Shakugan no Shana Wallpaper: Essence of Shana

Noizi Ito, Shakugan no Shana, Shana Wallpaper
Noizi Ito Mangaka Shakugan no Shana Series,OVA Shana Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

IT IS TEH WALL FOR SHORT SHANA LOLI....errr...I mean Sword Shana Lily Walling contest.

Same wallpaper, different elements:

Nothing much, removed layers and added more stuff to this, was in the making for weeks now, too lazy to finish it, but finally did...

En-chan...I am still on the other one, but I am lazy lol...will make it happen after my exams... OX

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Ayaki
Reason: What is there not to love? Great extraction, simple, Amano...made of win and God.


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Browse Shakugan no Shana Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kiako Mar 16, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the types of colors are very good, the bg fits to the chara well.

  2. Ultimaninja Mar 16, 2006

    Wow this is very good. The background looks like half of a sword or something, but nonetheless It is a wonderful scan!

  3. Misato-Kun Mar 16, 2006

    Another great piece! I like this new style lately, it has a wonderful fusion of vibrant colors. Love the backround, it blends perfectly with the character! Keep it up Devildude :D

  4. dianas Mar 16, 2006

    really nice wall with Shana.. :D i just have to see the anime
    my brother is downloading it now..thanks for shareing your lovely wall wit us
    #smiles# +fav from me :)

  5. shinoda Restricted Member Mar 16, 2006

    its good

  6. Dearth Mar 17, 2006


  7. g123x Mar 17, 2006

    OMG love the loli...*cough* i mean Shana wallpaper.
    the color are just wonderful and match the character very well
    keep up the good work
    *heheh pantie shot*

  8. Farewell Mar 17, 2006

    man great job, your wall are always good. I love the picture and the background is really cool, great job. a fav for me.

  9. Ianervan Mar 17, 2006

    i've seen this girl around but i can't remember where though. a fav for me i s'pose >.<

  10. hongrboi Mar 17, 2006

    Ahh more ecchi T.T Now I know Devildude is a lolicon :oIf you post any more ecchi, I might have to stop faving your stuff xD

    Again, I love how you kept the vector circles as part of your wall yet keeping the the wall abstract and 3d. The abstract is nice too. It resembles on of those random gradient effects but somehow, you made it look nice! Overall, I think this is another one of your awsome walls.

    Oh yeah, the text doesn't match. How can you relax when you're nosebleeding?

  11. Kenichi Mar 17, 2006

    oops forgot to coment it
    well first thing first, nice chose scan =/ it looks rather cute. ^^
    nice simple abstract bg, looks kinda kool.

  12. bj0rn Mar 17, 2006

    LoL! Looks like they put it back on! LoL! DD, you're really a known lolicon from what i see from other comments. =X LoL! Short Shana Lily *er hem* wait till zai-chan sees this. She's gonna rip you apart man!

  13. upheaval325 Mar 17, 2006

    great wallie...she looks really great, the background is nice too with great colours and interesting effects...marvelous job!^^

  14. jaguar88 Mar 17, 2006

    Sexy... but i think she's to young to be sexy.... i mean look at her chest :P
    anyway... overall this wallpaper is good, except for the fact that the bg has no meaning to the charac (no offence) but it is nicely done (need to change the colour of the background)
    Thankx for sharing this wallpaper ^^ and keep up the good work

  15. zaira Mar 17, 2006

    kya! essence sure gives the true meaning of this wall!
    waah! stop making fun of shana! XD
    you did nice style there! love that looky abstract bg! + the scan of course! and yet you've choose loli shana! ugh! XO
    stop making fun of her!

    anyways better update the Submissions sect.!
    darn you! XD ehehe +fav!

  16. uchiha-vegeta Mar 17, 2006

    nice ^_^

  17. Milkiyo Mar 17, 2006

    it's a little blur D:
    but the designs are quite of originality :) though...I see some circles amist the orange texture =.=" oh? can't wait to see ur other wall :P hope I won't have to see circles again :P
    loli...loli...u dun need to explain, who doesn't know what else u will submit but that? XP
    it's a bit yellowish around the edges though...u didn't drink lemonade while u did this did u? :P XD =.=" never offer me some...
    ganbatte! XD

  18. Amru-chan Mar 17, 2006

    Wow, very lovely wallpaper XD. Fav from me ^^

  19. Rikkablurhound Mar 17, 2006

    I like the choice of colours...
    The scan is a lil blur... >_<
    lol... U still cant ditch the circles... XD
    Anyway, I really like it^^
    I looks like its 3D + silk XD
    lol... Hope to see more...^^
    +fav & feature

  20. k1ru Mar 17, 2006

    great one, dd-san! ^^
    i really like it~ XD XD
    nice texture on d bg~ XD
    love it

  21. fawna-chan Mar 17, 2006

    pretty! >.<
    Sorry, that was the first thing that came into my mind! XP
    But really, I like the scan and the colors of the background.
    Really good work with effects on the background.

  22. nitemares Mar 17, 2006

    nice :D

  23. ayaki Mar 18, 2006

    wahaha i see circles again!~ >_o
    But i'm really liking the design. The swirls of orange look really sharp and clean.
    I especially like the subtle line textures.
    and then seeing the scan...uhm..it's a bit blurry, and the colors are too saturated imo, mainly becoz of the red.
    nonetheless, great job!~ keep it up!

  24. Pisaro Mar 18, 2006

    haha.. your wallpaper really change style already... it's look good

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