Takehito Harada Wallpaper: Attention Bunnies! We have a Stranger!!

Takehito Harada Wallpaper
Takehito Harada Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

if u intend to comment , please read my description n full-view . (of course u must , thumbnail is crappy =D)

ahahaha ^_^' I started this wall in early February I think , but lazy to finish it . so I managed to finish it today .. (at last xD)

anyways ~ the original scan here Girl kawaiiiii 07 by tiagosg .

(a thumbnail coz I know people dont click on links xD)

the hard part was to figure out the perspective of the floor .. I hope I got it right XP I drew bunnies becoz Harada-san likes to draw bunnies too xD LOL n there's the bunny king in front =P heh . just imagine it as - the girl suddenly woke up n find herself surrounded with bunnies .. or bunnyland .. >_> its sketchy-like or messy in some parts .. I intended to do so rather than clean n sharp , so its easier to blend with the scan x) hohoho

there r not many elements .. bcoz my brain is not being creative .. :/ thats all x)

o yeah , textures r from DA! Desktop Anime x) aka Tama-Neko's site ~

comments n critiques r highly appreciated ~

edit : lol , let me put the banner for the first time xD



Chosen by bromithia and shyxsakura

A beautifully unique wallpaper made by RYTHEM-- the appearance is easy on the eyes and captivating in it's own way. Her skillful ways of painting blends right with Harada's own style, as she captured the perfect perspective and essence.
The whole sketchy approach adds to the scene, and makes this wallpaper even more eye-hooking. This is just beautiful! Everyone should have a liking for
this no matter what they are interested in.

Proposed by bromithia and highlighted by shyxsakura.

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  1. ShiXon Mar 22, 2006

    awesome perspective rythemmm -is shocked- and nice colors idea and such
    the title is amusing ;p this should be highlighted! haha
    did you paint the background? this is just soo awesome and i HAVE to fave it >_<
    don't think that anyone would think of an ide like this wall does (:

  2. Icewind Mar 22, 2006

    i love it,it make me so kawaii i wanna cry=P

  3. kyubinaruto Mar 22, 2006

    You really have a brilliant concept in this wall X3 Really original.
    I think it probably would be better if there's a shadow of the girl on the floor >.<

  4. Jiirotu Mar 22, 2006

    Very interesting wallpaper, the colours are very nice and... I love it ^___^

  5. AlexXan Mar 22, 2006

    weee bunnies ~ :D
    Realy great one :) bg part fits realy well to scan and
    the perspective is great and i like all the shadows ~
    (little tip i think the black line between first two bunnies
    in front(pad :) ) could be more thin or in grey)
    U realy deserve fav+ for this wallie - realy well done.
    Keep it up!

  6. ventures Mar 22, 2006

    all bunnies alert ! human in our teritory *_* lol .
    why rythem ... *goes to make herself some drink* a very victory-ish wallpaper ~
    wow , and u crowned sir bunny king :D . I like how all the other bunnies have zippers for mouth . It makes me thinks that the bunnyking is mean , and " u r not allowed to talk unless I say so ...so ZIP IT ! " lol ~
    and so they did .. bunnies r known for their obediance , I know ~ :I

    the tiles looks really nice and perspectively correct ~ *surprised @_@* it must have been hard , ne ?
    and the red carpet looks really evil wif all the bunnies on it .
    the girl doesn't look that afraid no ? duh ...its only a bunnyking ~ lol

    nice candy -looking stick . stripety and all , pretty cute .
    but u should have drawn more expression on the other bunnies instead getting lazy and zipping them all up ~

    well , still this must have taken a looot of imagination and skills ne? have u forgot to thank someone for the imagination part ? ...


  7. chichiri1907 Mar 22, 2006

    Omg, what a beautiful and creative wallpaper you made here rythem >.<
    I love bnnies, their my fav. anime cartoons of all time so Im super psyched that you added bunnies.
    The floors perspective is perfecto and it even gives ita wonderland look to it....
    now that I think about it this is kind of a wonderland theme, like you said how the girl woke up to all the bunnies and the bunny king, well Alice and all the Roses cards and the queen >.<

    Beautiful job on the entire atmosphere, this is a must fav :)

  8. ayaki Mar 22, 2006

    *___* bunnies...i love their zipper mouths haha and their bunny wands!~ >_<
    so cute.
    The perspective looks great. The checkboard floor makes the whole thing looks a lot more attractive...eye-catching~

  9. zaira Mar 22, 2006

    bunnies! soo cute! love that scan! *saves* very very creative! love the checkboard + the perspective bg!
    very nice and great wall! one of your best! XD +fav!

  10. eclair-chan Mar 22, 2006

    oi that is good!
    buunniiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeess! I love bunnies! so kawaii XD

    I like the way you came up with the whole bunnie 'army' in line theme XD
    so cute XD nice wall XD

  11. bromithia Retired Moderator Mar 23, 2006

    I really like the idea you managed to pull off here. The art you created blends very well with the original scan, which can be hard to do most of the time. While the extraction needs some touch-ups in different areas, it is easy to see you worked hard on this piece. Personally I would like it better without the curtains, but that's just me. I've been missing all of the Harada love lately anyway, so this will keep me happy until candy-chan submits her version :D

  12. K_DASH2 Mar 23, 2006

    Wowww, Nice Pic! Add

  13. fawna-chan Mar 23, 2006

    Wow, I love the floor perspective and the really interesting idea of bunny chess pieces. The scan is really good too and everything's clean and simple. :) Really good work.

  14. phamthuha Mar 23, 2006

    Very cool work, Rythem-san ^_^ Of course you got my fav for this cool one ^_^

  15. smilebit Mar 23, 2006

    the perspective on the floor is off, but it still looks great none the less. you blending the scan with your drawn background rather well, and i love the grainy unfinished look of it. very gooey and paint like. cheers for a nice job +fav.

  16. AWOL Mar 23, 2006

    Really cute concept you have here. I always liked the idea of having bunny royaledom... ^^

  17. acid-awakening Mar 23, 2006

    Lolz your brain is not very creative? as if
    I like what you did with the floor... giant chessboard
    I think that the bunnies should have a big puffy tail
    Anywayz.... Great Work
    Thanx for Sharing

  18. Phill Mar 23, 2006

    wow ,awsome ...rythem the onlything that bother me is when the whole wall is kinda blury , the edge of the girl is so sharp and still left off some white edge of the girl's hair
    ^0^ but overall this wall is awsome , love those bunny so badly XD * hug each of them *
    + fav for sure

  19. SpottedCat Mute Member Mar 23, 2006

    Bunny royal domination.... The wall is awesome. Great emphasis on the theme. The colors are also eyecatching.

  20. Zefie Mar 23, 2006

    waai, bunnyland XD your idea is so funny and you made such a wonderful looking wallie rythem-chan ! i think you managed to make the perspective of the floor really nicely, it's looks good :) you draw the bunnies ? O_O really ? i thought they were from scan >_< you really made awesome job in them and they look like the art from harada ! scan you choosed fits well with your idea and the bunnies. and the bunny-king is cool XP
    like the way how it's little sketchy-like and not so clean from every part like you say ^_^ it's quite soft looking and gentle to look at. colouring is nicely done as always, warm colours and fluffy. great work rythem-chan and thankies for sharing !

  21. Apocalyptic Mar 23, 2006

    This is really awesome! Thanks for sharing it!:)

  22. nolove Mar 23, 2006

    huhuhuhu, im too late, i saw this yesterday in the new wall table T__T, but then MT got suck *cry*, now im too late, hix, but then ^__^, i still wanna tell ya i love this wall soo much, such an amazing kool >.<, a stylist wall how how....hug rythem for making and sharing this >.<.
    +fav for sure

  23. Devildude Mar 23, 2006

    all I can say is I envy you having the skills you posess....i ran out of words to praise you...a fav then. Sorry for that.

  24. Amru-chan Mar 23, 2006

    Very lovely wallpaper XD. Fav from me XD

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