Tokko Wallpaper: Big Red Violence

Tohru Fujisawa, Tokko Wallpaper
Tohru Fujisawa Mangaka Tokko Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Insomnia strikes again, and what better remedy than a good couple of hours sitting in front of the screen vectoring a bloody manga screen..probably some Nighquill, but tahts not the point. The point is, I was bored and made a crappy wall. Everything was made by hand, vectored..completely...even I think im getting better at this thing..pssh. haha. Anyway, originally I wanted to continue her tatoos off the body into the background but that looked well...not good..at all, so I took a more cliche simple approach. THE BALLS! they're everywhere..except in any of my walls, so its about time I used the overused items, bwahaha. my back hurts <_<. Saving it was a pain..my photoshop has been messing up my colors when i try saving it for web, it looks a lot less vivid, anyone know whats going on? Furthermore...the hair..jesus f*ing christ it was the most tideous part of the wall, but I got over it =D. I was going to leave it untextured but I tried a texture from thespook and liked what I got so I dumped it in there with some patterns from squidfingers.

here's the untextured version; siqqq

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  1. ShiXon Mar 19, 2006

    yay first! i think this is very cool one with simplistic colors and design. i love these kinds of wallpaper c; heehee <33 gotta fave!

  2. Rhonda21 Mar 19, 2006

    Ooo. Another great and cool looking wall from you! I'm just loving this style so much now. Definitely keep this up. (sometimes my photoshop does the same thing when saving. it aggravates me. sorry I can't help with that)

  3. Phill Mar 19, 2006

    super cool wall you did such an awsome job

  4. Asahi Mar 19, 2006

    mmhh.. imo the cicrles on the wall are to bored they are to much "ausgelutscht" <- dont know the correct english wort for it ;_; you can see it to often on artworks, its nothing special something like that.

  5. phaner Mar 19, 2006

    this wall just simply awsome , all I can do right now is faving it XD

  6. Devildude Mar 19, 2006

    There are only some very little artists in Minitokyo who are worthy of mentioning, and fewer still who can really impress, you one the lattermost, one of those that not only impress but make people jump at looking at your work.

    Wonderfully vectored might I add, the textures give a feeling of really something going on there, reminds me of a power injector, everything just screams excellence, vector invested with power and raw inspiriration, seriously, that is the difference, even though you are using the very same circles, the moment a real artist use it, it can show the ultimate world of difference.

    This wallpaper goes to the favs. Love it so much.

  7. llilliathari Mar 19, 2006

    OMG I love it! An original bloody grungy and kind of violent wall since the dominant color isn't black nor red but white, I like alot the combinaison of clear/grungy we could see. Great use of patterns in the darker parts of this wall too
    just a great job!

  8. Rassvetnaya Mar 19, 2006

    Someone said "All genius things are simple". That's true. this simple-looking wall is marvelous! definetly + fav

  9. boogybro Mar 19, 2006

    Those big black diagonal lines are really throwing away all the focus of this piece. I would move them more to the left, so it is more in touch with everything else. And is there any chance of seeing it without the textures?

    Pretty great wall. And whats this. Circles and arrows? You trendwhore. :P

  10. Scarlet Mar 19, 2006

    I find it's better with the texture... A bit more... bloody. I'm into bloody stuff, lately (when have I not been, you ask?). Blame it on school. Meh.

    Oh, but I'm here to comment on the wall, right? Well, I can't believe you made it all by hand. O_o Wow. You never cease to impress me.

    And, as an aftermath... power to red and black! I just can't get enough of that combination...


  11. shiningdays Mar 19, 2006

    i like the title, oddly enough >.> though i'd have to agree with you, the cricles are quite overused, but the vector is nice.

    Oh- as for Photoshop saving things to be less vibrant, try:
    1) go to view -> proof setup -> monitor RBG (check it off if it isn't)
    then 2) view -> proof colours. you might need to do this every. time. you photoshop. it's a bitch, but what these two things do is make photoshop ditch it's "true colour" mode; which as far as i can tell is photoshop's weird absolute sense of true colour (which is completely unrelated to the colours displayed on your monitor) to what's actually being displayed on your monitor. But yeah. it's a bitch to remember.

  12. Sandra Mar 19, 2006

    BLOOD ! I Love blood in wallpapers ! It's really weird because when i see blood in real life i can't breath , i hate blood, brrrrrrr, it makes me feel scarry and sick X___x
    Nevermind : Awesome wallpaper ! I love the wallpapers where the person is in the middle and there are some few brushes and the rest of wallie is qhite and empty.
    Really brilliant work as always , great colors ! Definitly smthin which should be highlited !

  13. PhoenixNox Mar 19, 2006

    being hideosly overused doesnt stop them from being damn cool. blood+vector+style=w00t!

  14. fukushuusha Mar 20, 2006

    Arrows&circles....You whore... >_<
    this is sexy enough to be my next desktop although it's white O_O omg!

  15. ayaki Mar 20, 2006

    wat's with u and bloody wall lately huh? x_x
    originally I wanted to continue her tatoos off the body into the background but that looked well oops at first i thought it's him...hehehehe
    i don't mind the texture :) it gives more depth to the vector ^___^b
    hahahah nowadays circles and arrows=trendwhore...to me..it doesn't matter as long as they compliments the char.

  16. lthnadml Mar 20, 2006

    VEry very nice work . . . i like the all idea and i think you have doen a great vectoring job . . . i like the red, black and white . . . keep up the good job! XD XD XD

  17. shaqyl Mar 24, 2006

    excellent work here.....i do so very much love it.....partly because of the colour red white and black.......hehe...moa's favourite colours......

  18. Yina Mar 24, 2006

    fuufuu.. *__*
    bloody hell.. xDD it looks amazing.. xDD
    your vector skill is really <333
    i would have set it as my desktop if i hadn't changed my desktop 1 minute ago.. xDD;;

  19. ShrinkNerv4Eva Mar 25, 2006

    This is pretty cool. It's so grungy and at the same time simple. i don't think it should be in "general" though. I think it's from Bleach.

  20. Kasai Mar 25, 2006

    Another add to my favs, love. Great job woth the color choices and design for the image.

  21. LeeAnn Mar 26, 2006

    i love blood...
    it looks simple but unique..
    really like it! good job!

  22. Suicide-Demon Mar 31, 2006

    Oh man,
    guess you're the best wallmaker I've ever seen, dude!
    Man I love it!
    + fav!

  23. walkure245 Apr 03, 2006

    Wow~ Very cool looking. It has a simple look but the colors and the vector looks really sharp against the white bg. The textures look really nice. I thought it was a guy myself. ^_^' This is really good stuff~

  24. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2006

    Its so gritty with the blood splatters galore and the detailed textures everywhere. The vector skill is always a fair trade to great prestine walls as this.
    Great job mate! :P

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