Katamari Damacy Wallpaper: Imaginary Sunshine

Namco, Katamari Damacy Wallpaper
Namco Studio Katamari Damacy Game

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

aaaaaaaaa excuse the crappy title aaaa
somehow i was interested in katamary damacy and decide to wall one
and i notice there is no decent scan on the net, so all i can do is vector XD

and i made a bigger reso this time, just trying to improve myself :sweat:
i myself like the outcome because of it's cheery mood and colors
and again, excuse the ugly flying birdies~

enjoy! :D


Chosen by shyxsakura and biriwilg

What can I say? It's the Prince! Fresh, vibrant, and Katamari-tastic, it's just what you want to wake up to in the morning.

Proposed by shyxsakura and highlighted by biriwilg.

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Browse Katamari Damacy Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. k1ru Mar 13, 2006

    really cute!
    katamari! katamari! XD XD

  2. Milkiyo Mar 13, 2006

    erm...it is not my kinda thing but the quality is very good :) very vivid imagination...nice vector too^^ though like u said..the birds lol..

  3. nolove Mar 13, 2006

    hahahhaa, that's cutie lovely wonderful wall Shix-chan. and so i can see what you can do with your skill on vector >_<, one word amazing, luv it sooo much ^__^, esp the color :D, cutie lovely nyaaaaaa

  4. enchantressinthedark Mar 13, 2006

    Nyaaaa...such a bright and colourful wall Shix-chan! XD You really can do some serious vector ^_^ Which I can't >.< LOLZ First impression of it, its kinda childish XD But very impressive skills you got XD Keep it up!

  5. chichiri1907 Mar 13, 2006

    I'd have to say that this is one of the best walls youve ever created, so congrats on that, omg I JUST LOVE IT!
    Im glad you made a big resoltion too, becase I am going to make this wall my desktop right now , its soooo sdorable, and the title isn't crappy, its sooo cute >.<
    I love it!

    this wall better make it to the poplularsection, becase Im sick and ired that real walls can't make it their :(
    LOVE YA!
    *etreme hugs*

  6. ventures Mar 13, 2006

    owwowowow~ green sky <3333 loves it to death .

  7. rythem Mar 13, 2006

    *0* onto my desktop instantly @w@

    shixon-chan has done such a nice work na ~ very clean , neat , colourful n cyute! xDDD lol love it sho muchuuu <33 a favie for the superb work done X)

  8. flyindreams Mar 13, 2006

    xD Awesome! Katamari is love and you definitely managed to capture the funkiness that is Katamari in this wall! I think the birds are... nicely funky again xD My only suggestions would be to maybe color the birds in with some wacky colors ('cause there's a lot of white going on in the wall right now) and also put a bit more shading for the clouds. Otherwise... really rocking cool work xD Keep it up, yay!

  9. AngelKate Mar 13, 2006

    Ahahaha....awesome! I love how funky it is! The sun is cool and I like the birds. The clouds are cool too. Your walls in this style are really good! I hope you keep doing more!

  10. cyd84 Mar 13, 2006

    Nice cute vector...clean and curvy :D
    Love the clouds and the prince
    The overall design is great... but I agree with flyin that the birds would look nice in a funky color to break up the pastelness

  11. bromithia Retired Moderator Mar 13, 2006

    Ah! A Katamari wallpaper! And its actually a super clean and crisp vector as well! I love the colors and idea, you did really nice work with those default Photoshop shapes too. The only problem I see is that the birds are rather weird how you just did the same one over and over, and yeah the colors could use a kick because there is already so much white. I wouldn't mind some zany text to go in there with it, but that may kill the wall so don't take that suggestion too far XD

    Nice work!

  12. user51 Mar 13, 2006

    Yay! We love Katamari Damacy!

  13. Misato-Kun Mar 13, 2006

    Yeaaahhhhhh! Another katamary damacy wall! This one is pretty funky and contains a simple and well constructed flow of colors. Definately adding to my favs! Awesome work, thanks for sharing this :D

  14. redangel6112 Mar 13, 2006

    hahahahahahahaha.....this is so cute....^0^..... I had never seen a wallie like this in MT. You are great....^-^... I can say, your vektor work is good. Love your style...^-^..Bye!

  15. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 13, 2006

    eeew, look at brom brom trying to act all mature and suave -0- *beats him down*

    o__o anywayss, this is a really really really uber uber uberliciously cute wall of katamari! the vectoring is very very nice and crisp and all the colors and shapes match so exceedingly well <33

    the birds are exactly the same (which means you either brushed it in or just pasted?) butbut ^-^ don't forget to get some of em and transform em and stuff <3 it'd look hotter <33

    anyways great job <3 love love cuteness <33 saki = cute <33 go! go!

  16. fawna-chan Mar 14, 2006

    Aw...cute! X3
    I like the green sky and how it's so clean. I don't think that the birdy things are weird at all and it's all so cute and colorful!

  17. phamthuha Mar 14, 2006

    Cool style you are working on, ShiX-san OoO I love this wallie ^_^ So cool and so funny ^_^ Fav+ from me for sure and add to CW gallery ^_^
    Oh, and don't forget to add in the group banner as well ^_^

  18. evilchunli Mar 14, 2006

    LOL i was just playing that game we love katamari... its so addicting and strange >.> but i like this wall. :) good job! make one of ichigo :P

  19. fuyuu Mar 14, 2006

    Darn you Ichigo XD Cute wallpaper, I love the colors. :nya:

  20. Zefie Mar 14, 2006

    wowies, so bright wallie and funny looking character ^_^ vectoring is so smooth and nicely done ! like the bright colouring and especially the light green background colour :D all the elements goes goodly with each other. it has such a lively and happy atmosphere. overall original looking and neat ! wonderful job and thankies for sharing !

  21. animefairy Mar 15, 2006

    Aww...that's a very kawaii wallpaper of Katamori! It's very colorful and fun! XD Great details and effects! Keep it up, ShiXon! ^_^

  22. KazeNoKizu Mar 15, 2006

    Yay! Its always fun to see new Katamari Damacy walls. Great job on it. The background matches the Prince and is quite Katamari-like. :)

  23. knightstar3 Mar 15, 2006

    >_< this is so cute!
    it really surprised me. :P cheery mood indeed, dancing pill guy. XD
    hehe... ^^

    o, and the birds look fine. :) i like'em

  24. jhuni Mar 15, 2006

    Omg a katamary wallpaper <3 nice colors! this is a really good vector wallpaper, great job!

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