Prince of Tennis: Tezuka Vampire Festival Bromide

Takeshi Konomi, J.C. Staff, Prince of Tennis, Kunimitsu Tezuka
Takeshi Konomi Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Prince of Tennis Series Kunimitsu Tezuka Character


Scanned in by me, and it's Tezuka Kunimitsu as a vampire for the festival bromides XD Doesn't he look lovely XD;

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  1. nekogirl333 Mar 16, 2006

    ahaha tezuka as a vampire eh!

  2. Tsuru Mar 17, 2006

    absolutely lovely... just as you say notastrawberry!"

    I love the combination with the background (though is kind of the same for most charas in this special bromide set)

    Great scan my friend
    Thanx 4 all your scans!

  3. silverdragon Mar 18, 2006

    Lovely?! he's gorgeous! Tezuka should be a vampire he looks too sexy *faints* I've been looking for a bigger size of this pic for ages... thanx so much for sharing :)

  4. aestalitz Mar 20, 2006

    Ooh, Tezuka is kinda sexy *_*

  5. eternally-asuka Mar 24, 2006

    omg! i would not have any problem if he was to bite me XD he looks so damn cool!

  6. flyindance Mar 25, 2006

    he is too handsome 4 words.
    hooray 4 my top no 1 favourite in POT.
    I must he got the expression 4 vampire n he really looks like 1.
    if he shows his vampire teeth, wow!
    tat will be damn fantastic. >_<

  7. longhairgirl Mar 27, 2006

    Ah! Tezuka... Vampire... *faints. Can he ever get sexier?!
    Thanks for posting the pic!

  8. lynnie18 Mar 29, 2006

    he looks too sexy for his own good...^_^

  9. Shio-chan Apr 09, 2006

    o.o is soo sexy XDDDD
    and pretty :3

  10. shihideaki Apr 14, 2006

    *o* I love it xD tezuka looks really hot...^^U maybe it's because is my fave POT character..but anyway..lovely!

  11. Rosegirl18 Apr 19, 2006

    Talk about sexshay. I read a fanfiction about Tezuka being a vampire, actually. I really wish I could show the author this. Thanks so much for scanning such a great pic!

  12. HontoniKawaii Apr 27, 2006

    OMG! My most BELOVED Bouchou! >____________<
    He looks as GREAT as ever! and a VAMPIRE non the least! ~~~
    SO SEXY!
    Thanx for sharing! ><

  13. mechanical-angel Apr 30, 2006

    that's scary.

  14. harlequinpuppet Jun 28, 2006

    Tezuka LOOKS AWESOME LIKE THAT, I swear. THanks for sharing

  15. Omitsu Jul 13, 2006

    Tezuka's so cool and hot! He looks great in period clothing X3 Thanks so much for the scan!

  16. sandumirabela Sep 07, 2006

    Like someone already said "can he be sexier"...hmm I believe all the pics with him look gret.I believe he is the best bouchou,the best bishie....he is my number one.I decided my number 1 favourite aniem ugy.Honestly if a guy like him would resist in reality I would die for him!
    This pic is so good...okay when my credit is up again I will d/l I d/l it another tiem but I don't know why it didn't work so I had to delete it...buu!Thank you for this pic....it is probably the best pic I can find for my signature in the forum.I claimed my Tezuka there...he is all mine,yay!And yes you are right he would be a perfect vampire....because vampire are usually the most handsome!
    Great pic!

  17. KitZzz Sep 15, 2006

    Sexy Tezuka!
    I love Tezuka!
    Lo amo, me encanta, ya no s

  18. kiku-katze Oct 01, 2006

    Tezuka looks so sexy,cool and scary... love these pic!

    Thanks! =^_^=

  19. AnimeRandom Jun 13, 2007

    no matter who he is... he is still MY man xD

  20. ka0ri-chan Jun 14, 2007

    *_____* Thank you so so much!

  21. redangel6112 Aug 05, 2007

    You know what, he really does suit to be a vampire XD
    He looks scary but yet cute...haha

  22. 6Dark6Yuki6 Nov 16, 2007

    He does look absolutely good in that costume!
    Kya, nice picu!
    Thanks 4 sharing!

  23. kikyou Jan 27, 2009

    kyaa tezuka-sama is so kakkoi! *drools*
    thanks for sharing!

  24. resort909 Aug 07, 2009

    Dracula tezuka smexy

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