Platinum Wind Wallpaper: .:*Aquarina, the Water Guardian*:.

Orbit, Platinum Wind, Fannil Wallpaper
Orbit Studio Platinum Wind Visual Novel Fannil Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

~~~~!FULL VIEW FIRST!~~~~~
My HARDEST wall has come! O.O Yes, yes, yes, yes, this is definately my HARDEST wall ever! Alltough it's hard, maybe you guys think it's not good... >_> & now it's Orbit! Orbit's artworks are awsome! But I often mistaken it as Carnelian.... Well, found the CG are at Boyis again... ooh, I just love that site! >.< Oh yeah, alltough at Elemental Guardians my element is FIRE, but because I saw this facinating BLUE(=WATER) scan, I can't miss to wall it! MAybe sometimes I'll make a fire element walls. well, after I found a nice scan, that is^^. It's not dedicated to anyone, because I can't think of who I should dedicate this for! >.< I keep this wall to "blue" colored, so I gues everything in this wall is BLUE, exept the character's skin. Why guardian? Because her steel looked like armor, & her clothes, look like a guardian. I'm quite satisfied with the swirl, & also the fireflies. But I'm not satisfied with the water reflection! >.< I just can't do it! I searched & searched for a very USEFULL tutorial, but i ended up in a loose. okay, I have a confession. MOST OF MY WALLS HAS A MOON ON IT. Why? I have no idea... okay, ne more. MAH COMPUTER IS A SICK & ABSOLLLUUUTEELY ANNNNOYING COMPUTER! You'll definately hate it if you use it. Actually I wanted to put a grass layer at the back, BUT MAH COMPUTER BLOCKED IT! It said "can not use the brush tool because the scrath disks are full". WHAT"S FULL?! I deleted all teh things only to make this wall! Now I'm super mad to my most stupid & ugly computer! Oh yeah, almost forgot. THANKS A LOT TO MESHA(Hanisa) FOR THE HELP ON THE FENCES! XDXDXD But really, mine looks better than hers. :P haha, just kidding! Here's teh details:
Layers: Arroud 30... Lots of merging down! '.-
Time: 1 day 4 hours. Soo loong...
Hardest thing: Extraction, water, & still alot. Maybe making the whole bg...
Well, I hope you guys like it! Please full view & leave a comment! Thanks!

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  1. Osirisa Apr 05, 2006

    I like the water very much....... it has sth like digital style :D but the others are weird >___< my bad english can't describe it...... the near water n the farther water..... maybe them >___< the pity is that u didn't follow the idea for the water to make the others....... the BG isn't fit very well >___<

    Sorrie for those words.......... >___< just what I think T____T

  2. Devildude Apr 05, 2006

    your problems?
    Get a new and larger hardisk and reset your scratchdisk to the new one instead.

    As for the wall?
    everything is good, until you look to the water and the legs...that kill it...wind over the legs? No, it makes her look like she is doing Shunpo...and it is weird, cause the water seem like infront of her rather than her into the water.
    (you know how you place a tank of water in front of the character? that is what it looks like)

    However, the scan is cleaned up real good, clear and pixel free, overall, an okay star background, kinda good, kinda at the same time trend following like, but it is clear.

    I am not too sure why you made the pillars blurry at the sides, but would be better if they are not.
    I assume you were trying to give focus to the character, like as if she is moving forward, but it is not too good, however, overall this wallpaper has showed that you have spent lots of effort over it.
    A fav from me.

  3. Kuro-kun15 Apr 05, 2006

    Ooh! Lookie how pretty it is! @_@ Fav! <333 Keep up the kawaii work! ^^

  4. uchiha-vegeta Apr 05, 2006


  5. ShiXon Apr 05, 2006

    that is obviously some hard work you've done there! ;D
    you should be proud of it and i think this wall is pretty nice thoo (:
    keep on making wallies rica-san! <33

  6. jaguar88 Apr 06, 2006

    hmmm.... alright i guess... :P
    I was just wondering y you put so much "Spiral" in your background XD
    anyway... this is a good wallpaper and i can see that you put a lot of effort in it:)
    Well done and keep up the good work!

  7. Amru-chan Apr 06, 2006

    Wow, very nice wallpaper XD. Fav from me ^^

  8. aquarious Apr 06, 2006

    wow! awesome wall you got there! but i am not sure is this from Orbit or Tail Tale,doesn't anyone know? Nevertheless,fav from me ^^

  9. someweirdguy Apr 06, 2006

    Nice wall, the background looks awesome, and the water doesn't look too bad either.

  10. zaira Apr 07, 2006

    m... wow! this is really a hard work! like the scan as always! + those swirly stuff around her its so nice! XD though the water need improvement but i know you its your first time so its ok :D next is those pillars... well not too fond on them tho but i guess you can still improve them like remove those blue swirls then add some textures! + cut the pillar under the water becoz it looks like you just paste the water ubove the pillar.. next is the fence m... maybe try putting some texture also :D next is the moon and the starry sky! well love the moon + starry sky tho too many stars.. try reducing them a bit.. and lasty is the small glowy things (gomen dunno how you call them ehe ^_^' ) well its cute as always! but and again try reducing them or maybe you can put some of them around the cute scan! XD

    wheew! ok! thgat's my comment! :D i assume that this wall is the best wall you ever maid and it is full of your hard work!
    keep it up! and keep improving!

  11. rafaellaGP Apr 07, 2006

    really nice this efects! O.O
    sooo...... awesome! =P
    but i don't like this water.... >_<
    but is a really beautiful wall! XD

  12. enchantressinthedark Apr 09, 2006

    Wow....this wall has tons of effects XD You're improving rapidly rica-san! Glad to see it! ^_^ Well, the water is kinda problematic, so I think you'll have to do better at it XD Keep it up!


  13. Billy85 Apr 10, 2006

    Hei Rica great wall.The character is very cute.I don't understand the lower part of the wall,but it's seems you put a lot of work in that one and the final result is perfect!

  14. GokuB Apr 11, 2006

    wow very awsome.i thought it was a Yukirin pic at 1st.great pic

  15. ooi0002 Apr 18, 2006

    WOOOWWWW! now thats awesome.But i remember downloading different walls with the same girl inside your wall in MT,is just that the name state Tail Tale and i am a little confuss when yours is orbit.You are sure it is from Orbit?

  16. khalednn Mute Member Apr 22, 2006


  17. Cheza1982 May 23, 2006

    Cool, one wall with my favorite color blue.
    Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it!
    Want to see more with blue color.
    The back is wonderful like always. My, I'm a little bit jealous because your walls are always so wonderful. Keep up your good work and I hope to see more soon ^.^

  18. blacklistgenesis Jun 05, 2008

    Ur good! Amazing effectz u have made!
    FAV+ It was really a worthy one....

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