Final Fantasy VII: Yubinbasya ~ Late Summer Kimonos & Sparklers

Yubinbasya, Final Fantasy VII, Zack Fair, Tifa Lockhart, Cloud Strife
Yubinbasya Mangaka Final Fantasy VII Game Zack Fair Character Tifa Lockhart Character Cloud Strife Character


My Personal Scan

Oh my God, how difficult was it to stick these two pages together! That's why I left this till last! Yes, it's the last of the Yubinbasya Final Fantasy doujinshi... At least, until I get some more that is!

It's a beautiful scene, with two couples together enjoying the warmth of a late summer's night festival. They're all dressed in Yukata, and the boys are playing with sparklers... and yet even now Cloud still looks distracted, while Zack is characteristically cheerful, while Aerith & Tifa look even more beautiful than ever before.

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  1. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Apr 01, 2006

    One beautiful couple! Cloud and Zack! I only see what I want to see. XD

  2. Ladypenthesilea Apr 01, 2006

    awww. Man i really like these scans. Is the artist just a doujinshi artist?

  3. walkure245 Apr 01, 2006

    This is the best yet and you did a wonderful job editting. They look really fun and so relax. I especially love teh fact that Tifa styled her hair so prettily. XD Awesome scan.

  4. rica-san Apr 02, 2006

    aih, very pretty & beautiful! Maybe this is my fav scan of your other VII scans! Thanks so much for sharing! Maybe I'll make a wallpaper^.^ & great job combining 2 scans! +fav definately!

  5. CosmoStar Apr 02, 2006

    This is so pretty, I loved this one. The girls are looking lovely in the yukatas and they all seem to be serene and happy.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this one!

  6. psychodeedee Apr 02, 2006

    great scan saikusa-san :)
    i like it [add 2 favs]

  7. miaka036 Apr 02, 2006

    Pretty, pretty pic! As always, thanks for sharing this!

  8. IzumiChan Apr 02, 2006

    Yukatas! They look like a really happy group ^_^
    The boys' hair are so... sharp ^_^'
    The brown-haired girl (which is her? :o ) really looks very pretty, but I think that the black-haired one was prettier on the other scan (hey, that's the only time I've seen them before! XD )
    The bg looks so... strange. ~.~
    Are these clouds? Ot threes? It's rather scary >_<
    Thanks for sharing! :D

  9. ForbiddenGoddess Apr 03, 2006

    I've always wanted this in a full page! Thanks a bunch :D +Fav
    *thanks for sharing

  10. pegassuss Apr 03, 2006

    so so beautiful scan saikusa-san! =3 thanks so much for taking the trouble of sticking them together ^-^ I looveee this image, it's lovely, very cute! I Love Zack expression, I think it's great, and I love all their poses, the girls look beautiful and Cloud looks funny so distracted XD The design of the yakatas of the girls is absolutely beautiful and all the colors are lovely. I think the background is lovely too, it fits the image very well ^^ Thanks again for sharing these wonderful images saikusa! :D

  11. Milkiyo Apr 04, 2006

    a happy family as the last? :P I rarely see the guys in 'kimono' forms..
    no wonder the file is HuuGE...two pages? very well merged then...like a huge poster :P
    hahah....it looks more like the guys are being ordered by the maidens of house to scrub the floors :P

  12. FlowerDog Apr 05, 2006

    I agree, this scan is so beautiful. I would have never imagine any of them wearing Kimonos (espeacially Zack). Tife and Aerith look absolutely beautiful. I love the fact that their hair style is up in a pretty bun with elegantly designed hair bangs. :D Cloud and Zack are also beautiful! I love every little detail that this artist has created. It was done with really good taste. Thank you again Saikusa for always sharing your wonderful scans with us. :)

  13. ROSEANA Apr 06, 2006

    it's very lovely scaan...
    thank you^o^

  14. sailorcapuccino Apr 06, 2006

    What a pretty scan ! I really don't care about games, but this picture, I'll download it. Great job, saikusa. You always have great pictures. Congratulations. Thanx so much for sharing with us.

  15. Sunnyd29 Apr 08, 2006

    great colors and texture to the whole thing! the kimonos are simply gorgeous! keep'em coming!

  16. PrairieDogGuy2006 Apr 09, 2006

    OOHHH ! This wallie makes me think of the posters I seen (reproductions) of the 1920's and of the 1930's. What is soo kwel is the fact that the characters are relaxed, not "forced". They are simply themselves. this is soo Japanesque. This is simply beautiful ! It's almost like each character honestly has a soul which speaks to U the obsever. Each person's facial speaks for itself, each is an individual.

    Granted, I am not familiar who each person is or the anime/ manga they come from, they are soo "humanesque" ! Definitely a 11 !

  17. lthnadml Apr 11, 2006

    ou! Their kimonos are kust beautiful and they look so good on them . . . the colors are excellent! Thanks! XD XD XD

  18. volrath77 Apr 16, 2006

    Aww...so cute. I really like Tifa and Aeris's style here. They really should've just put the girls in & left the guys out.

  19. viekazama Apr 18, 2006

    nice pic you've got there!
    it's nice seeing them with their own lover ^_^ so there's no triangle lover anymore. cute!

  20. lockhearttifa May 18, 2006

    WOW this is beautiful! *_* Cloud Zack, Aresi And Tifa sweet :D
    I love FFVII :D and this picture ^^

  21. Chem Jun 13, 2006

    Ahh, what a lovely scan. Cloud, Aerith and Zack look so great ^___^

  22. DrakenImmortal Jul 25, 2006

    Beqautiful images...carefree and peaceful...
    Except Cloud of course
    Lighten up man, you killed Sephiroth twice already! He's toast!

  23. lilykbork Aug 19, 2006

    Cloud and Zach look handsome in their yukata and I love Tifa's kimono and hairstyle!

  24. kaidahitomi Dec 09, 2008

    This pic is so cute~! I like to see Zack and Aerith together
    Sweet and peaceful~

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