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Hi everyone!
I've been absent for a little while and now I'm back.
My first wallpaper as a married woman.. *harr harr* *grins*

Ok, on to the wallpaper.

* Yet again I've returned with another blueish wallpaper. I already
have 2 other blue wallpapers and my arc the lad wall is similar to
this one. I did not mean it to be tho, I just loved this scan so much.
I do hope this scan will pass, if not I will have to find another scan
for this wallpaper.

* Sadly I can not link to the scan as I got it sent to me. It does not have a link.

* Some information of the wallpaper:
Hours to make the wall: about 5 hours, spread out on 2 days
Number of layers: 40 +
Brushes: a mix of default brushes, my own custom made brushes and some downloaded brushes
Effort: I love making space wallpapers, so this was a pleasure
to make and I feel it came out exactly like I wanted it to.
I definitely hope others will find this wallpaper celestial in some manner.

* And last, I dedicate this wallpaper to everyone who congratulated me on
getting married. I'm to touched that so many thought of me and even people
I've never seen before ;) Thank you all!

Tips and comments are as always much appreciated!



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  1. dianas Mar 28, 2006

    oOo i like the magical feeling that this wall is giveing me..
    great Sumomo-chan
    i like the cahara and the simple bg is nice too
    + fav from me for your work ;)

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 28, 2006

    Wow, very cool!
    I really love the background and the scan fits perfectly with it. Only that white line that extends on the wall seems a little weird. Other than that, nicely done!

  3. maxrob Mar 28, 2006

    Looks beautiful I like

  4. sukie Mar 28, 2006

    very nice...i love your use of layer effects...also the colours are nice...however...you should light lin thingy more abstract...it looks too fake the way you made it.

  5. Rhonda21 Mar 28, 2006

    First of all, I apologize for not wishing you a happy wedding. I hope it was wonderful. So I wish you a very happy marriage! Ok, on with the wall. Such a pretty blue wall it is! The sky is beautiful. Nice big planet. I just really love the wonderful scan! Well really great job!

  6. ShiXon Mar 28, 2006

    very angelic and dreamy ;] heehee, i like the vivid blue colors altho the repetitive sparkles are a bit distracting so i guess that's my problem with this wall :3

  7. phamthuha Mar 29, 2006

    It is nearly perfect, Sumomo-chan OoO I do love the color you use here, it is so PERFECT >.<
    Yup yup, i just wonder about the lighting line ^_^ It is a bit weird 'cause the lighting is so equal ^_^ Also the abstract brush is not really well done.... i think it is too poor and too vivid +__+

    But sure a really nice one deserve my fav ;) Nor fea this one in CW for sure ^_^ 2 points for you sweetie *kisses*

  8. nolove Mar 29, 2006

    awesome sweetie, im happy that you can make wall with such busy life ;), kool abstract plus awesome galaxy and super nice color >.<, luv that blue so so much ^^.
    surely a fav sweetie, i hope i can see your new work again in sometimes later ^o^

  9. rene3088 Mar 29, 2006

    Oww, I really love the way u made it(>0<) really love this style and i really love this* can't take my eyes away*

    fav from me sweetie

  10. Osirisa Mar 29, 2006

    Kagaya character, yeah? I think I'm right ^__^
    Great work :)

  11. Amru-chan Mar 29, 2006

    Very very beautiful wallpaper XD. Fav from me ^^

  12. Kiako Mar 29, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the effects are well done, and the moon looks good too.

  13. uchiha-vegeta Mar 29, 2006

    wow , its so magical , gives a great feeling , excellent work , keep it up ^^

  14. moonelf313 Mar 29, 2006

    I love the soft glow on the fairy's wings and the sky's effects! I love it...+Favs...once again congrats!

  15. pegassuss Mar 30, 2006

    oh! I didn't know you were getting married! Congratulations! and sorry for being late. I really hope you had a wonderful wedding ^^
    Well, this is a very nice wallpaper! Love the scan, it's beautiful! The sky is lovely, the effects are really pretty. You did a great job. the planet is really nice too, and the little fairies are just adorable :P Everything blends very well. Great work! ^__^

  16. Wiggle7hv Banned Member Mar 31, 2006

    very nice wall :)

  17. Emma Apr 01, 2006

    So enchanting! Goodness, I love that scan. So chibi-like. So sharp and crisp and dainty. Totally adore the little fairies. And the blue backdrop is so pleasing to the eyes. Such a soft glow of the blue hue is so relaxing and I can imagine hearing her softly play--very whimisical. Nice job on this. I am just not sure though of those blue dots going across but I understand it is to represent the magic coming from the flute. *reads description and jaw hits floor* O_O *runs to guestbook*

  18. Milkiyo Apr 01, 2006

    thanks for putting the banner^^ btw...congrats on ur first wall as the married one :P
    featuring...verly lovely blue shades XD yup..the wall feels celestial and wholesome, some effects are not suitably placed but all in all is well :) congrats!

  19. Rikkablurhound Apr 01, 2006

    Congrats, Sumomo-chan! U nvr told me bout it... >_< *puffs air out*
    lol... anyway, I hope that U and your loved one will be the HAPPIEST couple EVER!
    wait, let me make u a card, it might take some time though... ^_^' lol... Gome!

    anyway... bck to the wall....
    I dun mind the blue, its lovely XD
    anyway... I think U did a really great job on the planet & the sky...
    I especially love the way U placed the grunge brushes around^^
    Aside that, I think U did a good job on the skies at the right down corner, Its really lovely!
    U did a good balance of lightning too....
    I really love this wall...
    Just one thing... The wings are kinda jagged...
    and the tune coming out from the flute... >_<
    U might wanna blend it more into the BG...
    It kinda stands out... >_<
    Just my opinion... >_<
    Anyway its lovely, Thanks for introducing it to FW & putting up the banner XD
    +fav & feature.

  20. mizu-megami Apr 01, 2006

    you,re just marriedO_______O i had no idea>_<
    well any way a belated concradulations card^-^
    i hope you will live a happy live together^-^

    so to the wallpaper~ i really love it, *yaay* fairys^________^
    the blue color gives it a kinda mistical effect, i really like it^-^
    *adds to favs*
    take care ne~

  21. kyohimura Apr 01, 2006

    You got married!? Congratulations, I wish you a long happy life together and the best of luck to both of you :)
    I really like your wall, fits every of my likings... blue and the lovely faries ^^
    I think the bg fits perfectly the scan, I'm still amazed you can do such beautiful things in so lil time, hehe.

  22. AlexXan Apr 03, 2006

    Arrr Sumomo- is married >___< LoL best wishes to you :D ~
    to the wallie ~ wee there are fairies flying around ^__^
    this blue wallie got realy nice atmosphere in it
    keep it up~ n_n

  23. aadi Apr 03, 2006

    Wow this is a wonderful wallie you've created its different from the other wallies this is amazing work and the colors in it are just brilliant i like the glow in it and i also like the colors on the girl keep it up and keep creating such wallies and thanks for sharing your work in this site

  24. yo-chanbokura Apr 05, 2006

    Beautifull wall ^^ the bg is so blue n the colors are pretty. the planets also well done! love the little angels too ^.^
    Good job sumomo-san! Wish u have a happy family always! congrats! ^_^

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