Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Ethereal Reality

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Cagalli Yula Athha, Lacus Clyne Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's been a long time since I played with Photoshop *stupid examinations and homework*. Well, anyway, here is my latest work.

The wall's design is kinda based on a sig I made a long time ago (in case you are curious, HERE). I tried making it look simple as I can (don't know whether you want to call "simple", though). Anyways, my goal was to make it look nice (of course); I wanted it to look elegant, too.

Some of the parts of the image are drawn and edited by me, since the original pic is cut off at the right and left sides. Smudge some of the duplicated parts of the pic. Added stars to make it look-I don't know-nice. I used some swirly-or-twirly-like brushes for the wall.

Hope you like it. Thanks for all those who are either reading, commenting, adding to favs, or downloading this wall.

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  1. enchantressinthedark Mar 26, 2006

    Oh my...this is just too lovely! It really is ethereal! XD Nice piece of work! Its so great that you can draw back the cut off parts, looks awesome! ^_^ Keep it up Larxie!

  2. Lacuslover81 Mar 26, 2006

    awesome wallpaper I just love it and I just love Lacus it is a perfect pic and I bought post with that pic yesterday awesome job

  3. xianghua Mar 26, 2006

    Very beautiful! I like the colour's mix a lot!
    The scan goes with the bg!
    Very nice work! *favs*


  4. eternally-asuka Mar 26, 2006

    really beautiful! awesome effects really nice! love it!

  5. LacusLover Mar 26, 2006

    Really nice. Probably my favourite wallie using this scan.

  6. LacusLover Mar 26, 2006

    Really nice. Probably my favourite wallie using this scan.

  7. ZonSlashSykato Mar 27, 2006

    very nicely done bg.... its perfectly contacted to Lacus and Cagalli!
    keep on the good work...

  8. pomelocmy Mar 27, 2006

    love this wallpaper. :)

  9. EienKazuki Mar 30, 2006

    Hey there! Woah! Nice wallpaper^^ The colours match together^^, and it's not boring! Yay for that Lol! It's just simple, but nice^^ Congrats, and hope to see more of your works soon. Ja ne^^'' xD


  10. enchantment Apr 05, 2006

    nice wall, it does look elegant in a way^^

  11. paintmearainbow Apr 07, 2006

    Wow! This wallie is very elegant(: I love the background^^ Also,the scan of Lacus and Cagalli fits in nicely with the background
    Excellent work :D

  12. Rogue11Sticks Apr 08, 2006

    *staring* Must.. have... their... dresses... for... prom....

  13. icyrain Apr 11, 2006

    A truly beautiful image. You gave it a proper name. Lacus and Cagalli look ethereal... I love that word! Ethereal...

  14. ayane-heine Apr 15, 2006

    Larxie!~ this wallie capture my attention on those thumbnails.. ^^ okie dokie back to the wallie.. XD
    After downloading it.. i realise that it ish pretty messy.. >.<
    too mani smudging and scratching on the wallie.. kinda spoil the scan.. esp on cagalli's hair... XO as for the swirly-or-twirly patterns that you said.. XD hmm.. i think that you overused it.. as for the sparkles.. it looks great.. but i do think that you overused too.. ^_^' maybe you can reduce the amount of sparkles and spread it in a wider area instead of just congesting at 1 area.. just keep trying and trying.. i'm sure you wallie will be awesome in no time..

  15. royaldarkness Apr 15, 2006

    oh this is very pretty :) nice soft colors, and pretty effects. a bit blurry to me, but overall very sweet :)

  16. sorm Apr 16, 2006

    Super Kawaiii, I love the name Ethereal... and Lacus and Cagari look so beautiful in this costume, the background was sweet too.
    Thank for sharing ^_^

  17. itazurana Apr 20, 2006


  18. eternallegend Apr 25, 2006

    this wallie looks nice and graceful in a way ^^

  19. xenogear238 May 05, 2006

    superb wall luv the title they both look beautiful thanks for shariing

  20. otakuzonee Jun 13, 2006

    very nice

  21. Zone666 Jul 06, 2006

    Is a good scans~

  22. pchne2630 Banned Member Sep 13, 2006

    After appeared lacus and cagalli lovable and lively oh passes through
    for two years lacus and cagalli also to appear maturely have been many
    oh is kira and athrun most likes oh the clothing also liking oh well
    liking oh

  23. rollingmreg Sep 21, 2006

    I think that a soft atmosphere may appear.

  24. Pachanz Aug 11, 2007

    Nice wall. It's sweet colors and beautiful.
    I love this charecters. Everything are matching. I like it.

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