One Piece Wallpaper: Arabasta Desert [W]

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Eiichiro Oda Mangaka Toei Animation Studio One Piece Series Monkey D. Luffy Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

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This is for the Divine Awards group "Wall your favorite character" assignment. I thought long and hard and I decided that Luffy is one of my favorite characters, so here he is.

It's simple, but I like it. The scan was so cool (what with Luffy actually looking serious and all) so I didn't want to divert attention away from it with too many effects. That and the fact that nothing really happens in a desert :\

The title came from the scan itself. It reminded me of the Arabasta desert so, since it's my favorite arc so far in the series, I decided to use that name.

Scan came from Gumgum.org (this one to be exact) and I tried to clean it up as best as I could. Textures are from DA!. The Luffy posters were the best one I could find without actually vectoring something (though the textures on them piss me off), and it came from East Blue.

Time: 4-5 hours
Layers: 33

Comments welcome.

Edit: I put up the 1024 X 768 size instead 'cause it looks better. You can get the 1600 X 1200 here.

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  1. butterflikysses Mar 25, 2006

    sweet i'm the first one 2 add this 2 my favs n comment...neways it's really sweet n i really don't like the show but ur artwork is amazing so good day 2 u

  2. LilLaoRyo704 Mar 25, 2006

    cool wall, i like the image of luffy and the background, the wanted signs look good, awesome job, bai bai

  3. MagicianFairy Mar 25, 2006

    well, I like the colors of the bg.

  4. GoodnightAndGo Mar 25, 2006

    I don't like it. It's quite weird actually.... Especially ... that part on.... lol.. J/k.. :p Don't you just get tired of the same-o-same-o awesome wall!, or great job!, cool bg!, and many more. But, you did a very good job on cleaning the scan up! Thought I'd just catch you off guard. :p Anyways,I was wondering when you were gonna' make another one piece wall. ;) Goin' to desktop and fav.

  5. cyd84 Mar 26, 2006

    Love how you simplified the scan to focus on Luffy
    The background and the scan feel connected, and the sky color is just great
    The wanted posters are a nice touch

  6. bluSake Retired Moderator Mar 26, 2006

    Lovely. The posters are incorporated into the piece very well, and I like how each of them has eroded differently. Hm ^_^' This is probably just me and my imagination, but the cloud behind Luffy sort of make it look like he's wearing a bonnet.

  7. Limefreak Mar 26, 2006

    AWESOME! Completely satisfactory :D I like how you focused the wallpaper on Luffy and not the background as much :D
    I really like it. :D definitely a fav from the lime XD

  8. phamthuha Mar 26, 2006

    COOL work Chloe-chan ! I do love this one so sure fav+) ; Keep up your great work, sweetie :nya:

  9. eclair-chan Mar 26, 2006

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii I freegin love this!
    I really love the way you made the sky look all soft noice!

  10. Amru-chan Mar 26, 2006

    Very very beautiful wallpaperXD. It impresed me very very much XD. Fav from me ^^

  11. diabolique Mar 26, 2006

    It's very cool ^^, i don't know OP very well, but i like this wall, it's very clean u have good stile
    Specially in the colors choise, give it a great atmosfer

  12. LeeAnn Mar 26, 2006

    i really enjoyed watching the anime..too bad i didnt finish it..
    but you make good wallies of it!
    this one looks so soft and though im not familiar with that *scene you made it look cool!
    thumbs up for you! keep up the good work!

  13. Zoamel Mar 26, 2006

    Very beautiful view. Normally I hate One Piece but this wall is simply great. I love the warm colours and the blending is perfect.

  14. LittleJames Mar 26, 2006

    Luffy is very cool when he is serious.I like him,too.
    Thanks for your work~~

  15. uchiha-vegeta Mar 26, 2006

    this is soo coool! , amazing job , the bg is amazing , a fav for sure ^_^

  16. Ephemeral-Garden Mar 26, 2006

    A very nicely done wall. The way you did it there makes Luffy himself looks charismatic. ^^

    I think the effects are pretty nicely done, though maybe if you could add a little darker shadows under Luffy... so it looks more realistic that way. ^^

    Good luck with the competition, by the way! XP

  17. nekogirl333 Mar 26, 2006

    luffy's my fav character too lol! the bg and effects are really nice, goes well with the scan you used.

  18. enchantressinthedark Mar 26, 2006

    Finally like something really non-vectorish from you XD Oh I forgot, your Kira wall ish also non-vectorish XP

    Meh..Luffy's such a cutey character! The way he smiles on those WANTED signs just really makes me wanna laugh out loud XD Well, I think its a good concept of you putting those WANTED signs flying around. This means because he's wanted, that's why he escaped to the Arabasta Desert XD

    Well, really simple wall ^_^ And the effects are nicely done! :) Keep it up Chloe-chan! And wish you good luck in round two! ;)

  19. shiningdays Mar 26, 2006

    i like :D

    it's nice that you kept the original motion of the image (the fishbowl perspective is what i'm mainly talking about here); since, as you mention, the scan is such a cool one. i like the use of the wanted posters, but the one in the veeery front seems a bit.. flat? oh well, it's all good. i dunno about the use of the dup'ed layer + blur around luffy and the horn, i thin kthe wall could have done without it, but overall, very nice :D

  20. Misato-Kun Mar 26, 2006

    Ahhhhhhhh such a smooth and refreshing backround :nya: I as well like the idea with the wanted poster, very original. Again, wonderful job Chloe-Chan! Keep it up :D

  21. Alfonse Mar 26, 2006

    Ahaaa, how'd I know it wouldn't be long til you submitted a One Piece wall. xD
    Really awsome scan Chloe, I must agree, he looks cool all serious and shtuff. And the bg isn't bad at all. It really sets the mood and looks like a desert too.
    You've done it yet again Chloe. Great job as usual. xD

  22. Dragus Mar 27, 2006

    haha hey u already know what i think of this wall it 's cool and whoa here for one day and have 27 favorites impressive.

  23. acid-awakening Mar 27, 2006

    Whoa! that's a really big skull
    Wasn't expecting anything like this but damn!
    The view from the ground is kool
    Nice work..... Thanx for Sharing

  24. pegassuss Mar 27, 2006

    Great job Chloe-chan! ^^ This is really nice. Love the color of the sky, it's beautiful. CLouds are great and I like the scan, you did a good job cleaning it. The posters are a really nice detail and everything blends really well. And you used really nice effects! :D Keep it up! Great job! ^^

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