Bleach Wallpaper: Dont Mess with Us-Bleach

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Uryuu Ishida, Toshiro Hitsugaya Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Uryuu Ishida Character Toshiro Hitsugaya Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Listening to: Ichirin no Hana
Been watching: Shaman King! (cool)
Dedicated to: Love-chan & Kuro-kun
Hope u'll find your inspiration soon(Love-chan) & hope u'll like it too^^
Sorry for ditching you this few days, been so busy... >_< (kuro-kun)

Hard thing: It was so hard to extract IKAKKU'S HEAD! Its so round, I CANT SEE IT RIGHT!
anyway... am trying a new style, cant ditch the clouds though.. >_<
many told me too... ^_^'
Anyway, I patched the brushes up & stuff to make it look like this...
I used the eraser tool to make the skies look slightly dotted...
erm... the colours are pretty nice....

I kinda like this wall, it feels kinda free & I really like the way it patched up... >_<
I hope you will too^^
erm.... thats all I guess

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  1. Rikkablurhound Mar 15, 2006

    Please full-view to see the full effects^^

  2. kunoichi-chan Mar 15, 2006

    Really nice! I love that Bg :)

  3. Rhonda21 Mar 15, 2006

    Well this looks great. Very cool looking background. Well Nicely Done!

  4. 09Chiaki09 Mar 15, 2006

    I can't believe it...dis is soooo cool!
    Ur improving really is endless....
    From the scan to the bg, everything is just perfect to me. ^^
    I'm glad u din ditch the clouds though... :nya:

  5. enchantressinthedark Mar 15, 2006

    Wow...an orangy sky...izzit sunset? or sunrise? XD Anyways, the bald headed guy ish okay ^_^ The clouds look a lil weird...And those digital stuff, really looks cool! ^_^

  6. royaldarkness Mar 15, 2006

    the first thing i noticed was the wonderful background ^.^ awesome choice of colors! absolutely fantastic bleach wall :)

  7. nolove Mar 15, 2006

    oh it seem like you're angry Rikka-chan lol XP, thnx for dedicate to me sweetie ^___^, yay you're so worrying for me thnx you much much *huggies*.
    i love those digital plus somehow hard thing style from your wall ^__^, cool effect from the BG too :D. you're great rikka-chan ^__^.
    oh thnx you much for the CW banner too XP ^_^, glad you add it :D

  8. keevang Mar 15, 2006

    hm i love the font and nice Bg of course ;D
    well maybe the characters can move to the right abit so it's more.. er.. center? XD
    just a suggestion though ;)
    btw da banner for free-waller, wow. very very nice. *thumbs up* who did it? *clicks on it and tries to find the owner of the banner.* XD

  9. Kuro-kun15 Mar 15, 2006

    Ooh bleach! It's cool! Yay! It's dedicated to me too! *Huggles so tightly that you burst.* O_O; *Heals.* Love ya mucho chica! <333 *Huggles again more carefully.* THANKS AGAIN! <333

  10. bj0rn Mar 15, 2006

    Well~ Your hard work paid off! At least Ikakku's head all cubed liked. LoL! =X

  11. Pisaro Mar 15, 2006

    Oh My God...the character and the background is perfectly match... Plus the color of the background is totally show out the environment for this wallpaper... Great works!

  12. Machika Mar 15, 2006

    Whoa...You were listening to Ichirin no Hana? I like that song too >_< Your wall is incredibly awesome, I love bleach *dancing*
    My fav! >.<

  13. Devildude Mar 15, 2006

    I think u may have found a style of your own, very nice, Ikkaku's head turned out rather well, try vectoring the head next time, the rest is all right, great work on the background.

  14. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 15, 2006

    Hahaha! Ikkaku's head is soooo round! Lol, I agree, he's difficult to extract :P
    I like the bg, the colors are crazy! Nice job!

  15. Odeena Mar 15, 2006

    It looks great, plus it features some of the best fighters from Bleach (including Ishida <3). Nice work.

  16. uchiha-vegeta Mar 15, 2006

    ur new style fits well , nicely done , great bg too , keep up the good work ^^

  17. sakuya-sama Mar 15, 2006

    This wallie is so nice, I loved the colors - orange and yellow
    The scan is perfect, I love Bleach ^^
    Everything is in perfect harmony ;}

  18. anglelock45 Mar 16, 2006

    wah.. bleach with an attitude.. the effect is shown thru all the colours and the pose of the characters.. nice..

  19. fluke Mar 16, 2006

    Nice...what a bunch of thuggin badass dudes you got there. Looks great I love the background too. Also is the Bleach logo you used from one of the op's of the show...it looks as if it was, so great job I like it.

  20. Milkiyo Mar 16, 2006

    oh crap...I was doing the same scan too...now I have to think of something else =.="
    nice style though the colours are not very matching..a little too yellow on the bottom but lovely effects^^ clouds don't really look like clouds though >_<

  21. yamamotoyohko Mar 16, 2006

    Very cool! I like the scan you used and the bg. Good work!

  22. white-zero Mar 16, 2006

    Now this is something new. I see a hybrid between abstract and scenic. O___O

    - You may want to center the scans a little more; giving equal space on either side.
    - The BG is cool and pretty well done but it just doesn't match the scan IMO. Find a way to get around that.
    - Add a little grunge texture and this will be better.

    Overall, it's still a worthy desktop wallpaper. That's what it matters.

  23. HayateSlash Mar 16, 2006

    very nice

    thx Rikkablurhound ;]

  24. Alexmata Mar 16, 2006

    don't you think there are to much guys in ypur wall

    is cool!

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