Princess Princess: [=Lovely Melody prt 1=] ft princess princess

Tsuda Mikiyo, Studio DEEN, Princess Princess, Toru Kouno, Vector Art
Tsuda Mikiyo Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Princess Princess Series Toru Kouno Character Vector Art Source


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[=Lovely Melody prt 1=] ft princess princess

The princess princess anime category doesnt really exist on MT ..yet! But im sure it will soon..til then i am guessing that i will have to place it in the unknown section for now. Thanks to kitten for telling me the name of the anime show in the first place in the thread^.6 *hugs*

I felt inlove with the scan and i decided to vector her first. Hence the wording in my title as PRT 1. Prt 2 will be submitted soon and that is the second part of the scan with the other characters in it. Seems like a very nice anime and cool too^.^ I cant wait until it airs^.^

I hope you all enjoy it.
Please dont use this without asking me and pls credit me if you do use this with a link back to this gallery item

Thank you^^
Ja ne tomodaichi^^

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  1. animanga Mar 18, 2006

    Awesome! I love it!
    You did a great job with the frills & shading.
    Her crown looks great & her eyes are beautiful!
    Excellent job! Can't wait for more, especially a wall! (hint, hint ^^)
    Keep it up, fave!

    (WOW full view is amazing! It's so clean, the best vector I've ever SEEN! Honestly :D In case you didn't know...on it it says vecotr instead of vector. ^^)

  2. Eimin Mar 18, 2006

    Yes, very beautiful, you did a great, I can't wait for the other part :)

  3. rythem Mar 18, 2006

    woo ~ funky vector ~ XD I love the details - especially the eyes ~ really neat n clean ~ great work ~ x) <33

  4. cyd84 Mar 18, 2006

    Good job on such a detailed vector...Crisp and colorful shading...especially like the eyes and the earrings
    Wish the outlines were smoother though, also there are several spots with color missing or where outlines either overlap or don't join

  5. Kanika Mar 18, 2006

    Thought you would like to know, the character is male, not female. ^^

    Anyway, it looks great, really smooth.

  6. AngelKate Mar 18, 2006

    Ooh wow! Your vectors are always so wonderful! The details are amazing! I love her eyes :) Great job!

  7. xianghua Mar 18, 2006

    Nice vector! I like the image you chose!
    Details are intense! Very nice work!
    Keep it up!


  8. Kukuru Mar 18, 2006

    Wow - that looks great! I really like this art - I think I may go research a bit about this anime on the net ;)

    You did a great job here toxictea23! She looks wonderful ^_^

  9. soujiokita Mar 19, 2006

    Really nice vector you made there. Nice clean, crisp lines. I really love her eyes too. Great job on this vector! :) +fav

  10. lunacrystal Mar 21, 2006

    Its looks really nie! It looks like its from Mermaid Melody but I'm not sure...

  11. illuzion Mar 21, 2006

    hey very nice vector, better than mine off course. Good job! :)

  12. animefairy Mar 24, 2006

    Ooo....very nice and simple vector art! >_< The girl looks so cheerful and sweet! It seems like she's having fun singing! ^_^ Keep the work up, toxic-chan! :)

  13. Lenne Apr 01, 2006

    Awsome work all the way! :D

  14. EevaLeena Apr 09, 2006

    Yup... yup... it's a guy alright. Just watched the first episodes... ^_^ Kouno Tooru is really beautiful... X-P

  15. Peezhoun Jun 22, 2006

    He is so cute. ^.^
    Thanks for sharing and good job it looks awesome!

  16. Ryouko Jul 11, 2006

    great job! well done! simple yet fitting background. Thanks for sharing! :)

  17. ninja123 May 26, 2007

    What a lovely melody! :D

  18. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Jun 02, 2007

    I've never seen the art of "Princess Princess" before, but it is wonderful! Thank you so much for posting! ;)

  19. AnimesKA Sep 21, 2007

    kyaaa tooru is G R E A T!

  20. shurei-KO7890 Feb 02, 2008

    hi who's she ? but its great.

  21. amberbewildered Jun 05, 2008

    He looks stunning in this picture! Great job.

  22. SaikonoYume Nov 20, 2008

    VERY cool vector. You've got a lot of talent.

  23. RayyL Jan 12, 2009

    Well done. A cool idol.

  24. Nheira Jan 18, 2009

    cute i like princess princess^^

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