Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Run Away from the Battle

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Dearka Elthman, Yzak Joule Wallpaper

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Whoo, I worked hard on this wall @.@ first time i've used a stock image...I like it >:3. well I used a bunch of star brushes on the background and I used a filter on the stock image too. The Scan I got from here and it was a PAIN IN THE BUTT to clean! I had to make the image a bit bigger in order to look good on the wallpaper and then I had a LOT of cleaning to do after that >.<. I added some swirls in the sky because...I don't know I sorta felt like it was needed ^.^. I added the Buster and the Duel in the sky to make it seem like they're fighting...I guess... ^_^'. Uhmm ok that's all enjoy the wall!

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  1. ZonSlashSykato Apr 01, 2006

    It doesnt seem right for Yzak to run away from the battle. Knowing Yzak he would rather fight to death if no one tries to stop him rather running away like a coward.
    I guess Dearka would run to live?
    I was wondering y didnt fukuda fix Duel and Buster and use it in destiny. Or at lease use it at the end of the serie. I hope fukuda will have Gundams not zakus or gouf for Yzak and Dearka to use. Cuz I really want to c the results if they pilot new Gundams.
    Here are the new name I came up for Yzak and Dearka for Gundam Seed 3:
    Yzak piloting Victory Duel Gundam and Dearka piloting Explosive Buster Gundam
    Well, if fukuda really let them use those gundams it will be a mircale!

  2. LacusLover Apr 01, 2006

    Yeah, I agree that title isn't an accurate description for these two, even Dearka after deciding to fight with AA, but atleast this wall features some new/returning blood. Seriously, there's been way too much submissions of the main six characters.

  3. Abzuseilue Apr 01, 2006

    nice is nice , but the tittle is not match for that wall , hope u can change the tittle ^_~supporting you ^_~

  4. Benoit Apr 01, 2006

    Great job on the wallie. It's been a long time now since anyone posted a Yzak-Dearka wallie. Thanks.

  5. InuYashaspal4ever Apr 01, 2006

    O.O I would write this in all of your guestbooks, but it's easier here (XD):
    I NEVER thought of that! I guess I was just thinking about war and crap, and I really wanted to make a Dearka and Yzak wallie, so I guess I wasn't using my head XD
    Thanks for teh correction all!

  6. Floatyman Apr 02, 2006

    Great looking wall of the pair.

  7. Kzaer Apr 05, 2006

    Nice,I very like the bg...

  8. UchihaTaijiya Apr 05, 2006

    Yzak! Dearka! <3 Awesome work, I really love this background. It's very pretty!
    Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

  9. JCzala Apr 06, 2006

    The vectoring is done well... I don't think the title really fits with Yzak and Dearka here. Hmm... well the background is simple but really nice. It blends well with the two of them. Nice job!

  10. walkure245 Apr 13, 2006

    I think "Running Towards Battle" would suit them a lil better. Just like ZonSlashSykato wrote, those two aren't ones to run from a battle. I think you did a nice job on the cleanup but I think vectoring would have been a better alternative since you can still a sort of bluish edge around the scans which doesn't blend in well with the bg. I like the bg. It looks really neat. Also, the gundams in the bg are a nice idea but it doesn't look like they are fighting though. Adding more effects and burst of flames around them would give it a more realistic look. But this is really nicely done and has a really nice idea. ^_^ Good work~

  11. Yzak May 23, 2006

    Eeee! Why hadn't I seen this before! I guess I'll echo what other people have said about the title, but the wall itself is nicely made, and it's Yzak and Dearka, so of course it's awesome. XD

  12. Saulofein Aug 11, 2007

    Nice duo ^^ but maybe you should have put a bigger pic of their MS in font ;)

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