Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie Wallpaper: Mirage

Chisato Naruse, Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie, Lasty Farson Wallpaper
Chisato Naruse Mangaka Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie Series,Visual Novel Lasty Farson Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello! Long time no see, ne? Well, I've been working on a lot of stuff lately...including wallies, yeah. I just don't seem to have as many ideas as before... or as many time to work on them... or as many inspiration to take them to a good end... or all that at the same time. But what am I talking about? I'm boring you guys!

About the wallie: I wanted to keep this one simple. And as usual, simpler means harder. However, it's a beautiful scan, and I wanted it to look the best possible. Again, I think I did something hopeful. I mean, if you are in the middle of the desert, wouldn't you like to meet such a cute girl, even if she's nothing but a mirage? Anyways, I've always liked the desertic locations, it just gave me the oportunity of making clear skies and dunes. Those were not that easy, not to mention the palm trees. But whats an oasis without palm trees? So there, I hope you like it and coment it. I was really surprised when I tested this one in my desktop. Please do tell me what you think!

Credits: I'd like to thank FrotemVergem for the wonderful and cute scan


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  1. IzumiChan Mar 15, 2006

    Oh, I like this scan! :)
    I was thinking in making a wallie with it, but I would never think in an oasis with a ''mirage'' girl :D
    You're very creative ^.^
    The palm trees look lovely ;)
    Great job! ^_^

  2. Rhonda21 Mar 15, 2006

    Oh this is cute and a very nice idea. I wish I could come up with something originalish. ^_^' A pretty background too. Great work!

  3. Faikenshin Mar 16, 2006

    I realy love the hole idea of this its truely amazing the tittle is perfect for it!^-^!
    On top of that it has wonderful colors that a briht and calm at the same time wich is realy cool;)
    Its seems like she was just there whith this backround the hole time which is even more awsomeXD
    (ehh. . srry for the spelling im realy out of it todayz^-^;)

  4. phamthuha Mar 16, 2006

    Nice done ^_^ The bg is so nice with a realistic scene ^_^. And the way you make the chara looks like moving is so cool >_<!
    Fav+ from me for sure and thankie for the banner ^_^

  5. soweird Mar 16, 2006

    iary has done it once again! great work chic.. i personally like de illusion effect.. well done !

  6. nolove Mar 16, 2006

    iarly-chan, you're back ^__^, another new and greater than the previous >_<, you improve days by days sweetie. the girl is blur, that's a great idea, in the desert..yay that's wonderful idea, love the BG behind so much ^^, i still love the scan long time ago and now still love it ^^, thnx for making the wonderful work sweetie ^^

  7. Osirisa Mar 16, 2006

    Um..... seem very good, very nice desert n sky...... just one thing..... the idea for the moving of the girl is great but I think not very suitable for a wall >__< I know desert must have it but...... it's a little weird >__<
    But it's so great too ^__^

  8. Bla-demer Mar 16, 2006

    Magnificent wall you have made. The bg is so nice with a realistic scene.
    That mowing thing is absolutely great. Well done.

  9. PinkPrincessLacus Mar 16, 2006

    Wow I love it. I love your talent and creativity my friend. I love how you have her in this wall. :) Oh cool her eyes are two different colors, and the background is so nice the sky and the sand are so lovely. You still have it :) I LOVE IT. Great Job !

    ~* Lacus *~

  10. LeeAnn Mar 17, 2006

    lovely bg.
    why dont her eyes have the same color?

  11. Zoamel Mar 17, 2006

    I like this scan with the background a lot. She's looking like a desert queen ;)
    Only thing I don't like are the many duplications of her.

  12. Rikkablurhound Mar 17, 2006

    Its pretty^^
    I like the way U did it...
    The skies are really clear, the palm trees are good too^^
    Creative XD
    I think U did a good job with the desert, just there are too many duplicates of her... >_<
    Just my opinion, no offense... >_<
    btw... Is that a lake? >_<
    Its pretty +fav^^
    Try the FW banner too... >_<
    I made 2 new banners in there^^
    Please check it out along with the code^^
    Thanks for introducing it to FW
    +fav & feature

  13. moonelf313 Mar 17, 2006

    I think it is adorable! I love the desert idea and the mirage! Very Original! At first I didn't get the duplicates, but now I do and I like it! Great job! :)

  14. MagicianFairy Mar 18, 2006

    it is a great wall! XD

  15. Emma Mar 19, 2006

    You never bore us iarly. To be honest, we all have been there and go through those moments and feelings...Trust me, I hear ya *hugs*
    And LOL about your concept of the mirage! So cute! Really like your sky. The desert scene is so perfect with matching to the feel of the scan. I like how you pulled off the mirage--going from light to dark and fading to concrete. A pretty unique concept to me ^_^

  16. Zetman Mar 19, 2006

    A beautiful wall . . . i like the girl very muc, she is soo cute and she matches with the desert scene pretty good . . . thanks for the sharing! :D

  17. Revan Retired Moderator Mar 21, 2006

    More goodies from iarly! XD

    So when you run out of ideas you come up with nice original ones? wonder how you do whe you have them XD

    Anyways, about your wall. The dunes are great, nice combination of texture and depth also the mirage set is great... only I think the palms could use a bit of texture but they are good.

    The problem I think is the lens flare, they have the reflections... maybe you intended that and then well, they are alright. If you didn't want them then maybe you could try to corner your lens flare before rendering them and then make a selection of the main light effect only, then inverse it and delete the unwanted reflections so you only have the white light that helps for the ilumination effects ;)

    The fade effects of the scan are a great idea for the hole 'mirage' concept... though I believe that the effect could look cool if the secondary layers were a bit more transparent, giving it a more subtle aproach I guess.

    Quote by EmmaYou never bore us iarly.

    true, not with your works nor with your words ;) I wonder what surprise are you cooking in your head for the next time... keep up the great work!

  18. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Aug 03, 2006

    Nice wallpaper. It gives me a feeling of emptiness (of course, it's the desert XD). However, the cute character gives a certain balance to the whole image. Good work!

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