Prétear Wallpaper: A Pretears Destiny

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Hal Film Maker Studio Prétear Series Himeno Awayuki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I updated my wall so all the comments and advise from before are fixed :)

[edit] People have been saying how the bildings look to solid or to fake, jst wanted you guys to know thats how I planned them 2 be that way


This is not how the wall was going to be when I started, but thats ok becase this is so much better than what I was going to do :)
I had a manga scan of Seed Pretear, so i was coloring it and 6 hours later I finished it, but the thing is......it was soooooo bad, im not at that level yet.
But I really wanted to use that image soo bad for my wall, so I decided to black it out, and go for a new look.
I added a hill and lots of flowers and vines, and some clouds and glittery stuff.
At first the image was ...........well...really white, so I was thinking of what to add, than i remebered the episode where Pretear fought with the Dark Princess..and I decided that she was on her way their while the city was all the way over their....
This wall has a concept behindit, and if you ever watched Pretear then I hope you get it :D

Oh and last thing, this wall is different from what I do, and I just hope you enjoy as much as my other walls, becase I really love this one , and I would love to hear r comments about it too >.<

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  1. Susan-chan Mar 12, 2006

    dont need to look it fullview:D i see it's a really good wally:) ( of course i will download it:D) XD i like the sky the most!

  2. rknight1 Mar 12, 2006

    A small change -- I think the windows could be done a bit better, they stand out too sharply.

    Absolutely lovely. I love silhouttes, reminds me of paper cut out art. The background colors are great. :)

  3. ShadowrazoR-Byakuga Mar 12, 2006

    nice wall. love the silhouette effect with the girl, the flowers and the slope.

  4. fawna-chan Mar 12, 2006

    It's nice! :D I like the silhouette of the girl and the background looks very nice!

  5. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Mar 12, 2006

    Good idea but i have to complain about 2 things.
    1) The windows looks so solid, maybe you can soft them with blur.
    2) Maybe more Clouds and more work with those "lines" on the back will make a heavy rain look to the wall also a darkest gradient for the sky with those 2 elements that i say before will give a more dramatic look into the scene and turn it in something more beautiful that already is.

  6. WindAlchemist Mar 12, 2006

    this is good, really pretty. i like the rain. the sky colors and little effects in the sky look great and i love how the scan and hill are blacked out and the low clouds look awesome. the only thing i dont like are the buildings in the background, they look kinda.....blockish? lol
    they look fine though, good job ^_^

  7. Rhonda21 Mar 12, 2006

    Really nice concept. So cool. Nice colors for the sky and nice background as well. Really well done!

  8. Dejiko-chan Mar 12, 2006

    I like this one ^^

  9. bj0rn Mar 12, 2006

    Ee Hee Hee! chichiri san does it once more! Love the foggy effects. I guess it's simple yet nice.

  10. sukie Mar 12, 2006

    the building in the bg looks abit fake...but i love everything else. the way youmade the girl and the other parts of the forground black is relaly cool! =D i'll copy you! LOL jk

    love your walls!

  11. thecatmistress Mar 12, 2006

    the colors are spectacular chichiri-san. however Rebel-Soul-Kaze is right, the windows look too solid... wondeful job though <3 +fav

  12. Saikusa Retired Moderator Mar 12, 2006

    What a great idea. The electric blues really make the black stand out, and all those wonderful flowers and vines working their way up from the black earth... It's so very striking!

  13. Dream24 Mar 13, 2006

    This is a lovely wallpaper! The colours of the background are nice and it makes the black figure of the Pretear stand out more. Love the black flowers. Great wallpaper and great work!

  14. phamthuha Mar 13, 2006

    So pretty, Chi-chan OoO I do do love it >__< How talent and skillful of you to always make out beautiful sky ^_^ Fav+ and feature to CW for sure ^_^
    Ah, you should add in CW banner as well, sweetie ^_^

  15. upheaval325 Mar 13, 2006

    the wallie is spectacular... the background colour blending and effects are really awesome...really beautiful sky, very nice work!^^

  16. AlexXan Mar 13, 2006

    Another realy good wallie. Clouds and sky fit realy well to bg an u choose
    realy nice colors XD as well the idea of bg is nice too.
    Keep it up!

  17. zaira Mar 13, 2006

    and again chi-sama! such a nice wall! XD
    the bg is soo cool! love those electric look effects + the sky!
    i like the scan + those roses! great job on that black effect! cool job! +fav!

  18. Milkiyo Mar 13, 2006

    looks a bit blur..just a teensy winsy bit so u can just ignore it :P
    nice effects and style u did..luv the way u did the sidewalk..weird yet unique n one of a kind bulidings :) I guess this deserves a fav!

  19. Amru-chan Mar 13, 2006

    Very very beautiful wallpaper XD. Fav from me >_<

  20. Idril Mar 13, 2006

    wow! great idea for an wallie! the concept is good and all colors gives a nice atmosphere, Chi-chan! But I just think you should work better on windows, cos they looks a little solid and estatic.
    Anyway, you did a good job! +favs

  21. Zoamel Mar 13, 2006

    You are wrong. The real wall isn't looking 6 times better than the trumbnail. It's looking 10 or more times better! ;)
    I love the colours of the background. And also the rain is looking great. You made a fantastic job with the shillouette. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Kiako Mar 13, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the black images in the front are very good
    and the composition is nice
    keep it up

  23. Kelena Mar 13, 2006

    This is a pretty wall. :) I especially like how you did the clouds below the buildings and the flowers on the ground. Good job.

  24. recca Mar 13, 2006

    *add as desktop *
    *add as fav *
    nice wal ^^

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