Bleach Wallpaper: Never Give Up

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Rukia Kuchiki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Rukia Kuchiki Character

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This is definitely one of my more MESSIER walls. I kinda went crazy while doing the background. I need to learn how to not put too much or too little on a wall. I don�¢?t know how to make fog and it just doesn�¢?t seem to match. Actually this wall started off VERY plain and now I made it with too much.

Also, this is the first time I finished a wall the same day I started working on it, but I don�¢?t think this wall is the one I took the less time on.

There wasn�¢?t even that many layers. Only about 20 or so layers.

There is so much purple! I had it blue at first and some time during the process it somehow turned purple.

Rukia doesn�¢?t seem to match very well with the background. I always have a hard time doing that.

I would love for people to comment and give me suggestions on how to get better! :D





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  1. Machika Apr 01, 2006

    This wallie is simple but very impressive, rhonda-chan :)
    I like Rukia when she wears uniform >_<
    I'll put this wallie on my bleach groups gallery ;)

  2. inREVERIEforever Apr 01, 2006

    Oh this wallpaper is very nice. ^^ I like it. Simple, but yet enchanting. You make much better wallpapers than I can ever do.
    I love all those stars and comments. Its so lovely.

    Don't worry Rhonda! You did very well on this wallpaper! :)

  3. Milkiyo Apr 01, 2006

    oh..till I full-view it then I realize it's grass :P thought it was..purple thick fog at first? XD
    the sky's beautiful but the grass doesn't seem to blend well with the sky..
    the purple's lovely though so dun worry haha... :P the meteor thingy could probably look better with it facing a little more to the left..more horizontally? n.n

  4. cloakanddagger Apr 01, 2006

    i love Rukia

  5. annakee Apr 02, 2006

    it's a very nice wally. rukia-chan rules! XD

  6. sacredsky Apr 02, 2006

    Waaaa! How did you make that background? Its way cool! I like the comet too...great job! Keep it up :)

  7. animanga Apr 02, 2006

    Its' so pretty Rhonda-chan!
    The sky is gorgeous, I really love the textures you've used on it.
    The foggy grass look good, but just a piece of advice (please don't be offended!):
    You use grass a little too often, (sorry) it works well with all the other ones but with this wall I think it doesn't really need it. Just the sky I think would look good, it doesn't always need to be politicaly correct so that she's standing on something (do you know what I mean?).
    Sorry if that sounded too harsh. ^_^'
    Excellent job keep it up! Fave!

  8. nolove Apr 02, 2006

    at each time you upload a new wall ^^, that's always better than the old one sweetie :), i do love how the sky turn out ^__^, such so so great and magical, soo kool.
    lets keep it up sweetie ^^

  9. uchiha-vegeta Apr 02, 2006

    awesome bg , the scan u used is amazing , if u only added a fireball or something infront of her , i would have looked great , anywayz , nicely done!

  10. Rikkablurhound Apr 02, 2006

    Hmm.... Its pretty ok, to me^^
    I think U did a nice BG with the combination of grunge brushes & clouds, stars & comets^^
    Well... The only thing bothering me is that the cloud is too clear for the foggy grass...
    Rukia is too clear too... >_<
    aside that... U might wanna add more colours to the BG, so that itll blend more in with Rukia^^
    anyway, its stilla pretty wall^^
    Thanks for the banner XD

  11. Sumomo- Apr 02, 2006

    Nice wall Rhonda. Like the space background, but its perhaps a bit empty?
    I dont think you made too much, perhaps there should be more imo.
    The scan could be better blended.
    I do like the purple color tho :) very nice.

    Keep up the good work Rhonda21, you keep getting better and better.

  12. Kuro-kun15 Apr 03, 2006

    *Squeaks.* I love the background.* Where did you find it? Or did you make it?

  13. pegassuss Apr 04, 2006

    Nice work Rhonda! =D This looks really nice ^-^ I like the colors you used, they look great! and the shooting star and other effects you used look really great too. They make a very beautiful sky ^_~ The scan you used is really nice, but maybe a bit more blendind with the background would make it look better ^_~ oh! and i'm not really sure about the bottom part, I mean the fog and grass, I don't know. Anyway, you did a great job Rhonda! =D Keep it up! ^-^

  14. k1ru Apr 06, 2006

    really great!
    i love the colors~ XD
    fits rukia well!

  15. phlip Apr 09, 2006

    Nice effect for the background

  16. enchantressinthedark Apr 09, 2006

    Nyaaa its so pretty! ^_^ I love the background, really awesome effects! Keep it up!

  17. Spyderz Jun 08, 2006

    Background is not bad at all,real nice.

  18. Sakura-K Jun 20, 2006

    wow..I must say, the full view really is nice...i really like this ^^ *smiles* it's really nice...wow...I'm like...real impressed!

    ~addz to fave~
    thanks for sharing

  19. Plutalis Dec 24, 2007

    Amazing wallpaper! Great job! ^_^ I'm lovin' the background. B)

  20. Basara2009 Aug 26, 2010

    Usually I prefer Rukia with her katana but this is a nice background anyway!

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