Shuffle! Wallpaper: Lisianthus- Lonely Angel

Hiro Suzuhira, Shuffle!, Lisianthus Eustoma Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka Shuffle! Series,Visual Novel Lisianthus Eustoma Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, my first submission here... and the wallpaper I've worked hardest on so far ^.^ I'm not too good yet, so I think my later works will be better.. I drew those wings by hand, so that's why they might look a little rough >_> But for now, enjoy =)

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  1. moonelf313 Mar 21, 2006

    Great job...especially for your first! I really like it! Great job on the wings...they look really nice too... Favs for me!

  2. Devildude Mar 21, 2006

    well, it is ok, nothing too stand out, the wings are what killed the wallpaper, you added a touch of your own by using smudge on them, and the smudging is not too balanced, which makes the wings look fake and somewhat "sticky" like instead. The rest would have been ok. Try to use lesser of those small flare like things, they make the desolate trees look like christmas gone wrong. The rest is all good.

  3. SunSpots Mar 21, 2006

    I love it, sia is my 3rd fav character in shuffle next to Primulaand Kaede, good job, i like it alot!

  4. zhenlee28046 Mar 21, 2006

    woah, it's very good. I like it very much! the colour is beatiful. Great job!

  5. TheUltimateOmega Mar 21, 2006

    I think if that is your first submission, you will be able to make such a wonderful works, that everyone will be automatically favored!
    fav for me.

  6. chubbyegg Mar 21, 2006

    I like it, the wings aren't too bad.

  7. Madydiu Mar 21, 2006

    Where did you get that scan? I have never seen that pic of Sia. It would be great if you could submit it too...
    btw. this wall is good. + to favs

  8. kira-freedom Mar 21, 2006

    Nice pic^_^

  9. thecatmistress Mar 22, 2006

    nicee the hand drawn wings are beautiful <3. please keep up the good work ^^ +fav

  10. IzumiChan Mar 22, 2006

    It looks very good ^-^
    You drew the wings yourseff? :o
    They're great, but if you could turn then a few angles, they would ''fit'' better in her body >.<
    I liked the lone feathers ^.^
    And the sky rocks :D
    Great job, keep it up! ;)

  11. quantixar Mar 23, 2006

    Nice wallpaper of sia. Looking forward to seeing your next submission. :)

  12. sakuragigi Mar 23, 2006

    nice... this going to be my lonely wallpaper for a while.. it give me a real lonely feeling in my heart

  13. KorganoS Mar 23, 2006

    From color and image composition, this wall is very nice. But the details are still too artificial. Such as the wings. They look 'sticked' onto her back because the perspective is a bit odd.... the two wings should not be as parallel sized as it is now... but the hand-drawing part is okay,... I guess at this angle and perspective it can be a tricky task.
    The trees... hmm... suitable perspective and angle....more details can be added ,though. The fog swirls look random. The wall would look much better without them.
    For a first-time wall, this is one of the better ones. definitely. You already has the potential to make elite walls, I must say.
    A bit more attention to details, perspective and scenery would make you even more better with time.
    I'll be looking forward to your future walls :)

  14. nolimitz Mar 24, 2006

    Wow.. Nice Wallpaper..
    The Background is awesome.. But, the wing is little bit strange..
    The effect for the feather is also cool!

  15. InfiniteWingedAngel Mute Member Apr 01, 2006

    ...utskushi........ (--,)+

  16. enchantment Apr 13, 2006

    wow, really nice, although the wings are a little hmm...either way, its still a lovely wall^^

  17. eternallegend Apr 25, 2006

    i like the colour of the background you chose and how the feathers seem to float downwards ^^

  18. TrigunPreacherGirl May 15, 2006

    Hauntingly serene...kind of calming...I like it! ^__^. Great job!
    It is a little difficult to see her nose and mouth, though, but I understand about the whole first submission thing. Congratulations on a well-crafted scene!

  19. sageOfEarth Jun 13, 2006

    i couldn't tell that u drew the wings by hand,but they relli do look good

  20. hydetenshi Jul 14, 2006

    this is soo pretty! I love the colors, all the purples and whites look so nice together. Other than that, wings, feathers, and moons are 3 elements in artwork that always catch my eye.. very beautiful, keep up the good work!

  21. Balljacker Sep 12, 2006

    Very nice wall. I like the colors n the sparkling effects. Add to favs

  22. nanapan Sep 24, 2006

    ?wow! very pretty and very beautfiul ! It good wallpaper ....Thx for beautiful wallpaper/// ^^

  23. OokamiAzura Dec 06, 2008

    Beautiful wallpaper...I love the colors <3

  24. Evangelynn Jul 23, 2009

    Me too but the Wings are kinde disproportionned or is it just me ?

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