Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Athrun and Meyrin ~ Memorial scene

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Meyrin Hawke, Athrun Zala


It's Athrun and Meyrin - who are loved world wide by Athrun and Meyrin fans. Enjoy. :D :D :D

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  1. SakuraShirayuki Apr 02, 2006

    wtf! I hate meyrin!

  2. enchantressinthedark Apr 02, 2006

    OMG...I can't believe they would put this into a scan.....Well, I bet this will make all the AsuMey fans happy. For me as an AsuCaga fan - NO FREAKIN' WAY...

  3. cagalli88 Apr 02, 2006

    Hey AsuCaga fans!

    Dun Meyrin just look DESPERATE here?! Eww, using that pitiful crying technique against Asuran! Sorry Meyrin X Asuran fans, its not gonna happen! No. 1 couple? You gotta be freakin' kidding me! To boot, they look like brother and sister. Look at Asuran's hands and the distance they were in, its as if Asuran wants her away!

    Sorry, this aint gonna happen and as an AsuCaga Fan, BACK OFF MEYRIN! Cagalli may have asked you to take care of him but it doesnt mean they broke off! Darn Fukuda, makes ppl misunderstand the relationship going on here! *Pissed*

  4. aestalitz Apr 02, 2006

    *laughs* I see you finally bought the card from the comm. PS I sent you a letter with your cards, you should get it before Wed next week :> And I find it odd that you're pimping AsuMey when your OTP is AsuMeer...

    TO ALL RABID ASUCAGA FANS OUT THERE: (sane ones who are sick of the rabid ones and are ashamed of their fandom can have my love)
    Morosawa had an interview and made BOTH AsuCaga and AsuMey CANON. As in, official, and no longer a 'misunderstanding'. Yes, from the head writer's mouth herself, so what more can you say? Don't be so immature, and live with it. I like AsuCaga, AsuMey and AsuMeer, so there's nothing wrong with other people liking other pairings. Please remember that GSD is only a fictional story, and this is only a scan for God's sake.

  5. MidnightReverie Apr 02, 2006

    Yay *favs*! 8D

    thanks for the scan! ^^

  6. anu-chan Apr 02, 2006

    He he, I really like Meyrin and due to the stupid behaviour of so many AsuCaga fans, I like the pairing even more. Thank you for the scan!

  7. geckguga Apr 02, 2006

    thanks for sharing your scan!

    i love it! ^_____________^

  8. pastachan Apr 02, 2006

    Cute scan ! I like your avatar too :D

  9. animefanzzz Apr 02, 2006

    it creeps me out sory! coz she looks like fllay

  10. CagalliYulaAttha91 Apr 02, 2006

    well....i kinda agree with enchantress and cagalli88, AsuMey ish seriously...a nono...athrun treats her like a sister. Meyrin's ok in some way...Asumey ish more like...a brother and a sister relationship...thx for sharing though

  11. marikochan Apr 02, 2006

    Everyone really needs to relax about this couples stuff like aestalitz said it's just a fictional story! Personally I love Athrun & I'll be happy whoever he ends up with and I'm hoping there will be a third series that will actually clear up all our questions (instead of just creating more!). Thanks for sharing the scan!

  12. Susan-chan Apr 02, 2006

    brrrrrrr >_< most popular couple? lol >_< sory XD but i dont like meyrin XD

  13. LacusLover Apr 02, 2006

    lol, asucaga fans are just pissed their relationship is over. Long live Meyrin Zala!

  14. AkiraKiriyama Apr 02, 2006

    Thank you for the lovely scan, I think they are a perfect couple! ^_^

  15. InuYashaspal4ever Apr 02, 2006

    Err, people, how on earth do these two become a couple if all Meyrin did was flirt with him? Those fake tricks, like when she pretended to fall? what the HELL is that? Athrun does not treat her the same way he treated Cagalli, compare a bit, you morons. You can't just decide "they are a couple" by looking at the episodes and a few moments. Athrun has had moments with many characters, including KIRA, does that mean they are a couple? HELL NO! He cares for Meyrin, sure, but I think that's only because she helped him. She's always after him, too. I don't ever remember him going up to HER and hugging her/w.e.

    Now, I don't see any proof that they are a couple in the series OR from any of the rest of you. And I admit, I would be MUCH happier if it were AsuCaga, but there is no evidence that they are a couple either. AsuCaga fans, settle down. I am also a fan, but don't start bull shitting. I really hope they clear this up in a third series or something.

    Anyway, it's a nice scan, and a pretty nice moment. Thanks for sharing.

  16. ellamornet Apr 02, 2006

    "LOL ZOMG MEYRIN IZ SUCH A SLUT!&*Y()!" Seriously people, SHUT UP. Stop making me headdesk so violently. I love AsuCaga, but I HATE my fandom because of crap like this. Meyrin is NOT a slut. I personally don't like the pairing or the fact that they are "together", but please stop bashing them so senselessly. Meyrin is a very sweet girl, and the fact that you still can't see that makes me emo.

  17. InuYashaspal4ever Apr 02, 2006

    Quote: It's a nice moment, but everyone is a moron for liking it?

    I'm sorry, I really do NOT remember saying that. I called them Morons for not Comparing between the two couple's before saying anything. And I was also calling the AsuCaga fans Morons, not just you.

  18. kira-freedom Apr 03, 2006

    Nice pic^_^

  19. aldier Apr 03, 2006

    nice pic, not for asucaga fans.

  20. woodard Apr 03, 2006

    So cute! Thank you so much for sharing! I love this couple.

    God bless you, Jesus loves you,


  21. Lems Apr 03, 2006

    HMMM... well... you're asking us to be open minded but well... you guys are the one actually bashing us here...
    oh anyway lol, I 've nothing againt Asumey and to tell the truth even if i'm a asucaga crazy... I still think that Meyrin is a good girl and she as nothing wrong except maybe her piggy hairstyle, she's much cutter with her hair down...
    but well even if i've nothing against asumey, if Cagalli doesn't at least find another cool and proper guy... i gonna freak out big deal... Cagalli is still my favorite little princess, and no way in hell she gonna be left behind miserably... lol (i kinda sound like a crazy fan...)
    so well... in short i don't really mind who athrun is "dating", c'an't blame meyrin... after all who can resist the Zala charm ? :p

  22. cocoachung Apr 03, 2006

    Aww...Mey looks so sweet...Shes deffinitly the one for Athrun now,And besides AsuCag fans,Cagalli broke up with Athrun so the relationship for "AsuCag" is HISTORY,no hard feelings toh.But it's true,You have to go into the open side of the fence than rather banging on the "Forever Closed Gate" that won't opened or how much you begg for it to open,So what I'm trying to say is that "C'MON PPL! THIS IS AN MOVING TIME ZONE! EVERYTHING CHANGES ONCE IN A WHILE! IT CAN'T STAY FOREVER TILL THERE IS NO LIFE ON THE EARTH,FOR INSTANT LIKE FLLAY AND KIRA,THEY MAKE OUT TOGETHER AND KIRA THOUGHT SOMETHING LIKE WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY NOW,AND BROKE UP WITH HER TO EXPIRIENCE NEW THINGS! THEN WHAT HAPPENS? HE MADE UP WITH LACUS AND WHO KNOWS MAYBE HE MIGHT DUMP LACUS."

    So you have to here what I have to say ASUCAG fans out there.I through out my intire soul just to say that,You can complain about it or get revenges on me by deleting all my works that i submitted everytime! I DON'T CARE! It is my opinion and it's none of your fault.you can blame on me or anything! I think Mey is beautiful and I think Cagalli is Beautiful too but Meyrin puts alot of encouragement,kindness,care and belif and LOVE in Athrun,I was a fan of Cagalli once but it's time to move on and I thought really deep about Cagalli and I just think that maybe Cagalli isn't the characther that what I'm looking for.So instead I love Lacus.There. Now I hope you really think about each word and sentence about what I just said and this scan is not just a scan,It's showing that how much that Athrun cares about her now and express the new feeling about love.

    ~FROM: cocoachung(female)
    TO: All the ASUCAG fans in this world.

  23. kyubinaruto Apr 03, 2006

    ... why don't you guys start a thread... I am an AsuCaga fan, a huge one in fact, but I respect other people's opinions. So why don't all of us? =))

  24. doggypooh Apr 03, 2006

    1st popular couple? I don't think so. Its not even official that AsuMey are a couple.

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