Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Ready [W]

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Kira Yamato Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Full view if you're going to comment, please
Ok, I know nothing of GSD, so don't kill me if anything seems wrong.

Taking a break from my One Piece-ers, decided to do a Gundam wall.
Scan came from Digik Designs and textures from DA.

I'm not changing the font, so don't bother saying anything about it >=(

Time: 5-6 hours
Layers: 52

Comments welcome!

Edit: Uhh, I dunno where people are getting this, but I did not vector Kira. It's just a scan.

Also, the way he's positioned is because he's walking...

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Misato-Kun Mar 16, 2006

    Yet anoter amazing piece of work! i love the backround and as well the choice of scan that you used, it goes great with the blue sky and explosions. Thank you for your hard work *bows* you continue to inspire me as always :D

  2. Machika Mar 17, 2006

    This is awesome, the clouds and the fire are perfect!
    Love it >_<
    My fav ;)

  3. hongrboi Mar 17, 2006

    Aw...I want more Black Cat stuff. but this will suffice....for now...I really like the clouds in this wall. Are they stock or did you make them from scratch? If it's from scratch, they are absolutely wonderful! The character's expression seems a bit too calm for some who's had somethig explode behind them but I guess you can't help it.

  4. Alfonse Mar 17, 2006

    Yush, a GSD wall.
    You did a great job again, but the sky looks a lil' bit pixelated. Maybe it's just my computer. .::shrugs::. But you know, I think you should've gone with a darker sky because this scan would look better in a darker surrounding. But hey, I'm not complaining. Also the exploding effect is done nicely. Overall, you did a fantastic job again Chloe. ;) Keep it up my friend.

  5. acid-awakening Mar 17, 2006

    Let it burn
    In the sky Lolz
    another great wall
    Thanx for Sharing

  6. upheaval325 Mar 17, 2006

    great work..the background looks really great, lovely colours and great effects there. love the sky and the explosion...nice work!

  7. nolove Mar 17, 2006

    hiyaah kira's great, you vector? ~_~ *jealous again*, wonderful vector chloe-chan, oh you must get bored with these word you heard it so much time >_<, but your work is awesome chloe-chan oh cant stop loving it T__T.
    +fav from me for sure sweetie ^__^

  8. Milkiyo Mar 17, 2006

    LOL..LMAO! it looks ironically funny! :P
    the blasted fire looks like those u see in the mangas...like a human got kicked out into the air (read ranma and u'll know what I mean) XP u know..u should add a human figure speck there :P
    the fire and smoke on the ground is a bit unrealistic though..try spreading it out more..looks a little too solid, the papers..weird concept but nice vector again XD :)

  9. uchiha-vegeta Mar 17, 2006

    amazing , great job with everythin! definitly a fav ^^

  10. Amru-chan Mar 17, 2006

    Weee, very very beautiful wallpaper XD. I like the sky very much >_<. Fav from me ^^

  11. laurent Mar 17, 2006

    That's looking nice. I like the way you've placed Kira. It looks indeed as if he's walking. Makes him look even cooler than he already is :D Nice explosion *let it bang ! ! ! XD* Very nice bg, but it looks a bit pixelated. But I don't care :) Thumbs up on this one. You've got an A+ from the one and only Kira himself (me :)) *adding wallie to favs* Ja-na ^^


  12. pegassuss Mar 17, 2006

    Nice one, i do like the clouds, seem realistic, nice composition, and effects. However, those pieces of papers floating seem to stand up a bit too much in my opinion. Anyway, you did a good job, Keep it up!

  13. enchantressinthedark Mar 18, 2006

    Very simple piece of wall. But the effects you made reflecting that its DOOMS DAY! XD I like how you put the flyers and stuff, really neat! keep it up!

  14. chisana Mar 18, 2006

    Ow, it looks so professional, like a scan :D I love the whole scene, and I think the texture is pretty good too :) hehe.. I don't think you need to change anything about the font, it's nice ^^ I like the flying papers too =D
    Great job, keep it up! ^^

  15. Zoamel Mar 19, 2006

    Wow. Kira is looking hot again :D
    I like the idea and the composition of the wall a lot. The explosion worked out great, too. The absend looking of his eyes is fitting great to the series. He always hated the war!

  16. chichiri1907 Mar 19, 2006

    I love the entire thing, I love how it looks like hes walking away and the entire scenery,
    it was creative of putting those burnt 'war' signs.
    In conclsion, its a wonderfl peice and deserves a fav :)
    thanks for sharing

  17. Liz Mar 19, 2006

    Full view if you're going to comment, please
    Ok, I know nothing of GSD, so don't kill me if anything seems wrong.
    -dude i saw it full view at your house and i'm going to comment with out the full view! so what are you going to do about it!?! so ya i love the paper flying around i'd never be ale to do that! love kira but athrun would have been cool. great work love the background!

  18. paintmearainbow Mar 20, 2006

    The wallies made by you are always very unique, the same goes to this Kira wallie(: The background looks great and the scan of Kira fits in well too. It does give me a feeling that Kira is very sadden by the war...
    Anyway, excellent job :D
    By the way, is there any chances of you making a Lacus wallie? -look hopeful- Haha XD

  19. sorm Apr 06, 2006

    Yeah..I think this the one good GSD wall, Kira fits in well and Background is realy great I think it make me feeling sadden by the war same as Kira, Great Job

  20. flyindance May 15, 2006

    fantastic, tat guy looks so handsome!
    great job

  21. cassandraronald Jul 07, 2006

    *full views*
    very nice wallie
    kira fits in and i love the bg

  22. CrazyMialuvsAnime Nov 05, 2010

    great pic thanx for sharin

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