Disgaea Wallpaper: I See You Charcoal Boy...tsk...tsk

Takehito Harada, Disgaea Wallpaper
Takehito Harada Mangaka Disgaea Series,Game

1280x960 Wallpaper

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After 6 days making this wall, im finally done.
This is a continuation from my other wall, "Taxi Please".
This time, charcoal boy followed a pretty girl to candyland and is trying to hide (disguise himself) but it doesn't work :)
You can guess from his heart eyes and his pink self that hes in love, isn't that cute >.<

Anyways the original scan is this;


And F.Y.I I dont think the extraction is messed up on this one, I want it to be like that so im not going to change anything, just in case u think its weird,
and for the other one(Taxi Please) I wish I could fix the extraction but i couldn't becuase stupid me lost the file....I know what luck T_T

[+] Credits
Texture: DA! Desktop Anime
Scan: Ryggim (at Animepaper)

Well I hope you like my wall, and I dont think ill be making these kind of walls for a looong time, Ill be going back to my enchanting walls :)

Thanks for all your support! http://img426.imageshack.us/img426/8178/rase0gp.gif


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  1. Hanshou Apr 01, 2006

    Wahh! *_* soooo cute! Another wonderful wallpaper! I love charcoal boy! So cute! XD Yes, this did remind me of dessert, and now that's confirmed due to the candy in the back! :D Awesome job! I like this style of wallpapers! And I hope you make more of these! XD You're way too amazing. :) ;)

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 01, 2006

    Hahaha, this is so cute!
    I really love the idea for this one, the Charcoal Boy is too cute XD
    The colors are awesome and the textures on the background fit perfectly! Excellent job!

  3. Kougaxgirl Apr 01, 2006

    WHAT! i didn't make the first comment...not even close...oh well....I SIMPLY ADORE THIS WALL....its so freakin cute! *huggles it* wonderful job my sweet lil buddy! do keep these bright ideas comin

  4. schwindelmagier Apr 01, 2006

    and charcoal boy is there too^.^
    he is so sweet as I sald before....I love him
    and this wallie is amazing too ...o.O
    add it to favs^.^
    great work,keep it up

  5. Susan-chan Apr 01, 2006

    wonderful work! i love the style and the colors! :) what else can i say?
    looking forward to ur next work:)

  6. Phill Apr 01, 2006

    wow... this is really cute :x did you draw the whole BG ? so cutee :">
    + fav for sure

  7. AngelKate Apr 01, 2006

    Wow, you made that whole background? Awesome! Your vector work is really good! Keep it up! :)

  8. inREVERIEforever Apr 01, 2006

    Wow, well done! Its so cute! Haha, I really like it. Haha very creative and unique. Candyland... yumm. XD Keep up the beautiful work!

  9. Rhonda21 Apr 01, 2006

    Oh yes very adorable. The background looks great. So creative! The colors are are nice. Awesome Job!

  10. IzumiChan Apr 01, 2006

    Charcoal boy looks like a pink robot >.<
    Anyway, even greater than the taxi one. I loved the lollypops on the back, so so freaking cute! ^o^
    I loved the soft feeling, worderful job ^.~
    + Fav ;)

  11. ShiXon Apr 01, 2006

    omigod how cure is that! >D you're awesome chi-chan and you even used my fave color.. PINKUUU! >D
    i'm in love with the girls hair, it reminds me of a cinnamonroll.. o.o -bites-
    this wallpaper is fun and funky fresh ;P
    i'm glad your using this kind of style on a wall once in a while~
    a fave for token of my admiration of this wallie!

  12. phaner Apr 02, 2006

    Really cute and white wallpaper , great choice of scan , it's fit perfectly with the BG . I loveeee those lolypop on the top of the road , they make me think of the lolypop city ^^ The orange sky is a great choice.
    However , It would be awsome if you shape the road a little bit ,i mean follow the shape of the hill to creat a road , this way , it can show more how the shape of the hill is

  13. rythem Apr 02, 2006

    kyaaaaaaaah >D *squeels* omg I adooore the colourss ~ ;w; *pinkpinkpink* such baby happy colours that is <3 very cute bg u made chi-chan ~ makes it a wonderful illustration ~ nice work on changing the scan colours ~ *waaahpink* o///o though there r a bit of errors on the wall , it looks very nice overall ~ ^_^ +fav

  14. nolove Apr 02, 2006

    so great lovely wall chi-chan ^__^, such a super cute wall >.<, i do love from the way to work with the scan to turn to that color ^^, nice texture too, only one thing i just wonder why you didnt vector it? that'll be more great if the whole wall is your work ;) right ^__^.
    +fav for sure, chi-chan amazing

  15. rica-san Apr 02, 2006

    waii! Another wall from you with a charcoal boy! XDTeh wall is awsome, great, cute, colorfull, cheerfull, enjoyfull, lovely, & very well done^.^ Teh character is very pretty & cute, also great job changing teh dress color! Teh charcoal man looks so funny! Especially with his heart shaped eyes! & great job ataching the tree to him! Teh chandies made me want to eat them.. nyam..nyam.. lol The road & grass are great! & also great vectoring! But maybe it's to dirty with those splaters. The base bg is very bright! & colorfull! Awsome job! I'll defintaely add this to my favs! Keep up teh awsome work!

  16. Amru-chan Apr 02, 2006

    Very lovely wallpaper XD. Fav from me ^^

  17. fuyuu Apr 02, 2006

    Cute and attractive. :3 +fav

  18. phamthuha Apr 02, 2006

    It is so lovely, Chi-chan ^_^ But well.... i am wondering why the whole wall is so sharp but the scan is a bit blurry which make it less attractive ^_^ You should try to make the feel of distance here right ^_^

    Okay great vector work so sure fav+ and feature to CW ^_^ 2 points for you sweetie ;)

  19. jaguar88 Apr 02, 2006

    hm..... i have problem of displaying this wallpaper on my desktop :P but it's a good work... i can see you put lots of effort in making this one >.<
    Thanx for notifying me :D and looking foward to see your next work ^_^
    Jya Ne! >.^

  20. dianas Apr 02, 2006

    hehe the first thing that i have made when i have looks at this wall was smileing
    ^^ i like the soft colors bright and happy..nice job Chi-chan #wink#
    and of course a fav from me for your work :)

  21. parami Apr 02, 2006

    You did it with talent mind, chichiri-san XD
    I love all of your works :X, you have a absolutely cute and special style :"> And this wall is really sweetie :P
    You're in welldone XD

  22. Rikkablurhound Apr 02, 2006

    Its really cute! I like your theme!
    The scan is nicely extracted, great change in colour too...
    I like the way U did the charcoal man, Its so cute!
    *go up & hugs*
    Aside that, I think U laid a very nice texture over the whole wall... Its really lovely^^
    +fav & feature
    Thanks for the FW banner^^ chichiri-san! XD

  23. AlexXan Apr 02, 2006

    Wee this is soo sweet ^^ u deserve favie+ :D

  24. Zefie Apr 02, 2006

    such a bright coloured wallie with happy atmosphere ^_^ the idea of charcoal boy following the girl to the candyland is very nice ! and the carcoal boy is so adorable looking when trying to hide himself :3 the background is very pink and bright, really giving the theme of candyland.
    scan fits nicely with the background and you made good job changing the colours of it. her pink dress looks like it's made of cottoncandy or huge meringue XD overall lovely job and thank you for sharing !

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