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Oh hi everyone XD Yup yup, after 8 days, i finally finish my new wallie ^_^ I am really glad that i finish it *cry* 'cause it is really the HARDEST and sure the BEST work i have every made ^_^ If you don't believe me, then you can full view this wall for more detail ^_^

Okay, so now, i wanna add that this wall is dedicated to Enchan-san ^_^ She is a talent, sweet, kind and so active, so lively >_< I just want to transmit my love to her through this wallie 'cause i did spend so much time for this wall ^_^
@enchan-san: Hope you like it, sweetie ^_^

Yup, back to the wall:

Time to work: hix... i am having a flu and so tired, but i can't stop thinking and wanting to finish this wall :sweat: Well, i think it took my whole 3 days ^_^
Layers: 145+ (so huge 'cause the file in PS took me 54.49mb...)
Things i add in:
- Grape: well.... it is the harder part (not hardest but still hard +__+) of this wallie. It took me 1,5 day to fnish and i have to remake almost 60% of the grape u see above.
- The grass: I think it is the BEST grass i have ever made ^_^ For this one, i think my skill is being more mature now. Hope that i did transmit the feel of distance in the grass so you all can feel it right?
- The flowers: well well... you think i did it nice, right? I think the best part of this wall is the grass and the flower ^_^.
- The sky: Hix.... This is the HARDEST part here *cry* I have to spend almost 1 day for the sky while in the past, the sky only took me 2 hours ^_^ I just wish to improve my sky skill, to add in the sky some soft feeling and a real atmosphere ^_^. The color of the sky is really big trouble +__+, i did try it with so many colors and now, this color came out so great ^_^
- The moutain: very easy to me now ^_^ I add in some tree.... but really small and really dim, so if you look carefully, you can find out ^_^
- The bird: so easy too ^_^ Just 10mins.
- The butterflies: I extract from real imagine ^_^ Hope it look nice XD
- Some sparkle: Well... i did try my best to make it fewer but prettier ^_^ A bit blurry too for the feel of distance.
- Some leaves flying: I make the shape and add in some texture for the leaves ^_^ So it didn't look so boring ^_^ They are very few, just drifting around so look carefully ^_^
- The text: hi hi, you can see some Chinese words here, i am learning Chinese now so i add it in ^_^
- Okay, the last is the scan ^_^: Well, this scan i have to admit that is IMPERFECT >__<! At the beginning, i think i can't make this wallie just because the girl is 20% link with the grape.... and the girl is so clear while the grape is dim .... so i still made it, right?



So hope you all like it ^_^ Have fun ! All comments and faves are welcome as always ^_^


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Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Ayaki
Reason: So gentle, so lovely, so smooth ^_^ And really tons of time working >__<!

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  1. chichiri1907 Mar 19, 2006

    K A W A I I !
    Phamthha, this is so cute, and so different, it fits your personality qite well,
    this is an instant fav sweetie, great job on your new wall >.<

    And I hope you get better, those flues really suck -_-

  2. Emma Mar 19, 2006

    Just so happened to be on and saw you submit this and when I saw it, I fainted!
    There is nothing to say.....I am in awe. It is stunning.
    I feel like I am in Germany or in one of those countries. And I love the depthness that you created--using the scan burriness to have it be portrayed on the sides and bring the audience into the wall. I am also relieved you didn't put tons of butterflies. No offense. But too many butterflies take away from the wall and what you did with just the few made it more magical then ever!
    I am in Love with this one and it is going on my desktop right now =D

  3. moonelf313 Mar 19, 2006

    Wow...I love the scan you used and your effects are once again breath taking. I love the fields, with all the flowers, also the mountains are so pretty with the clouds as well...love the effect of the sun! Adding to Favs!

  4. Devildude Mar 19, 2006

    wow...superb scan clean-up, very rich and detailed background, wonderful from all aspects of sweetness, the rich and detailed background really caught my eyes, love the lively looking grass, and the overall blending of the scan to the wonderful surroundings.
    Only one thing, too many grapes on the sides, makes it look kinda congested.

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 19, 2006

    This looks sooo.... wow.
    The grass is my favorite. It's so beautiful and the sky and mountains are awesome! And I hope that flu goes away, colds suck :(

  6. fawna-chan Mar 19, 2006

    Cute! x3 I just love the grape theme. Your hard work all these eight days paid off! I love the way you did the grapes and the grass does look great. I don't like how it's blurrier in the back (the grass) than it is in the front but it doesn't harm the wallie. x) Hope you get better by the way.

  7. ShiXon Mar 19, 2006

    it is really sweet and beautiful~
    bleh as if i have no better comments, well i think you've done really well and worked really hard on this.. and i think it's simply wonderful and you should be proud of this wall (:

  8. k1ru Mar 19, 2006

    cool! ^^
    sooo colorfull! ^^
    great effects, great chara, this wallpaper sooo eye-catching! ^^

  9. inREVERIEforever Mar 19, 2006

    Wow ThuHa-san! This is an absolutely beautiful wallpaper! I am very amazed at this wallpaper! Your long and hard work really paid off!
    Heh you know how you said the sky took you forever? Its very enchating and beautiful. You did a great job on the sky! The grapes are very well done, and I agree that the flowers are very beautiful. :)
    And I can see the trees! It looks like you painted them! XD Thats very nice.
    This wallpaper is absolutely wonderful and defintely a fave!
    Keep up the wonderful work and hope enchantressintothedark-san love this wallpaper!

    Hope you better from your cold too. ^^

  10. enchantressinthedark Mar 19, 2006

    *jaws dropped* OMG, Phamthuha-chan...........I'm really speechless....I can't believe that you spent so much time just to dedicate a wall for me! >_< Enchantress loves it so so much and now I know that you're so much better than me in walling....! I just wish I'm as good as you! The wallpaper is very colourful and eye-catching with tons of effects. And yeah, I agree with you, this is the BEST grass that you've made :D *cheers* Its really very realistic and the sky...OMG the sky just takes my breath away....

    Pham-chan...Oh I can say ish just THANK YOU! and THANK YOU! again! I really love it to bits! THANK YOU!

  11. bromithia Retired Moderator Mar 19, 2006

    Everything looks pretty nice here. Only complaint is that the clouds are sort of purple looking. Nice job with everything though, you did a good job with the grapes and background.

  12. katz291 Mar 19, 2006

    Great wallpaper. I love the way you used the leaves as a border for it. The scan is bright and nicely extracted. Good work. =^.^=

  13. Rhonda21 Mar 19, 2006

    So WoNdErFuL! First of all I've always loved that scan so I'm really glad that you walled it! And what a awesome looking wall this is! It just makes me happy to see it! :) What I love the most is the BEAUTIFUL sky and also the grass with the lovely flowers! The mountains in the back look great as well! I just can't say enough so I will just stop. Amazing work here phamthuha-chan!

  14. Phill Mar 19, 2006

    this is absolutely is your best wall Ha-chan ,I love the grass and those mountains , it reminds me about France ^0^ great job

  15. AngelKate Mar 19, 2006

    Woooow! Sweetie this is amazing! I am always so impressed by your work! The distance you gave this is perfect...it really looks real...and the mountains are beautiful as well. How you do this I don't know >_< I wish I could be as good as you. Wonderful sweetie!

  16. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Mar 19, 2006

    _Very cool sis ^^ I think this is the best wallpaper you've ever made XD I really love it, love everything of its ^^ you did a great job!

  17. kyubinaruto Mar 19, 2006

    sighs... another new wall from pham-sama! XD
    I would have to upload this, together with Chisana's new wall as well >.<

  18. Osirisa Mar 19, 2006

    so great >__< fav :)

  19. thinker123 Mar 19, 2006


  20. rythem Mar 19, 2006

    overall its really pretty n nice pham-chan ~ ^_^ the scan is a great quality n the blurryness on the grapes n leaves gives a nice effect to the wall ~ it shows an impressive perspective ~ x)

    the only thing I find thats off is the purple clouds . it just doesnt match the colour theme of the wall .. a blue sky would be better imo , or a yellowish/redish(?) sky ~ n no , there is no need for birds .. ^_^;

    I really love the grass ~ its more natural looking n a nice green ~ x) overall ur hard work paid off ne ~ lovely job done ~ >w<

  21. ayaki Mar 19, 2006

    i love the grass field in the background...looks like a field of poppies ^__^
    I think you don't really need the birds nor the sparkles in the wall. It looks kinda too crowded with all the different elements.
    The frame is an interesting aspect here...but i would like it more if u remove the frame and show off that gorgeous grass field in the background. :)
    great job!~

    thx for the plug ^__^

  22. Dream24 Mar 19, 2006

    This is gorgeous! I am absolutely captured by the image that you have put together. It's like looking through an enchanted window and seeding that particular image. One thing I don't understand is that whiteish spot in the middle of the sky, to the right side above that circleish round of light (? not quite making any sense here). Besides that this is an absolutely gorgeous wallpaper. Great job!

  23. Amru-chan Mar 19, 2006

    Wow, very lovely wallpaper XD. Fav from me ^^

  24. pana Mar 19, 2006

    Once again well done
    can tell u definately put alot of work into this wallpaper
    nice theme and composition to this
    fantastic effort Phamthuha

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