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My Personal Scan

Hopefully my computer problems are now a thing of the past. So I now I can bring you another delicious serving from Yubinbasya's Primary Colour Picture Book.

This time it's Rufaus Shinra in his saintly white suit and eye patch, looking ready to put a bullet through you...

I thought he had a furry hand & a long black tail, but as Sayana pointed out, it's probably Dark Nation, his pet monster who also atacks you in the game but sadly did not feature in the film.

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  1. CosmoStar Mar 25, 2006

    A blond in a white suit and a black shirt... I think I don't want anything more, that's is just perfect XD!
    What an attractive guy! Wow, but I don't know if I like his furry hand and tail... maybe I should not say this out loud since I don't want to get shot...
    Thanks for scanning and sharing this pretty image!

  2. IzumiChan Mar 26, 2006

    Agreed, this clothes combination is so perfect! *__*
    But... he really looks dangerous with these bandages and the gun... it's a pity that such a handsome boy went to the ''bad way'' ... ^_^'
    And... what?... is he a neko-boy? *ear twitch*
    Changed my mind! He doesn't look that bad if you look closer.. ;)
    Thanks for sharing! :D

  3. ForbiddenGoddess Mar 26, 2006

    I am hungary for Yuibinbasya's art! XP
    *thanks for sharing*

  4. Milkiyo Mar 26, 2006

    ugh...sorta reminds me of goku with that monkey tail though this is a thousand times hotter :)
    oh...(go fix ur comp) :P
    just a q...how many pgs does it has? XD

  5. sayana Mar 26, 2006

    I believe that this isn`t a hand and it`s not his tail - it`s he`s panther or whatever was that animal, that was fighting along side with him in the game. In the scan we can see it ears and a tail only :). Great image, thank you very much.... + fav :)

  6. Sallyf322 Mar 26, 2006

    Yay! More Yubinbasya! XD Thank you sooo very much, saikusa...I'm not sure who he is, really (but I love the art XD). Thank you!

  7. FlowerDog Mar 26, 2006

    Man Yubinbasya is one amazing doujinshi artist. :D Big thank you Saikusa for sharing more of Yubinbasya's works. I really love the way Rufaus looks in their style and it's true that the creature he had in the first/last boss battle with him isn't freatured in the movie but I am guessing that Yubinbasya just wanted to add it anyways. :D It was a real treat to see this scan. Thank you again Saikusa. :)

  8. cloverfann Mar 26, 2006

    wow, this pic is very awsome ^^

  9. miaka036 Mar 27, 2006

    He isn't my favorite character, but what a great pic that is. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ladypenthesilea Apr 01, 2006

    oooooooh, very rufus like. Thanks for sharing. I've always loved his suit. Sigh* i'm gladd he ended uo beihng one of the good guys.

  11. lthnadml Apr 09, 2006

    Pretty cool! I like the bandages and the color combination of black and white . . . thanks you for those lovely scans! XD XD XD

  12. MilkandBanana May 09, 2006

    Whoa, Yubinbasya made Rufus looks so cool and hot.
    Good job scanning. +fav

  13. DrakenImmortal Jun 29, 2006

    sweet pic...you don't see many images of him so this certainly makes up for it

  14. kai770880 Jun 30, 2006

    sweet pic of Rufaus like the style that he has

  15. Arya3087 Sep 10, 2006

    what a nice pic of rufus! I like it!


  16. peanutsomerta Sep 30, 2006


  17. Oriya Nov 15, 2006

    oh god, he is hot!

  18. katenator Jan 23, 2007

    GUH. Rufus is LOVE. Even if he is a snarky evil kid.

  19. msbigmouth Mar 27, 2007

    imteresting. that is a awesome pic

  20. UchihaTaijiya Apr 13, 2007

    He's cool and hot!
    Thanks for sharing

  21. Azimoon Apr 03, 2009

    Rufaus is pretty hot in this scan...

  22. thienthien00 Jun 15, 2009

    Rufus look so cool.

  23. lepoussinvengeur Aug 06, 2009

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay thanks !

  24. Ferallo Apr 24, 2010

    gracias por subir esta imagen arigato

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