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OMG! Its been ONE YEAR since I started walling! O_O Click here to see my very first wallpaper, submitted one year and two days ago.



Wow...this wall took me all day. I started it at about 2 PM today and just got done. Its 12 AM now. I did take a break of about 2 hours, but still. Wow! So time consuming. But I like how it came out. Its so green though. O.o lol

About the wall:

The house: I vectored the house from a screen shot of episode 16 of CCS, where Sakura takes a vacation to this summer house with her family. She is wearing that dress in the episode so that's why I went with that. Here is the screen shot I vectored from:
I flipped it around and only did about half the house, since that all that was needed to be shown. There were about 30 layers for just the house. I merged them though. If I didn't my computer would be running soooooo slow. >_< But that is what took me the most time. But I am pleased with how well I did it considering I suck at vectors. XD

Sakura: The image of Sakura is my own vector that I submitted at MT about a week ago. I took Kero out though since I thought he blocked too much view of the tree. You can see my vector here.

Everything else: is mostly brushes. I used different leaves for the trees. I originally had more trees but it was waaay too cluttered. So I took some out so you could see the sky. Oh yes I drew the little pathway. Nothing too hard though. XD Even though the trees are just brushes they take me a while to get the leaves right. Oh and I decided to put rose bushes in front of the house to add more color. So much green! O_O

Hmm...No dedication this time. Sorry XD I'm sorry I submitted again so soon but I was just bored today. Thanks in advance for all comments/faves! ^_~



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  1. aqiaqua Mar 22, 2006

    weeeh! thats so cute! the grass looks a little too fluro though ^^; soooooo cool u can vector too ! + fave

  2. ShiXon Mar 22, 2006

    wow cool~ kate-chan! n_n
    i like the scenic look although it needs more shading i think but overall it's really nice (:

  3. animanga Mar 22, 2006

    You did an awesome job!
    The house looks really good, great choice of...well, everything!
    Excellent vectoring, keep it up!
    Fave for sure!

  4. Spystreak Retired Moderator Mar 22, 2006

    Nice vector on the house it blends well with that background. The scan is nice too but it sticks out a little too much. Reminds me so much of summertime. I like it nice job. ^_^

  5. Rhonda21 Mar 22, 2006

    hehe, you reminded me of me with saying sorry about submitting something so soon. But don't worry, I'm really glad that you submitted something again! I just really love those leaves! Really great vector! The grass looks nice too. This wall is very cute! You did another great job! ^_^

  6. IzumiChan Mar 22, 2006

    Aww, so cute! ^.^
    The trees show a lot of effort O.o
    The pink flowers on the front of the house look like an aquarela painting ^_^
    I liked it very much :D
    +fav ;)

  7. fawna-chan Mar 23, 2006

    Awww, Sakura-chan in front of her vacation home!
    Good work with the trees, it looks like you worked really hard on them. The grass looks good too! :D

  8. phamthuha Mar 23, 2006

    Not a bad one, Kate-chan ^_^ The idea is so nice and the way you create the house is so great ^_^

    Well done so sure fav+ Good luck to you and keep up your great work ^_^

  9. KittyCyn Mar 23, 2006

    Hi Kate chan! I like very much the house you vectored, also the scan is very clean, the trees are very well done too :)
    But I have some suggestions:

    For the grass: I think it needs more colors of green, dark green down the trees and the house to make shadow effects, more light green in other part for light! also to give deepness to de scene cos I see it a little flat.
    The grass in the way looks like "transparent" cos the footpath can be seen through it XP LOL. There are some cropped grass in the pathway and down one of the trees also XD

    For the sky: here is only an opinion, you maybe could use more blueish tones in the sky to make more contrast between the grass and sky! :)

    Finally I like very much the composition, the house and the scan of course, is a very clean wallie too ;) Keep it up girl!

  10. acid-awakening Mar 23, 2006

    8 hours? Whoa the time you put on this must be a pain huh?
    But yeah you're right it is very good.... Tho i think the problem to it is that the tree on the right kinda seems demented Lolz
    But everything else is fine
    Thanx for Sharing

  11. nolove Mar 23, 2006

    goddamn MT >.<, it suck for yesterday T__T i cant do anything also have a comment on your new cute wall Kate-san, love the vector house then lovely color as always.
    +fav for sure ^__^, keep up

  12. kuchikidesert Mar 23, 2006

    hi.. this is a nice wallpaper.. but I think it would be more beautiful if you added orange colour at the trees.
    The perspective you made is really good.. XD
    and I see a big effort that you give for this wall. Keep it up! :D

  13. Amru-chan Mar 23, 2006

    Very very lovely wallpaper XD. Fav from me ^^

  14. Osirisa Mar 23, 2006

    I found the artist is u when seeing the colors :)
    um.... one thing.... I think u should work more for the text or dun't put it in >__< not fit very well >__<

  15. CuteSherry Mar 23, 2006

    You really used your vector super well and the house is definitely impressive, no wonder it took you so much time ^_^ But you can be proud of the result!
    The only thing is, since the house and Sakura are both so detailled and well done, it would have been great if the pink flowers were too, maybe vectoring flowers would have been an idea, I don't know...
    Anyway, this is a +fav!

  16. enchantressinthedark Mar 24, 2006

    HAPPY 1ST ANIVERSARY OF WALLIN! XD *throws confetti* Congrats Kate-chan! You have so much experience than me ^_^ That's why you're better at walling :D

    Oh my, you really have the SAKURA fever XD You mostly wall Sakura and Syaoran ^_^ This one ish real peaceful ^_^ Everything ish very nice ^_^ Keep it up!

  17. Idril Mar 24, 2006

    Sugoi! wonderful wallie Katie-chan! the vector was really good and weel done and Sakura fits on all kind and fresh baclground! excelent job, seetie! +favs

  18. shaka4 Oct 27, 2009

    Good Job the Wallpaper is really Beatutifull

  19. ftama Mar 07, 2010

    Great work! Thanks for sharing :D

  20. Nammunzz Apr 29, 2010

    Really nice ><

    thanks a lot :)

  21. ThanLanXam141190 Jun 08, 2010

    Sakura is so cute. Thanks a lot!

  22. neopet001 Dec 28, 2010

    so cute! thanks for your sharing

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