Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: A Dreaming

Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts, Riku, Goofy, Donald Duck Wallpaper
Square Enix Studio Kingdom Hearts Game Riku Character Goofy Character Donald Duck Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Many layers...and patience.

When I made this wall, I didn't know too much about the game. So I went to the official website for some background information o.o.
The idea of having Disney characters in an anime series/game series still shocks me a little...just because it's a little unusual to see my childhood heroes (yesh..I used to adore Donald Duck and Goofy) mixed with anime characters.

Anyway, this is one of my semi-newer walls (made near the beginning of March). It was, er, my way of taking a break from finals ^^;.


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  1. Latias93ser Apr 03, 2006

    Wow, it's really awesome. The colors are very nice and the heart.. oohh, don't get me started <33

  2. danielbgrisso Apr 03, 2006

    I realy like the work that you have done on the Anime Wallpaper. I realy like the background and the place meant of the kindom heart charters.

  3. quantixar Apr 03, 2006

    I don't know much about the game either, but this wallpaper of yours is sure wonderful. Charaters and BG match well. Makes me feel all dreamy. :)

  4. Milkiyo Apr 03, 2006

    whoa..many layers and yet such small size O.O
    I see u 'enlarge' the image and change some view from the original?
    though..the shiloutte (pardon my spelling =.=) of the characters are a little too 'blurry bright'
    nice work on the remake :P

  5. bromithia Retired Moderator Apr 03, 2006

    Nice job in extending the background, looks really clean and nicely done. I especially love how you worked with such a popular scan and made it actually nicer to look at. Great job sjade1.

  6. moonescape Apr 04, 2006

    That's so pretty! I like how you made it smoother and matching the background with it. ^.^

  7. AceOfRiddles Apr 04, 2006

    I take off my hat to you, my talented friend. You are truly quite the artist. I sincerely hope that you may yield works of art that rival this masterpiece in the future.

  8. dans Apr 05, 2006

    i think you really did a good job extending the scan. looks lovely. the only one i don't like is the sentence 'derivated by dragonrain.com' xD signature should be put at the bottom of the wall. :p
    nah, i'm just nitpicking. xD

  9. Texcap Apr 05, 2006

    Very cool Kingdom Hearts wall sjade1! The colors of the original image are already striking, and you incorporated that well into the layout of your wallpaper here -- good work!

  10. anglelock45 Apr 06, 2006

    this is very nice.. i like the night effect.. nvr knew the moon could be that shape though.. =P..

  11. AlphaLynx Apr 06, 2006

    This wall is sweet looks almost like the poster i have.

  12. ricer853 Apr 07, 2006


  13. JC206 Apr 14, 2006

    nice wallie looks cool...more enhanced then the original one..thanks for sharing....^_^

  14. DarkSchneider Apr 14, 2006

    Sjade, I agree with ya, when I first read about the previews in game magazines, I thought to myself, "This is not gonna work." But then one day, I hear a little more about it, get more curious and finally get the game when I got the PS2. Here I was thinkin, great, I blew 50 bucks, but when I started playing, I got hooked. The whole thing with the KH franchise is that it's unique, it was something that no one expected.
    Anyway, the scan was really great. Already put it on faves and its already posted as a wallpaper on my comp! ^_^

  15. PinayShouri Apr 14, 2006

    i like this wallie! thanks for sharing! i'm adding this to my faves! it's really pretty!

  16. Red-Cresent Apr 30, 2006

    WHOA! I love this wally!

    Nice! It brings back memories of KH 1...

  17. eZpiLzE Jun 03, 2006

    great job with the bg

  18. ToMaccoff7 Jun 15, 2006

    I love how you did the background, thanks for sharing!

  19. Anason Dec 25, 2006

    I just love your wallie! Plus I just love KH and KH2! Which really makes me like it, hey thanks for sharing. :) :D

  20. RedRebel Sep 24, 2009


  21. ikuto333 Oct 07, 2009

    Oooo wows! Looks really good! The magic circle looks really cool^^ Really awesome composition! Great work!

  22. chocolatewolf Nov 14, 2009

    I love the lighting! :D Usually most art for popular serieses like this have bright colors but this one doesn't

  23. kamikaze358 Dec 24, 2009

    i love this wallpaper!

  24. 13radley Jan 22, 2010

    The cover of the box :) matches the skin I have for my wii haha

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