Fruits Basket Wallpaper: Night before the Party

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Hiro Sohma, Ritsu Sohma Wallpaper
Natsuki Takaya Mangaka Fruits Basket Series Hiro Sohma Character Ritsu Sohma Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Heya everyone :) long time since my last submission here but... I think dark days are comming... -_-

Last week my computer was broken and when it was fixed I saw... I lost my photoshop...T_T lost all my psds scans and my wallies files... than, I guess it is one of my last wallies here...

I dont know what happenned and I believe my dad wont give my another photoshop program.. well I think it at least... but I dont know... maybe I ask him if he would give me another program ^^"

Anyway, how I dont know what will happen, this is one of my last wallies (God, blessed my computer please -_-)

Well, this wallies is from Fruits Basket and characters are Hiro (the sheep) and Ritsu (the monkey) and I believe they are waitting for the New Year Party and the Year of Monkey, cos Ritsu-chan make up with your cerimonials clothes.

Not that amazing here, just used a cloud brush and shap tools for the Temple.

Hope you all likes it and I really hope have a new photoshop program soon... I really hope -_-

Kissus for all

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  1. Machika Mar 15, 2006

    Now this is my favorite scan! I love the scan and the bg. The bg blends so good with the scan, I like it ;)
    Nice job, Idril-san!
    My fav! >_<

  2. enchantressinthedark Mar 15, 2006

    Nyuuu Im so sad that this is gonna be your last wall..You're such a great artist...I hope you'll get PS soon! Awesome as usual! ^_^ Very nice and purplish wall! Keep it up!

  3. jeffng9 Mar 15, 2006

    i will hope you get a new ps program soon ^^
    i'm sure your dad will give you another ps program so don't worry idril~

  4. moonelf313 Mar 15, 2006

    Good luck with the computer and hope you get your new photoshop...Love the wall, especially the sunburst through the purple clouds. Nice effect!

  5. rafaellaGP Mar 15, 2006

    nhaa this is soooooo beautiful!
    i relly, relly looovee it!
    this backgroun is amazing!
    and this scan sooo cute! :D
    fav, fav!XD
    lindo de morrer x__x

  6. AngelKate Mar 15, 2006

    Noooo you can't do wallies anymore? :( I hope you get a new Photoshop soon, I will miss your lovely works.

    The clouds look good and I like the light burst. The pillars look good too and I like the texture of them. :) Good job Idril-san. :)

  7. Kiako Mar 15, 2006

    the wallpaper looks nice,
    the effects in the background are very good, the light there fits well to the clothes of the chara in the front.
    keep it up

  8. Eimin Mar 15, 2006

    O, I love that scan 'cause Ritsu is so pretty :) Sorry to hear about your computer..It's a curse and cospiracy against wallers :P The same thing happened to me a few months ago >-<

  9. sakuya-sama Mar 15, 2006

    I really loved this wallie, the purple bg is so nice, I liked the scan too

  10. Rhonda21 Mar 15, 2006

    Oh I REALLY hope you get photoshop and the this isn't your last wall! I will be so sad! Anyways, This is very pretty! Lovely clouds! Such a cute scan! Nice work again! (I hope there is more)

  11. lunacrystal Mar 15, 2006

    I love the scan! Hiro looks sooo adorable!

  12. phamthuha Mar 16, 2006

    OMG! Are you kidding me? You won't make wallie anymore ? That is so crazy you know, for you (i am sure) making wallie is like your intellectual child now, you can't give up sweetie !
    Lose PS? Go to buy it! Or if you need, i will share it with you throw the net ^_^ So don't worry, it is pretty simple for just a program, nothing can prevent you from your love, right?
    So keep up and don't worry, you got my fav and my encouragement ;)

  13. hongrboi Mar 16, 2006

    Nooo! Your last wall? Well good luck on getting a new photoshop. I really hope you don't stop walling. you've been a source of inspiration from the first day I saw your walls =(

    Now onto more important matters. I absolutely love the sky. Are those cloud things stock or brushes? They look really nice. the only thing I would complain about is the mountains in the background. They look a bit flat. I have the same problem as you and i can't fix it ><

  14. upheaval325 Mar 16, 2006

    both of them look really great! the background is really beautiful, lovely colours and details, marvelous work! :)

  15. Merodia Mar 16, 2006

    waaaaw, really is. Another furuba wallie! I love this one Idril, this purple wallie :D

    nice work!

  16. lthnadml Mar 16, 2006

    Beautiful wall . . . very nice background and beutiful colors . . . and its kinda funny too. Thanks a lot for the share! XD XD XD

  17. nekogirl333 Mar 16, 2006

    aww thats too bad. i like a few of your walls! hope you get a new photoshop program soon! the bg in this is so nice and shows a relaxing atmosphere. i still prefer your kyo wall tho :)

  18. acid-awakening Mar 17, 2006

    Ohh that's stink.... bring in the light eh?
    Well if you lost photoshop what's this made from with?
    Still looks like a photoshop program
    well anywayz... nice work
    Thanx for Sharing

  19. Crescentvn Mar 18, 2006

    This is your last work, u really think that Idril? I don't think so. Someone I know already said that when they felt disappointed but, at last they still continue make wallpapers. They can't force themselves stop doing their favorite work, you know. I don't have the talent to make such great wallpapers like u or everyone else, so I'm pretty angry when thay said that, thay have such talent and they want let it go to waste. Oh well, it's none of my business, though. If quiting makes u feel better, then feel free to do it. Now, time for me to look for a new idol, see ya.

  20. IzumiChan Mar 18, 2006

    That's really bad, Idril! XO
    Those computers are really a pain... My sweet comp broke once and I lost everything I had on it, but it was on the beggining, so it was not so bad. I really hope you manage to get a new photoshop. Please don't stop making wallies! >_<
    You're very good at it, and it would be a big loss for MT :(
    Hope your father will open his wallet, since it's for a good reason ^_^
    By the way, this wallie is very sweet! ;)
    Yeah, you're right: it's the special pic for new year's in which the chinese sign changed from sheep to monkey. Takaya-sensei makes one per year. The first one was momiji and hatori, and the second featured Hatori and Rit-chan, and now this one with He and Hiro. They're pretty ^.^
    You really know how to draw with photoshop... *_*
    Please, stay with us! >.<

  21. marcoskatsuragi Mar 18, 2006

    Lindo, como sempre... voce realmente curte furuba! ^^ Saiu o 12, ja leu? :D

  22. inREVERIEforever Mar 18, 2006

    Oh no! Is this really your last wallie? I hope not!
    I really love this wallpaper! The background and the scan is all very beautiful. Its all very beautiful. Beautiful work Idril-san!

    Ah I really hope you get another Photoshop program very soon. Take care!

  23. Emma Mar 19, 2006

    I seriously hope this isn't your last wall, Idril *big hugs* I look up to you ^^
    I do hope you get another photoshop. And if we don't see your walls for awhile, we will still all be here waiting--I guarantee it! ^_^
    The scan in this wall seems so peaceful and the purple is tranquil. The sky is heavenly with its burst of light and powerful clouds. Very pretty!
    Thank you and I do hope this isn't your last :(

  24. Verbeek Mar 20, 2006

    I think this is really great. I love how the background and the scan blends. Great job!
    Hope this one isn't your last...

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