Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe Wallpaper: Castle in the Air

Noizi Ito, Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe, Sui (Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe) Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This time, I am gonna start with the credits:
Alistair [Minitokyo] - Picture
Belladona-Stock - Birds Brush
1001fonts - Fonts
Stock Xchng - Building and Base Clouds Photos

I am very proud of this wall. One of the best scenery walls i made. Not only that, while doing this wall, is my first time using another stock photo that is not clouds. Of course, I am still getting the hang of it :D

Actually, I was quite surprise when I saw the picture. My first thought was, 'Is this Shana?'. Hahaha. Too bad this is not Shana, if not I will submit this as a submission for SSL Wallpaper Contest. Well, Extracting has improved a lot since i first started.

So... the clouds are okay to do. The only thing is the colour. Well, after all the contrast adjusting, colour adjust, I finally got close enough to what I want. Then, I changed the colour toning for each layer of clouds to have it more realistic.

The planet... well, not much to say. But I sort of like using plain planets ^^;; The building was okay. I extract it...using eraser to give the outline a better dreamy effect.

Okay, about the birds... this is the only brush I have on birds and that is found today while I was browsing the net. The sparkles is of course the usual I used in my other wallpapers. What is a night sky without stars :D

The words... is called... Excalibur [something something something]. I made the effects so that it has a similar effect like the bg.

Ok, after I did everything on top, I created another folder and copy then merge it all. Then I used the filter, Difused Glow and Multiply the layer. And thats how I got the exact colour I wanted.

Well, I guess thats quite long... Anyway, hope you like it.
Comments and Suggetsions are welcome.

PS: Please see it in full size to clearly see the effects. Thank you.

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Browse Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. phamthuha Mar 21, 2006

    Very cute work, Leena-san ^_^ I love the cuteness of the girl, the bg is also contains a really nice feeling ^_^ But... i think the castle still need more of work to be perfect ^_^ And the wallie should contain some more color to make it prettier ^_^

    Okay, fav+ and add to CW gallery ^_^ Don't forget to add in the banner of CW, sweetie ^_^

  2. brynjar Mar 21, 2006

    The text is awful. So bad it ruins the wall, IMHO. Also, those lines with the birds, what are those? Speedstripes?

    Other than that, I think it's a very good job. :)

  3. tephy Mar 21, 2006

    Very cute ^-^

  4. mystvearn Mar 21, 2006

    Very nice concept of somthing that looks very easy to do. I know its quite hard, kudos for making it looks neat

  5. ROSEANA Mar 21, 2006

    it's very beatiful..and nice color.....
    thank you^o^

  6. Jow Mar 21, 2006

    Very nice wall, I feel kinda relaxed when I see it, good work :D

  7. Evanrued Mar 21, 2006

    I really like it. The castle in the sky is really pretty, and the clouds are done exceptionally well. The scan of the girl is well chosen, and overall I find it a really nice wall. The effects are great too. Great work Leena ;)

  8. sylvacoer Mar 21, 2006

    I like the idea of the contrails and the birds (spiffing brush!), and love the colors. I understand the graininess, to soften the outlines... which is why I think you would have been better off just making the castle more of a silhoulette... either that or cant the angle up slightly to make the perspective more realisitc (she's under the castle and we're looking past her up at it(?)) All together it's a beautiful wall. keep up the great work!~

  9. darkar Mar 21, 2006

    The idea and way of brushing up the background is really good. Keep it up !

  10. Dream24 Mar 21, 2006

    Nice! Love the colours that you have used. Though the castle seems slightly crooked. Great job!

  11. thecatmistress Mar 21, 2006

    Very nice, very nice indeed. It looks like a classy simplistic <3. very cute, keep up the good work.

  12. akari-chan Mar 22, 2006

    nice wall you made there, leena. although, imho, i think the texture is slighty too heavy. The clouds seem to be fine.i don't really like the effects inside the the text though. ^^ and i think the bg is a little monocolored. But i still like it. good job!

  13. enchantressinthedark Mar 22, 2006

    Wow...indeed this is the best scenic wall you've made so far ^_^ I like the castle in the sky, very ancient and mystic feel of it ^_^ And the effects are amazing! Keep it up!

  14. kyokujitsu Mar 22, 2006

    That's a nice wall ^_^ I like the whole dreamy atmosphere you made. I'm just wondering if there is a connection between the castle and the actual character though. Anyhow, great work, and thanks for sharing ^_^

  15. MidniteAnime Mar 22, 2006

    Nice wall. really pretty love the colors

  16. jinky Mar 23, 2006

    wow~ what a nice wallpaper :)

  17. quantixar Mar 23, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper. I like the atmosphere in it and orange colors.

  18. kailone Mar 25, 2006

    nice wall--tho, not sure about the text. keep up the good work^^

  19. strawberrt Mar 26, 2006

    wow, what a pretty wallpaper! the background is so pretty, i just love the floating castle! ^^ But the text, a bit on the invisible side. But other than that, I think it looks beautiful!

  20. MyrrhLynn Mar 26, 2006

    Quote by sylvacoer which is why I think you would have been better off just making the castle more of a silhoulette... either that or cant the angle up slightly to make the perspective more realisitc (she's under the castle and we're looking past her up at it(?))

    I agree, it's distracting too much attention away from the girls as it is now. Something similar Without all those fancy windows would be better in my opinion. I like the scan you chose a lot, and the birds are a nice touch. The text, I don't really like since it is kind of big for the rest of the wall (but I'm wierd when it comes to text ) XD

  21. sakaji22 Mar 29, 2006

    wow super cute!

  22. IcyBlade May 20, 2006

    As expected from u,nee~!

    ^_^ very cool!

  23. cassandraronald Jun 13, 2006

    lovely wallie
    i love the bg

  24. shadowVII Jun 16, 2006

    i really like it and the colors are great, but the backround seems a little plain for the character. still nice though, good job.

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