Kao no nai Tsuki Wallpaper: Tranquility

Carnelian, Pink Pineapple, Kao no nai Tsuki, Mizuna Kuraki Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Pink Pineapple Studio Kao no nai Tsuki Series,Visual Novel Mizuna Kuraki Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yes another wall from me. Sorry.

Thank You animanga for all of your help! You are just so sweet and I appreciate all you have done for me! :) I'm glad you are my friend.

Ok. Well I was going for a peaceful environment and I just couldn't think of what to add to it. I mean it looked even plainer before but then animanga gave me some suggestions and I tried my best to follow through with them.

What gave me SO MUCH TROUBLE was the sun and it's reflection on the water. I have no idea how you are suppose to do it so if that looks weird I apologize. The grass I did really fast so I hope it looks alright. The birds also gave me some trouble. Yeah in case you didn't know those are birds on the water. :sweat: I got the birds from different stock photos but I couldn't figure out exactly out to put them into the wall without making it look funny. Uh yeah I don't know how that turned out. And I hope it's not TOO plain because I'm telling you now, before there was really nothing! I tried to add stuff without making it look crowded.

Well thanks to everyone who have supported me thus far! I really appreciate it SO MUCH! :)



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  1. SharinganKnight Mar 19, 2006

    shaprening up the background wouldn't hurta nd adding a title in between the mountians and clouds qould be a perfect finishing touch. On a more positive note, its a definite improvement over your previous works, your skills improve by wall...very impressive.

  2. Morphee Mar 19, 2006

    oooooh! pretty pretty! ^^ i really like the 'end or automn day' sort of atmosphere :D (automn is my favourite season :) )

    well.... awsome job as always Rhonda!

  3. inREVERIEforever Mar 19, 2006

    OH? Why are you apologizing Rhonda? Haha theres no need to! I was looking forward to your wallpaper when I was notified you submitted in a wallpaper! :D
    Ah I love the scan you used! Haha. I really do.
    Very tranquil scenery indeed. I adore it very much. Great job! ^^

  4. AngelKate Mar 19, 2006

    oooh, very pretty Rhonda-chan! You really are improving so much. ^_^ The simplistic theme is great, it looks wonderful without being cluttered. ^_^ Awesome! Keep it up!

  5. Machika Mar 19, 2006

    Ohhh...Lovely landscape >_< I love the field and the sky, they look so great. The scan is great too. Goo job, rhonda-chan. My fav!

  6. zaira Mar 19, 2006

    wow! soo silent...the veiw gives me a feeling of peace
    + the scan fits the view though the bg is way too big for the scan...... but still nice bg of sunset :D great job and always keep it up! * hugs*

  7. Devildude Mar 19, 2006

    definitely agree with what SharinganKnight has mentioned, it is kinda blurry on that background, you might wanna try to clean up instead of smart blurring the chracter instead, try some blending, this usually grants life to the character in question and grants a sense of glow to it. The rest is all good. Love the tranquil colors.

  8. pegassuss Mar 20, 2006

    Lovely wall Ronda ^^ I love the scene, so calm and peaceful, and the sunset is really pretty! you did a really nice job with the sun ;) and the scan is lovely too. I agree some text in the middle would make it look really good ^^ The birdies are really nice thought the look very realistic compared to the girl. But it's really pretty and you did a very nice work, keep it up! ^^

  9. someweirdguy Mar 20, 2006

    Another impressive wall from you; you do a great job! I like sunset style walls, and this is no exception.

  10. phamthuha Mar 20, 2006

    Sweet work ^_^ I just think it is a bit blurry when full view but it is quite nice ^_^

  11. animanga Mar 20, 2006

    It's so cool! Rhonda-chan.
    & what the first poster said, a title, yeah I forgot to tell you that. -_-' Sorry!
    But I think you should re-post this one with text but have a link (with image shack or whatever) in your comment for this version. Cuz I think it's more tranquil as the title says, without it. XD
    Keep it up, you'll get better!
    & later you have to help me cuz, good news! We can get PS for the educational discount price, definitely!
    Thanx for letting me help you with this one, take care!

    Fave! ^^

  12. chichiri1907 Mar 20, 2006

    A new wall from Rhonda :)
    And omg how perfect it is, the colors match and evrything blend so well together thats its amazing.
    The scan is just to adorable and the nice just certain # of birds is a nice touch.
    I meant what I said about your walls being perfect and OMG i cant wait tell you make another one :)
    thanks so much Rhonda, your walls always put a smile on my face,
    And dont worry, it might be simple but thats what makes this wall outstanding and the sun reflection is perfect
    This is a must fav from me
    Arigato <3

  13. quantixar Mar 20, 2006

    I agree with phamthuha. It looks a bit blurry but it is still absolutely wonderful wallpaper. Good work!

  14. xheartlessx Mar 20, 2006

    This was is very impressive in my opinion. It attracted my attention so fast that it was crazy hehehe *in a good way* the soul that background gives is just crazy kool and i must add it to my fav. Great job ^_^

  15. Milkiyo Mar 20, 2006

    say sorry one more time and I'll glomp all ur cookies :P
    =__= I'm very happy u're walling and at the same time sad cos I won't be able to join u on the walling spree....yet.
    it's a little blur..the bg and the bird..looks fat :P but soothing to the eyes and it doesn't look that plain like u said :) nice work! XD

  16. dianas Mar 20, 2006

    hehe this wall is great Rhonda sweetie..the bg is dreamy
    and the girl fits really well with the scan >.<
    it gives me the feeling of freedom.. and wormth.. :D
    +fav from me for your work #smiles#

  17. chubbyegg Mar 20, 2006

    Great bg for this scan. Nice job.

  18. uchiha-vegeta Mar 20, 2006

    the view is amazing , it rly works well with the scan , nicely done , keep up the good work ^^

  19. parami Mar 20, 2006

    It's such a lovely wall ^_^,rhonda-san ^_^
    I really love its color.

  20. iarly Mar 20, 2006

    Wow, this one looks really good... like how the background turned out. The color is great as well. However, you should be more careful with extracting. You see, that birds look like cutouts. And maybe this is me being too picky, but the scan is a bit to blurry for my taste. Still, a nice result! XD

  21. Kiako Mar 20, 2006

    the scene is very good and so is the atmosphere and the chara blends well with the bg.
    keep it up

  22. Sakura-K Mar 21, 2006

    wow...this is really good!
    I like this alot ^^ Love the colours, they are fantastic!
    Addz to fave*


    ps. your wallpapers are great ^^

  23. Rikkablurhound Mar 21, 2006

    Woah! I like this one!
    Its alot better than your previous^^
    I dont think its plain. It gives really a feel of tranquility. (meh, broken english XP)
    lol... Anyway... I think its really pretty, I don agree with Sharingan Knight though... >_<
    I think the tiltle would spoil the whole scenery.. >_< Its really lovely to watch it from here...
    I really love the sky. I think U gave it a perfect toning.
    The sun is nice too^^
    The water... from here it looks kinda like grass XP but full viewed, yes, u can see the speciality of water XD
    The mountain is nice, so is the grass^^
    The birds though... looks a little too solid & it stands out alot from the sky when full viewed.
    erm... the bees/flies are cute XD
    lol... no harm in sharpening though^^
    +fav & feature
    btw, Thanks alot on the Banner^^

  24. cloh Mar 21, 2006

    This seems so calm and peaceful! I really love it! This is really great! The colors are beautiful! But maybe it's a bit to blurry

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