Princess Princess: Animedia 2006 March Princess Princess

Tsuda Mikiyo, Atsuko Nakajima, Studio DEEN, Princess Princess, Toru Kouno
Tsuda Mikiyo Mangaka Atsuko Nakajima Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Princess Princess Series Toru Kouno Character


My scan, from Animedia 2006 March.
Princess Princess animated series is coming this spring, which is based on the manga series.
YES those are men... It's that kind of series. see the yellow line-art? That is them... XD

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  1. Farewell Mar 17, 2006

    ok, are you sure those are male characters? Impossible.. cause i like the blue hair one *lOL* haha .. weird scan. ...

  2. SakuSakuchan Mar 17, 2006

    Yay! Princess Princess =D!
    I love this series to death. Cross dressing men~
    Thanks for sharing this ^^

  3. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2006

    Wahhhh! I can't believe it! Princess Princess as an anime! Cool! XD

  4. KittyPuchiko Mar 20, 2006

    The manga is good. Great scan! +fav

  5. Haro-chan May 02, 2006

    Princess Princess! Mikoto is so adorable!X3

  6. RubyNeko May 21, 2006

    so very eye catching!

  7. meevah May 24, 2006

    I love Princess Princess. O.O
    It's gorgeous and silly! xD

  8. CrystalValderyan Jun 18, 2006

    Kawaii! Thanks for sharing! And it's good to see the guys (even if they're cross dressing) in clothes that aren't black! It's either gothic lolita, singer or black black black....

  9. Ryouko Jul 11, 2006

    what a cute scan. thank you so much for sharing. :)

  10. KaiLi Jul 24, 2006

    the princesses sing! haha!
    That episode was really funny, I never dreamed they'd sing that song! It's oen of my favs... but they really made it funny! HAHA!
    Kochi wo muite yo, honey! HAHAHAHA!

  11. Tsuru Jul 25, 2006

    Quote by KaiLithe princesses sing! haha!
    That episode was really funny, I never dreamed they'd sing that song! It's oen of my favs... but they really made it funny! HAHA!
    Kochi wo muite yo, honey! HAHAHAHA!

    :D Nya.... me too! I was so happy to hear Cutie Honey sang by the Princesses, Specially by Yuu-kun *Romi Paku sensei, you're my heroine, perfect seiyuu for Yuu-kun*

    Anyway, this scan is more than great. I've come to love this artwork as much as I love Higuri-sama's one!

    Thanks for such a beuty pic *goes IMMEDIATELY to faves*
    *hugs Yuu-kun*

  12. ShadowFirez Sep 30, 2006

    The pic is so pweety! *O*

    *adds to favs*

  13. pinktink Mute Member Mar 16, 2007

    I do not like Princess Princess, well if they were gay, yeah I would understand it.
    Are the straight though? Do they like girls? I watched the anime but really do not get it. What kind of man who likes girls would enjoy seeing a man in a dress. Strange, right?
    Its a funny anime though, the part I watched. I like the scan too.

    merged: 03-16-2007 ~ 03:20pm
    Oh yeah I saw this episode, the pink hair boy can't really sing. He is my fav. I love him!

  14. kilani May 04, 2007

    Pretty scan...

    and yes, pinktink (if you're still there), they DO like girls. >_<
    However, I need to conserve my quota, so this will jsut have to be +fav'd. for now. ^_^

    Ee MIkoto always looks cutest ^_^

  15. Risa19 Aug 21, 2008

    > Yes, they are 100% male and they're straight. In fact, one of them already has a girlfriend.
    > No, they're not gays. They just have soft personalities like girls (that doesn't mean they're transexual!)
    > They're just cross-dressing. Why? It's cuz it's an all-boys school. There's no female in Gakuen Fujimori (Fujimori High) so every year the Student Council commitee chooses a few boys with soft, fair and 'beautiful looks' to be Princesses to lighten the atmosphere in the boys school. Conditions: they must be 16 years old (first year students) and as I said b4, they must have really really good looks. Note to self, the selected boys do this cross-dressing for only a year. Once they reach second year, it's quitting time. The benefits of being a Princess is that you have permission to leave or be absent of class and your record stays clean. Other than that, everything in school such as uniforms or school accessories are FREE.
    > The blue hair boy is Touru Kouno or Tou-chan. He is the main character of the story.
    The golden hair boy is Yuujirou Shihoudani or Yuu-chan. He's called the Western Princess and likes teasing around.
    The red hair boy is Mikoto Yukata or Miko-chan. He's the Eastern Princess with a bad temper and has a girlfriend name Megumi who happens to be his sister Makoto's best friend. Miko-chan is tone deaf.
    > Note to self again, Yuujirou and Mikoto are called Western & Eastern Princess because of their room locations.
    > How'd I know all this? I'm an Otaku so I did my own research. Plus I've watch the anime a few times. In fact, I've also watch the live-action series which is more 'gayish' then the anime. But don't worry, there's no kissing and sex scene between the boys. Still, I recommend all shounen-ai & yaoi fangirls to watch. ;3

    -THE END-

  16. AzusaDark Jan 31, 2009

    Kawaiiiiiiiiiii! o.O
    Domo Arigatou!

  17. penguin-musume Feb 01, 2009

    I love this picture. So handsome *Q*

  18. Tavia-chan Feb 04, 2009

    Wow, what a disturbing show that is~ xDD
    Even though they're guys, I think they still should go in female scans, ahaha!~ Anyway, thanks for the share.

  19. Taja Mar 25, 2009

    cooooool XD

  20. korohitori May 14, 2009

    This is a rare one, so many thanks for uploading it!

  21. aznPandaChii Jun 19, 2009

    that's soo kawaiii *-*

  22. LinkAlchemist Jun 25, 2009

    Really beautiful PriPri scan! Thank you!

  23. newanimeholic Nov 25, 2009

    I like Princesses in such clothes! ^__^

  24. elsain Banned Member Nov 27, 2009

    wow I love it~!Thank you for sharing~

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