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Hello everyone, I'm back with another doujin.
This time featuring Vash the Stampede. I drew this one up for a friend of mine from school. He loves Vash, and so I went ahead and drew it up. It took me about 4-5 hours, I'm not sure because I kinda lost count. heh ^_^'
There are quite a few mistakes, but I'm not gonna say what they are. Besides, it's not hard to find 'em.
There's not much else to say, but enjoy.
Comments, tips, and critiques are all welcome.

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  1. LeeClow Mar 25, 2006

    Well well, It seems every doujin we see gets a little better. :D
    Really nice and i couldnt even find any mistakes. xP
    Well, i await your next submission.
    See ya

  2. A-10hybrid Mute Member Mar 25, 2006

    Great doujin. There are almost no mistakes like LC said. Its a good detailed doujin.

  3. Kukuru Mar 25, 2006

    Yay - I love Trigun - and Vash is such a lovable character. I'm sure your friend at school will love this!

    The gun contains a lot of great detail - it almost looks like real metal and shiny - it's really impressive, same goes with Vash's hair, although I think it is a little too wide... if you know what I mean...

    Otherwise another great doujinshi by you Alfonse :D

  4. julian1 Mar 25, 2006

    IMO, i think it's best if you try out the different grades of pencils like 4b, 6b, or even 8b. right now, i think you're using 2B for the whole artwork. i don't see any mistakes however, but i think you should use a ruler for the gun.

  5. uchiha-vegeta Mar 25, 2006

    DUDE! this is awesome , love the way u drew him , excellent job bro ^_^

  6. ladyai Mar 25, 2006

    Wow this is amazing Yamichi! The shading on the glove is great! Keep up the really great work. I can't wait to see your next drawing.

    Ja ne ^_^

  7. xianghua Mar 25, 2006

    Very nice Alfonse! Its really amazing! I cant draw a gun as perfectly as you can! lol
    The hair is very well done and the shading is awesome!
    The hands arent bad either!

    And i want to say thank for your comment on my wall ~*Magical Harp*~ (i couldnt post on your page cz their was smth wrong .Gomen)
    Yeah the scan wasnt very good i saw that maybe because of the layers^^'

    Well cant wait for your new submission!
    Take care! ^.^


  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 25, 2006

    Yay for Vash!
    This is really well done. The gun is awesome and I really like the shading. Keep up the great work!

  9. Kouta-domo Mar 25, 2006

    Wow good job.
    Looks like the real vash in the manga. =)
    The shading must have taken forever.

  10. Midori-chan Mar 26, 2006

    hello alfonse-kun! T_T i missed you and your work a lot!
    i've been soooo busy with exams and camps untill i don't have enough time to rest x_x
    back to the doujin --------->

    vash looked so cool! XD XD
    the gun is really nice and the shadings are great too^^
    overall it's a great doujinshi XD
    maybe i should try to change my style [ traditional samurai warriors ] to another new style [ modern hero with guns ] XD
    lolz XD

  11. lin1011 Mar 26, 2006

    Wow, how are you so good at drawing?!?!?! I love the way you did the hair, and the gun is awesome! Keep it up!

  12. zuuti Banned Member Mar 26, 2006

    dud how the hell did u do all that i love it it's the best one u made its a fav dud i love trygun and the gun work of art man u out did ur self glad ur a friend of min lol bot ya man i got to say this is the best i seen yet hope u will do some more trygun drawings for me to see bot keeep up the good work zuuti out.

  13. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2006

    Excellent doujin Alfonse! Mistakes? I don't see any mistakes that really stand out... great job on the proportions and the lines-- so nice and clean! I especially like how you did his eyes and the shading on his hand and the gun!

    And from what another member stated, you didn't use a ruler on the gun? Wow! I wish I could draw straight lines like those without a ruler! Keep up the great work! :D

  14. Kamishiro-san Mar 28, 2006

    Hmmm...nice job!
    It's pretty good!
    Heh, I love Trigun!
    And Vash is so funny!
    Anyways, great job!
    Keep it up!

  15. UchihaTaijiya Mar 29, 2006

    First off, amazing concept ::huggles Vash:: <3 Okay, the fangirl in me has expressed herself...
    The shading is excellent and the whole picture looks really good!
    The mistakes that I find are his hand (though it looks good) is too large, the rims of his glasses (though really, I've never drawn glasses lol) and I think his widow's peak expands a little too far, his nose should be a little more to the left maybe? hmm, and I think his cheeks are a bit unproportional... but really, none of this even detracts from the picture or stands out... which means you're getting better! ^^
    You're gun looks amazing imo (like your Gundams, you're good at drawing mechanical stuff) I bet you could draw a motorcycle really well. ^^ Keep up the awesome work, okay!

  16. Alfward Mar 31, 2006

    I still think Our Biology teacher could look just like this if she spiked her hair :P
    Nice drawing

  17. TrigunPreacherGirl Apr 21, 2006

    Wow, I like the detail and work you put into this; great job, even with the so-called mistakes.

  18. Kashino Restricted Member May 26, 2006

    I agree with you all, it's a verry good drawing :) I like it a lot! You did a great job, and I think you're verry talented :) Keep it up! Greetings ^__^

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