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Libera me, Domine, de morte aeterna
in die illa tremenda
quando coeli movendi sunt et terra,
dum veneris judicare saeculum per ignem.

..i'm the old-fashioned type awright.. ^_^'

this is one of the first scans that i fell inlove with after my long hiatus to anime and drawing itself.. i truly admire the illustrator behind this.. this mystery artist as i'm so fond to call him.. (i compared the animation and this artwork and it's completely different).. i know two others made by the same hand; hopefully i can get his name someday.. :) ps. she looks prettier when full-viewed. :)

anyway - i dedicate this doujin to Sensei Pan whom i truly admire as a person, whose counsel i hold in esteem, and whose friendship means so much - so much to oneechan.. (especially of recent).

Iroiro to arigatou gozaimashita! :)

Pls see userpage re original works.

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  1. frozenwilderness Mar 17, 2006

    hmm I really like your sketching style.. though I do wonder, do you ever do any original drawings?

  2. LeeAnn Mar 17, 2006

    its nice. i like the colored petals.

  3. Kasuga14 Mar 17, 2006

    Beautiful work on the shading, and colouring only the pedals seem to highlight the character in some way. Man, the outline was done great too.
    Wonderful job Chisaikame!

  4. shiningdays Mar 17, 2006

    mmm, wonderful. i love wallpapering, but really, i wish i was a drawer. :D

  5. DancingBlades Mar 17, 2006

    Very nice, as always! +fav.

    I love your Latin prose. =D It's beautiful too!

  6. BlkLotus Mar 17, 2006

    you continue to show your talents and they are so very good. :)

    please continue to do so

  7. GoodnightAndGo Mar 17, 2006

    The shading is awesome. That's one I thing I like about lead drawings, It has more tone and brings out the picture.

  8. jasaiyajin Mute Member Mar 17, 2006

    its pretty nice

  9. BossMac Mar 17, 2006

    Now this is sumthin! Lemme just say that I never got to learn how to draw fingers.... never.

    You captured the chars facial expression perfectly. I love that look on her face... awwwww... uhhhh what?

    Anyways, ginamit mo nanaman yang technique na mala-amityville (some colored/some b&w). 2 Thumbs Up (sige na nga apat na).

  10. Liberia Mar 17, 2006

    Your shading skills is awesome as always. I like the way how to colour those petal. The girl is also nicely drawn, especially the expression.

    P.S.: I would really like to see some of your original doujin^^. I think you have great skills and should try some of it.

  11. SilentNymph Mar 17, 2006

    I really belive this is your best so far when it comes to the line quality and contrast. It looks wonderful to say the least.

  12. Kukuru Mar 17, 2006

    Gorgeous! Great use of tones - I'm sure Sensei Pan will feel honoured to have this drawing dedicated to them :)

  13. julian1 Mar 17, 2006

    nice, nice... the pink cherry blossoms really brings out the mood when it's colored...

  14. Katherina25 Mar 17, 2006


  15. lyn123 Mar 17, 2006

    it's really nice. i really like the way you shade and add value. i'd really love to see samples of your original doujins other than the ones you say are for the game ;).

  16. Milkiyo Mar 17, 2006

    well..the face really looks different from the original D: so I hafta say this is more like an original than a copied work :P
    nice shading..luv it now :) D: u seem to like putting only one colour..lazy potato :P LOL...I should hand u that title instead :P
    overall..pretty great details though the face looks a bit robotic and..auntieish :P

  17. Alisteroz Mar 17, 2006

    This is awsome! You're the best... I like the shading!

  18. blacknight2005 Mar 17, 2006

    OH MY GOD , thi . . . this . . . this is . . . . . . BEAUTIFUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLL I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE IT i'm deabley moved (( crying)) ^_^ .

    it's realy amazing . this going to my fav for sure .

    keep up the magnifecint work .

    c ya . ^_^

  19. mechanical-angel Mar 17, 2006

    beautiful. ^^

  20. celestial-Ceres Mar 17, 2006

    It looks so beautiful ;_;

  21. Hassadar Banned Member Mar 17, 2006

    Very nice, my conratulations!

  22. nobana Mar 18, 2006

    Your works are always wonderful kame-sama=)!I love this black and white style!
    But..yeah..why don't you make your original arts?I hope you will make some, one day,cause you are very talented!
    Btw,good work ,keep it up!

  23. FlowerDog Mar 19, 2006

    Another wonderful job, Chisaikame-sama. :) You're skills in illustrating are still so great to look at. :) Compare to the original piece, in your version the character is facing the upwards while in the original she is facing downwards like she is looking at you. Yours still has that elegant feel to it and I just really love the way you drew and colored the petals. :) You always do a great job. Thank you for always sharing your talented works with us. :)

    To be honest, I don't know who the artist is but his/her style is like Suzuhira Hiro. Though it differs a little so whoever the artist is definitely influenced by Suzuhira Hiro. ^_^'

  24. tuxedotservo Mar 31, 2006

    You have a great talent for capturing depth with your sketches. A very nice "3d" effect from the variance in shading. The hand does feel like it is stretching toward me ^.^

    Just a few cosmetic things - I haven't seen the original on this, but the face "blush" seems heavy, a bit. I dunno. Just something I noticed. Overall, however, I really like it.

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