Ouran High School Host Club: Host Club ~ Haruhi and Tamaki

Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi Fujioka, Tamaki Suoh, Vector Art
Ouran High School Host Club Series Haruhi Fujioka Character Tamaki Suoh Character Vector Art Source


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Ouran High School Host Club is a manga I've been collecting and ever since I've found out an anime is starting this April I've been going CRAZY! I screencapped this picture from the Official Site, enlarged it and vectored it.

To see some info for yourself, go to the official site and see! http://www.ntv.co.jp/host/

And for those of you who don't know.... Haruhi, the brunette, is actually a girl - despite wearing a boy's uniform.

Update: May 27, 2006
I found a more complete version of the image on 4-chan, so I decided to vector this image again, larger and more complete. I also tried a new style of doing lines - doing most of them as Pentool fills instead of pentool brushes as I usually do (the hair is still brushed) If you want to see the original version, it is here:

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  1. FlowerDog Mar 20, 2006

    Aww! Haruhi and Tamaki look great in your vector. I actually didn't know that there was going to be an anime of this serie out soon! :D I had only read volume 1 of OHS Host Club. I personally enjoy reading the manga. I believe you did a good job with your vector. I don't know anything about creating one but I am sure it isn't easy to make one. Nice job Terra-chan. I encourage you to always do your best. :) Keep it up! :D

  2. Frosty Mar 21, 2006

    nice vector,
    but I gotta say that the eyes for the boy with the brown eyes just looks down right creepy..
    keep up the good work. :D

  3. CuteSherry Mar 27, 2006

    KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! *fan girl mode : ON* I didn't knoooowwww! I'm a big fan too ^____________^
    Awsome vector : neat, clean and Tamaki's eyes are totally dreammyyy XD XD XD

  4. KiraKirachan Mar 28, 2006

    Looks like something worth watching! I'll keep my eyes open for it ^^

  5. Rykea Mar 30, 2006

    I think your vectors get better each and ever time I see them. This one is probably one of your best yet, and the eyes are absolutely amazing. Great job. ^^

  6. Sallyf322 Apr 13, 2006

    Great image! Thanks for your hard work on getting a good quality vector out of this...a job well done! ^-^

  7. NightAngel Apr 16, 2006

    Great job vectoring this.

  8. IzumiChan Apr 29, 2006

    Oh, I love this anime so so much! XD
    Tamaki is my favorite among the boys, 'cause he's the funniest. XD XD
    You did a great job with the vectoring, just wish it was my resolution~~ :(
    Keep it up! ^.^

  9. Third-child May 02, 2006

    Nice work! :)

  10. nicoleharuhi May 16, 2006

    I love your work, Terra-chan! thanks so much for vectoring it :)
    Tama-sama is forever my purinsu chaming XD and I shall forver serve my empress, Haru-chan :3 I love this OTP so much! XD

  11. asa93 May 27, 2006

    nice vector terra- my fav

  12. rene3088 May 28, 2006

    i'll use it for my newest wallie^^, I'll give a link back

  13. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Jun 11, 2006

    Awesome! Arigato Gozaimasu! Add 2my fav.

  14. bleach-rukia217 Jun 20, 2006

    You did a great job with the vectoring! But the background is very dull...

  15. Hikari87 Jul 26, 2006

    Awww~~ so sweet! ^^ Another great vector~ luv Haruhi's eyes very much.

  16. Tsuru Jul 29, 2006

    What a lovely vector! *squeals*

    They look so cute together *but hate is so Father-Daughter like, I love them as a real Het-couple*

    Congratulations for such a good work

  17. CrazyGiirl Aug 20, 2006

    they look so nice together. whats with Tamaki's hand over Haruhi's head though....

  18. mehach Sep 10, 2006

    I loveee this anime. and this wallpaper is awesome. I love Tamaki he acts much like Ayame and reminds me off him. :sighes and takes very deep breath: :)

  19. ezzy-m Sep 22, 2006

    this looks gorgeous! thanks!

  20. lotushana Dec 13, 2006

    Wow~~this scan is so lovely. I love Tamaki and Haruhi.

  21. yukirina Nov 30, 2008

    kya!X3 soo cute!Ilove this <3

  22. ama-chan55 Banned Member Jan 03, 2009

    4 ever together (L)

  23. Orih1me Mar 11, 2009

    tama haru 4 ever

  24. mistgunso Oct 26, 2009

    nice pic...keep good work :)

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