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So-Hee Park, Goong, Chae Gyung Shin, Yoon Eun-hye, Live Action Wallpaper
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Hiya there! At last a new wallpaper from me! It has been aeons since I don't post a new one, I can't even remember what was my last wallpaper... :D
Please, don't notice the simplicity of the composition...

Sejabin is the title given to the crown princess of Imperial Korea.
These images are from Goong, a korean manhwa from So Hee Park that became a TV Drama. It tells a romantic and delicious story about a simple girl that's promised in marriage to the prince (the Seja).
When I saw the photograph identical to the manhwa image, I thought that arranging both pics would make a nice wallie, but I wanted to highlight the Drama one, because it's so beautiful. The actress that plays Chae Gyeong is very cute! :)

I had to extract the Sejabin photograph from a pattern background. Her hanbok extraction was easy, but when I achieved the darker parts (wigs) I passed through a hard time. For improvement of quality on the extraction at darker parts, I vectored them just a little bit...

That was what took longer, though. I tried a zillion ways to put the Sejabin manhwa pic as to suit the photograph well. I wanted to show that both pics are exactly the same only in different styles, so I had to resize the manhwa imag a lot and extract some parts. I made a lot of maneuvers for not to appear the writing of the manhwa pic since it is the cover.
And them there was a blank space which I tried to fill too. I tried in vain to put some pic of a Korean palace but I ended to add some brushes at the corner just for decoration.
I'm quite happy with result...

If you look closer in the photograph, you will see a watermark. That was too a reason of pain and grief X-P...
I couldn't vector the photograph over the watermark, I couldn't erase the watermark, so I chose to put the title covering it. I couldn't find any better place to put it too... ;)

Okay, the final numbers:
Layers: 20+
Time: Weeks, I think I'm trying to make it since January 2006...
I used Paint Shop Pro 7.0 (please don't laugh XD), because I'm so retrograde.

I enjoyed making this wallpaper, and I think it looks nice at the desktop.
I hope you like it too!
Comments are highly valued! Thanks!


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  1. chikage-kekinha Mar 27, 2006

    this wallie is really cerative!
    Great background!
    Good job!
    Keep it up! XD

  2. N9e1 Mar 28, 2006

    I've never seen any wallie on this manga/drama! I read the manga and really like it~ (Personally I like the manga more than the drama~)
    Good work!
    Thank you for sharing! ^_^

  3. IzumiChan Mar 28, 2006

    *____* Can't believe I missed it! >__<
    I wanted to be the first to comment :hmpf:
    Anyway.... it's a wonderful job! I prefer simple things too, they look nicer oftenly ;)
    The idea of putting the title to cover the watermark was smart ;D
    Congrats for it! >.<
    I've already seen that pic of Chae on the manhwa, and to tell you the truth, I've seen the one in LA version too -_-
    But I never stooped to think how igual they were ^_^'
    I think that the brushes were the best decision, a palace would make it crowded...
    They don't have a Goong category here at MT? How such a thing is possible? >_<
    Let's sprout the word and wait for them to create one, and then let's fill this place with Goong! ^o^
    At last, try to see with you don't take so long when submmiting a new wallie... 3 months is way too much! XP
    A fav from me. I would'nt be ale to do it, that's for sure OX

  4. tian82 Mar 29, 2006

    *thumb up* What a good work ! i love this wallpaper a lots ! Both of the picture really suit along well. The colour is nice and sweet. I love pink ! Currently watching this drama and read the manhwa. Really love this story. Thank for creating this wallpaper. How about make a wallpaper of guy version? Anyway, thank for sharing !

  5. enchantressinthedark Apr 01, 2006

    Nyahahaha...An ancient looking princess with a cellphone XD Looks like weird but still its unique! Really nice wall! Keep it up!

  6. Milkiyo Apr 14, 2006

    omg! it's goong, the mahwa! *-* finally someone else knew about this mahwa! >_< this wall looks a little plain but nice anyway :) yeah, simplicity is ur style? ;) keep it up then!

  7. inREVERIEforever Jun 18, 2006

    Uah! It's Goong! I love the drama/manhwa! Love how you did the wallie. Keep up the great work! ^^

  8. anglelock45 Oct 10, 2006


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