Suigetsu Wallpaper: rythem of nature

Gayarou, F&C, Suigetsu, Nanami Makino Wallpaper
Gayarou Mangaka F&C Studio Suigetsu Visual Novel Nanami Makino Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this wallpaper is dedicated to sis rythem for her upcoming birthday . Its extra extra early , but I hope u still apreciate it :P I'd be too busy in july to make walls .

umm , this wallpaper is definitely too simple . it has too much white :P but I've ran out of ideas of what to fill in the empty spaces ...so I'm posting .

I drew the weird looking tree and the bg sky-that-does-not-look-anything-like-a-sky and the leaves that r flying in the wind and the grass. then I added looots of textures and I'm done .

only about 30 layers and took about 4 hours . the long part is to figure out what bg to match with the girl.

scan from Mt by cloudnine I think.

critiques and suggestions r highly reccomended ~ :P

thumbnail very evil .. please full view


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  1. Phill Mar 21, 2006

    full view is always better than thumbnail XD this wall is really relaxing and nice design .
    nice job as always ventures :D

  2. Devildude Mar 21, 2006

    quite calming, very relaxing wallpaper here, kinda over the top bright, but it is a good wall nonetheless, the first thing was I noticed how simple it is, perhaps sometimes simplicity can be a boon for even something like this, it very much looks like a potrait you drew on your own. Everything runs well.

  3. shiningdays Mar 21, 2006

    i like it :D lots :D :D this is a good kind of simple i think :D

  4. tsukiyomi07 Mar 21, 2006

    its very pretty it has a very pleasent atmosphere quite different from the extremely busy scenes i ussually come across

  5. Kiako Mar 21, 2006

    the scenary looks so peacefull and the chara from the back looks so nice, the composition of everything is also very good.
    keep it up

  6. zaira Mar 21, 2006

    the most simple wall! XD like the soft and bright colors...
    the simplistic gives the tru feeling of the wall! like the scan + the light bg! +fav!

  7. julian1 Mar 21, 2006

    indeed, thumbnail very evil... it looks way better in full view...

  8. nolove Mar 21, 2006

    venture venture~~, your simple beautiful work is so so lovely ^__^, rythem must love it soooo much yay,i love this scan just wish to find some chance to wall it but it's really hard you know ^__^, then i really love the result turn out from your work, that's really sweet >_<, though i dunt know before, but happy birthday to rythem too ^o^.
    oh sure my fav for this one sweetie :D. oh then you're a member of Colorful-Wallies ^__^, so plz update the CW banner to the discription, that's the new rule of the group ^__^, lets check it sweetie.
    keep it up the great sweet work

  9. rythem Mar 21, 2006

    aaahhh nee-chan ~ ur so nice beneath ur so-evil-comments ~ ;o; <3 lookie , the word 'rhythm' on the title is spelled wrongly just like my name x)

    lol , my birthday is 3 months more =P but no matter ~ seems like u've made a sweet looking simplistic wall ~ deep down I'm really impressed with the tree u've drawn . =D ahahha its a good thing the wall is very simple-ly done . coz the perspective would have been a problem xD rofl . (the scan n the tree)

    naah ~ I like the use of colours n patterns/tones ~ the box is a nice addition too ~ (its actually ur intention to make it more easier-ly done xDD lmao) anyways ~ negative space r good , so no worries about the white part that's 2/3 of the whole wall XD

    thank u onee-chaann ~ *throws a smelly pillow* <333 fav of course x)

    ps : a good thing nolove-chan reminded u of the CW banner X) what a bad member u are XD lol

  10. Amru-chan Mar 21, 2006

    So gentle wallpaper XD. Fav from me XD

  11. Zefie Mar 21, 2006

    quite plain and simple wallie from you ventures-san but i think the simplishness looks good in it and makes it interesting. weee i can say that so understandably XD anyway, colouring is nicely bright and gives summery atmosphere. also like the idea that in some patterns colour changes negative, it makes it look original.
    the concept is very nice and elements are in harmony with each other. specially like the tree you drawed :D it's very sweet looking without leaves and it fits so well with the scan !
    so blue block is the sky...i thought it was ocean in the distance >.< well still it's good detail and unique idea.
    overall simple but pretty wallie ^_^ good job and thank you for sharing !

    ps: when i get wallie from you T___T hehehee XP

  12. Dream24 Mar 21, 2006

    This is simple yet gorgeous. There is a very pure and calm feeling to it. I like the light choice of colours, it makes everything blend in yet stand out slightly against the white background. Love it! Great job!

  13. FlowerDog Mar 21, 2006

    This may appear to be a smiple but it's like Calculus to me. XD There aren't a lot items to look at but that makes it a bit easier to focus on few items and colors. I really love blend of light colors. They are very calming to the eyes and at the same time they almost wake you up when you see it all collide on the objects/character. I like also like the tree and leaves. It fits the theme of your wallpaper. This is still an interesting wallpaper. :) It's a lovely brithday gift for Rythem. :) Keep it up Venture! :D

  14. AlexXan Mar 23, 2006

    Lol u are creating realy nice and relaxing walls (still got your Says Bunny
    wallie on desktop :D )
    This on is realy soft and bright - i like the pastel colors of it
    and it is realy better in full view :)
    Keep it up!

  15. enchantressinthedark Mar 24, 2006

    Wow...when I downloaded it, the wall just blinded me for a second XD Simple, but really sweet and nice ^_^ I love the vague patterns and how you arranged this whole wall to reflect its simplicity ^_^ Keep it up!

  16. Yina Mar 24, 2006

    *sets as desktop*
    okay.. i think now my desktop has been changed for 4? 5? times on ONE day.. xDD but it's really rare to find so many great wallies in a such short period of time.. >__<
    i really like the simpleness and calmness of this wallie.. >__< and it's so peaceful.. ;__;
    me has to fave it.. >__<

  17. kai81220 Mar 26, 2006

    lol i think the settings on my computer screen are wrong XD
    its so bright >__<

    but i think its a great way to make a nice abstract wall.
    i like the seperated elements and how they fit together.

    simple is bliss here XD

  18. ShiXon Apr 03, 2006

    just downloaded the wallie, it is BEAUTIFUL
    i mean the colors are just.. WOW xD it's bright, and i don't mind that at all because i'm used to them LOL @-@
    nyaa the colors are breath-taking ventures-sannn >_< it feels so breezy and calm~
    maybe adding a little text wouldn't hurt ne? ;] overall, i love it VERY much n_n fav!

  19. AtTheBronze Apr 06, 2006

    Simple or not, it looks great! It really gives me a spring feeling!

  20. evasion Apr 13, 2006

    Awwwww, kawaii! It is a wonderful birthday gift ^_^. Sorry I'm commenting so late, but I love this wall! +fav+

  21. CINDERELLA Jan 15, 2007


  22. Aurioca Jan 22, 2009

    Truly gentle colours in this picture.

    It's beautiful and I am sure your sister loves it (although this was created so long ago).

    Strangely enough, it evokes a sentiment of reminiscence in me.


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