Suigetsu Wallpaper: The Midnight Princess

Gayarou, F&C, Suigetsu, Nanami Makino Wallpaper
Gayarou Mangaka F&C Studio Suigetsu Visual Novel Nanami Makino Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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one thing that I have to do *kills the scan*

That scan is one of my favorites and has been for a long time, so I decided to make a wall ot of it, but the scan was so pretty that it was hard to make anything with it......

I think I just like lost 10 years of my life because of all the stuff ive been through with this wall,

Now back to the wall,
Hours: who knows
Mood: From happy to "who cares mood"
Hardest parts: hard to belive bt the butterflies gave me sch a bad time.......

Anyways, i hope you enjoy my new wall (more than I have) and
Favs and comments are appricated >.<


I didn't see where on the group where get the banner thing so I got this picture from Phamthuha's Colorful Walls group so I hope thats ok -_-

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  1. ShiXon Mar 23, 2006

    wow cool! i love suigetsu illustrations!
    certainly lovely and with all the sparkly butterflies here and there chi-chan
    very pretty and you did a wonderful job!

  2. Rhonda21 Mar 23, 2006

    Another beautiful wall from you! The butterflies look really nice. Lovely background as well. Really great job again!

  3. fawna-chan Mar 23, 2006

    Oh, it's so gorgeous! >.<
    I love the butterflies and they do look very very nice.
    My favorite part and everything compliments the scan! Well done! :D

  4. Devildude Mar 23, 2006

    i thought it was Divine Awards.
    anyhow, this is a decent wallpaper, nothing too outstanding, but it is good.
    You have been on a walling craze now haven't you. Not too bad. Kinda cluttered IMO the butterflies are.

  5. animefairy Mar 23, 2006

    Wow...chichiri-chan! Great wall and nice colors! It's very pretty and colorful! The graphics look very beautiful and neat! >_< Keep the work up, chi-chan! *adding to favs*

  6. hikarinotenshi Mar 24, 2006

    omg! this is simply beautiful! the butterflies are well done and i like the glowiness of the wall. the girl's extracted well but the *one thing* i don't like is the moon in the bg. it kinda looks outa place and doesn't fit with the rest of the wall(cuz of the texture etc.) but i love this wall so much its so pretty! +fav

  7. thecatmistress Mar 24, 2006

    beautiful! The butterfly effect is simply wonderful <3. and the purples are simply exquisite. +fav please keep it up chichiri-san

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 24, 2006

    Very nicely done! I really love the background and the butterflies are awesome! All your hard work paid off :D
    The scan is really beautiful, it fits perfectly with the wall. Excellent job!

  9. SharinganKnight Mar 24, 2006

    brings back memories from my old "butterfy obssesed" days. as for the wall, well it'll be on "this week's popular submissions" in no time.

  10. phamthuha Mar 24, 2006

    Oh oh, i think Enchan-san got a lovely siggi banner for DAward ^_^ But sure thankie for adding my banner here, Chi-chan ^_^

    This wallie is so lovely and attractive ^_^, but i think you didn't really choose out the best color for the scan, 'cause the girl's face still too dim to see and not really welcome...
    But sure this wallie is really attractive and i can tell you have done a nice work with the flower + light butterflies ^_^

    Love this one so sure fav+ and add to CW gallery ^_^ Keep up your great work, sweetie ^_^

  11. bj0rn Mar 24, 2006

    LoL! Chichi chan seems to be on a roll~ Making so many walls lately. I guess its cos u were absent for a period of time. Anyway, a fan like always, i love ur walls especially this where the colours are nicely put to gether. love the butterflies too.

  12. Toshina Mar 24, 2006

    I really like the butterfly effects. The wallpaper is very pretty!

  13. Kelena Mar 24, 2006

    Even though you said you now hate the scan, I think all of your hard work really paid off. :) You made a great wall using a beautiful scan. The butterflies add a airy effect and lighten the mood. They draw your eyes in. I also love the color that you used. Excellent choice of scan, background, and effects. It's a lovely wall. Keep up the great work. :)

  14. enchantressinthedark Mar 24, 2006

    OMG Your walling skills are just too awesome! XD *hugs chi-chan* I love this one ^_^ Its really magical and peaveful at the same time ^_^ But I think you overdid the butterflies ^_^' I'll highlight this one at DA ^_^ Oh eh? I didn't say that members have to put the group's banner in the description of a wallpaper submission ^_^' But many thanks that you did! :D *gives cookies* :nya:

  15. agneslee Mar 24, 2006

    Great wall!
    The bg is quite nice!
    The flowers are so beautiful *_*

  16. Amru-chan Mar 24, 2006

    Wow, so wonderful wallpaper Chichiri-chan XD. Can you give me a scan XD ? Fav from me for your great work XD

  17. schwindelmagier Mar 24, 2006

    such a wonderful wallpaper chichiri-chan^_______^
    great scan,great bg...especially the butterflies look pretty because they are shining beautifully>.<
    and the moon.....wondeful....I am breathless o.O

    can it be that the girl on the wallie is the same as you have on your avatar....^.^?
    the hair and the eyes look similar

    have a nice day,take care of yourself and keep the great work up,as always^____________~

  18. Kougaxgirl Mar 24, 2006

    oh my god norie! lol sorry i didn't comment sooner...its so beautiful! yet again, another success! WOOO..i just adore those freakin butterflies...they're like my fav part of the wall! i love love love it! awesome job! XP

  19. moonelf313 Mar 24, 2006

    Goodness, Another beautiful Wallie! Sorry it was so painful to make, It was well worth it though! IT IS Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! I love the moon and the butterflies, on how well they complement the scan! Good job! +FAV

  20. Idril Mar 24, 2006

    wow! great wallie Chi-chan! The girl looks so pretty and background is purple! I luv purple XD
    But I think the butterflies should be more colorful...well it is just my opinion...anyway, great job, girl! +favs

  21. IzumiChan Mar 24, 2006

    It is great *_*
    The scan is very beautiful indeed ^.^
    The sky looks lovely and the moon is cute as well ^_^
    I liked the butterflies, especially the ones at the bottom left ;)
    I just think that the ones which are flying next to the girl are too bright by themselves >.<
    I mean, they would naturally illuminate their surrondings, wouldn't they? :o
    I don't know if you understood what I meant, but I really liked it ^.^
    Great job! ^_^

  22. jaguar88 Mar 25, 2006

    Still my Fav wallie creator ! This one is particularly good :D:D
    Love the Butterfly Effects :D it makes her more beautiful :)
    Thanx for sharing this wallpaper and Keep up the good work!

  23. Zoamel Mar 25, 2006

    *scream* So beautiful! :D
    The various tones of purple are looking great together. And the red eyes are a nice contrast. I also like the planete in the background and not to forget the butterflies.

  24. flamealchimist Mar 25, 2006

    awsome wallpaper!

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