Disgaea Wallpaper: Taxi Please!

Takehito Harada, Disgaea Wallpaper
Takehito Harada Mangaka Disgaea Series,Game

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


Ive been actually working on this wall ever since I saw Rythems "

Attention Bunnies! We have a Stranger!" wall,
Her beautiful wall inspired me so much to make this wall.
Im actally working on 2 walls right now,
one of them is for Phamthuha (so thank you for being patien

Scan: line52 (Animepaper)
Texture:DA! Desktop Anime
Brush: (only one brush not mine) Splatter Brush (DA! Desktop Anime)


About the wall:
Mood: Happy
Time: Who knows
Layers: To many to count
Why am I doing a section about my wall when im not telling u anything?: Because thats what i do
What did I make?: that charcoal thing thats running at the girl and everything except for the palm trees in the background
WHAT is that thing running after HER?!: thats my creation, I call him charcoal boy and I think hes the cutest thing ever
whats she doing?: Shes calling a taxi becase the city is evil (do u see their faces?) so shes running away
Comment: This is a very simple wall and I hope you enjoy and FULL VIEW IT (because the thumbnail never shows the cuteness of any of the walls)

ENJOY! http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/43/rpori6tn.gif


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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 25, 2006

    This is too cute!
    Awesome use of the scan and the bg is wonderful! That little thing chasing the girl is too cute. I want one XD
    Anyhow, excellent job!

  2. Kougaxgirl Mar 25, 2006

    omigod! i love love love it my little norie! it is SO friggin' cute....hehe specially lil charcoal man...tee hee! *sigh* you are so creative man....simply wonderful! keep it up buddy! XD

  3. shiningdays Mar 25, 2006

    cute. i like the buildings in the background :O a bit of a messy job on the exctraction of her around the bottom; but yeah. damn i love those buildings XDD

  4. Devildude Mar 25, 2006

    first thing this wallpaper reminds me of is Las Vegas.
    so funky, so cool, simple and nice, love those cut out buildings, and the character is like pop art, it feels like a storybook artwork. Everything about it is just plain cool and funky. A very fun wallpaper indeed. A fav from me.

  5. schwindelmagier Mar 25, 2006

    woah....what a cute wallie,chichiri-chan
    amazing o.O
    actually I don´t like this kind of wallies but yours is so beautiful,sweet and wonderful >.<....I can´t say:"what a stupid wallie" or something like that...this wallie has touched me T.T
    I love it....
    the chara(s) look(s) so sweet and the bg is so ingenious>.<
    and this thing running after this lovely chara....you call it "charcoal boy"......I love him.....so sweet and tiny....lovely^.^
    I want to have such a thing too^_________^ although he looks a little bit like a garbage can....sweet and certainly usefull ;)

    total numbers of words like cute,lovely...:7

    add it to favs

  6. candy-chan Retired Moderator Mar 25, 2006

    you should fix the extraction, it looks horrible

  7. SoulScholar Mar 25, 2006

    Colours used are nice, and the scan image looks nice as well. However some parts of it are quite grainy, but still good =]

  8. ShiXon Mar 25, 2006

    o wow, cool chi-chan!
    it's not a typical magic scenery wallpaper no more : D
    so proud of you sweetie! -hugs-
    deserves a fave! ;]

  9. Rhonda21 Mar 25, 2006

    Yay! Another wall from Chi-san! hehe, and what a cute and cool wall it is! Nice style. Just loving it! Yeah funky background indeed. I really like it! Awesome Work!

  10. inREVERIEforever Mar 25, 2006

    Oh that is definitely cute! Very awesome, and the 2-D background really rocks! It adds a great... well I don't know how to say it. XD Haha, yeah I'm being stupid. lol.
    Ah but really great work.

  11. jtchen85 Mar 25, 2006

    Haha, very cute :) I like how the background matches her very well (same type of artistic style). Great job!

  12. rythem Mar 26, 2006

    squeee ~~ its so friggin cyute ~ ;w; *adores these types of walls* xD <3

    overall , it looks very good ~ I love the colours n everything blends perfectly ~ ^_^ maybe u could make the buildings less 'sharp' , so it blends more n not more sticking out than the chara ~ x)

    but great work neways ~ >w<

    ps: what is that rectangular-ish transparent thingy beside her ? @_@ lmao xD funny n cute though ~ ohohoho

  13. SweetGrl Mar 26, 2006

    Awww...this is such a kawaii wallie! I definitely luv it! Fantastic job and keep it up, chi-chan! +fave

  14. IzumiChan Mar 26, 2006

    So cute! :D
    I bet the taxist would be very suprised seeing such an energetic girl wearing this fancy dress entering his car XD
    I loved the ''charcoal thing'' :nya: (for me, it actually looks as some kind of fabric... :o )
    Lovely job! +fav ;)

  15. nolove Mar 26, 2006

    nyaa, so cute chi-chan >.<, super cute wall, nice texture XP, how kawaii....luv it XP.
    +fav for sure ^__^

  16. phamthuha Mar 26, 2006

    OMG! This is above excellent, Chi-chan OoO I can't believe you have come up this rank, so horrible *cry*
    Okie, i will ask Phill-chan's agreement to top fea this wallie in CW ^_^ Your so great, Chi-chan OX

  17. Amru-chan Mar 26, 2006

    So lovely wallpaper XD. I like it very much ^^. Fav from me ^^

  18. sylvacoer Mar 26, 2006

    definitely not your run-of-the-mill pretty wall - whil pink is far from being my favorite color, I just love how this composition is put together in a minimalist style. very cool!

  19. Phill Mar 26, 2006

    really nice wall ^0^ but extraction of this wall is kinda bad though , it shows too much white edge
    great job anyway

  20. Milkiyo Mar 26, 2006

    first, the colours and quality caught my eye...I see some great inspiration here :) similar in some parts of the theme...hahah...the buildings' are wat made it evil? the grinning faces :P <3 luv how u blend in the colours and depth XD

  21. hikago Mar 26, 2006

    Very cute wall, and even though theres a lot going on in the background, it doesn't look crowded one bit!
    "Charcoal Boy" looks hilarious, you should make a wall with him XD; compete with Domo-kun XD

  22. revontulet Mar 26, 2006

    haha so awesome!
    Love the scenery and the colours and the style!
    Very broad i know, but its just perfect!
    Def a fav XD

  23. enchantressinthedark Mar 26, 2006

    Ehehe...its really cute! I like the girl's pose a lot! XD Very awesome wall ^_^ Keep it up!

  24. rica-san Mar 26, 2006

    oh, I always watch & observe your walls, now it's time to comment it! XD The wall is awsome, great, fantastic, funny, funky, unique, stylish, moody, & very well done. The character is very cute! & I love her clothes XD! But maybe the extraction is a bit not good because there are still some scan leftovers at the feet. Oh yeah, the wierd doll is also funny! XD The bg is very funky & stylish! Is it vectored? The palm trees over there also look great. Tama-neko's site is always a definate pick for textures, right? I love her textures too^^ Awsome job! I'll definately add thsi to my favs! Keep up the awsome work!

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