr 10, 2006

    Awesome wallie! A very unique feel to it. Very abstract, and I love all the splat thingys too. Congrats on the high light as well ^^. A fave from me ^o^v

  21. Billy85 Apr 10, 2006

    Uff that wall hit me like a bus!Very strange decision she haven't face,the colors are grey except the thing that she hold in her hand,but all thats make the wall so different and unique.

  22. icyrain Apr 11, 2006

    A fascinating wallpaper. I caught my attention immediately. I've been watching CCS lately, and I can imagine Sakura carrying around a iPod. Anyway, I like the darkened face. It's almost creepy, but in a cool, mysterious way. The colored wand keeps the piece from being to dark. Very good!

  23. ultima-weapon Apr 11, 2006

    your creativity rocks man!
    1 of a kind for the CLAMP series!
    awesome indeed!

  24. stellar Apr 12, 2006

    this is like the most....unique wallpapers i have ever seen for card captor sakura. i think someone said this but this image is abit too messy and unorganized. but i have to say. u did a awsome job with vectoring and such. ^^

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