3LDK Wallpaper: My Haven [For Kiako and the others]

Aoi Kimizuka, Deep Blue (Studio), 3LDK, Noel Yukimura Wallpaper
Aoi Kimizuka Mangaka Deep Blue (Studio) Studio 3LDK Visual Novel Noel Yukimura Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My Haven [For Kiako and Others]
If you think the girl (I think her name is Suzuna) from Kao no Nai Tsuki is difficult to extract, then get a load of this! Not

only the wavy hair is difficult, the curves at the bottom of her dress is one problem too! I think this girl gave me

extracting nightmares XD It took me 1 and a half hour just to extract her >__<

Dedicated to my new friend, Kiako, the vector goddess who put in so much effort just to vector this beautiful

girl out ^_^ She gave me permission to use her vector. Words cant describe how talented you are, Kiako XD

And also dedicated to those "victims" me and Milkiyo spammed XD
1. Yureika - She's kinda dead now...
2. Rikka - Half dead, half alive, only heaven knows...
3. Devildude - Nice choice of a victim XD But his UP's song saved him from our second attack XD
4. Farewell - Its doomsday for his guestbook! XP
5. Nolove - Her page became a toilet bowl XD

And especially nolove-chan XD We totally smushed her GB by spamming her twice XD

Back to the details, I think I overdid the sky... Its kinda unrealistic because you don't see SOOOO many stuff up in the

sky >__< That's one flaw.

Next, I failed to blend the stock image of the field into the wall...Its too realistic >____<

Hope you'll like it, guys! ^_^ Remember, we spam you because we like you XD

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  1. CagalliYamato Mar 12, 2006



  2. Kairi-Hearts Mar 12, 2006

    wow beautiful^^
    I believe it was really difficult to extract. But you did a great job. Congrats^^ And the vector is amazing by the way!
    Your bg is fantastic. It reminds me of the place I went yesterday. Full of green, dreaming and fantasy atmosphere - beautiful
    definitly a fav

  3. royaldarkness Mar 12, 2006

    wow, this is really good! i love this :) that is one very good vector, and the wall you made for it suits it very well ^.^ well done enchantress-san! *runs off to fave it*

  4. dianas Mar 12, 2006

    oOo lovely wallie enchantressinthedark ^^ the bg and the chara mix well together
    + fav from me for your work #Smiles#

  5. Milkiyo Mar 12, 2006

    beautiful^^ though her face looks like she've put on whitening mask :P nice bg..how do u put it? smooth n creamy^^
    luv the way u put the signatures too :) is that a horse in the blue sky? O.O ....probably my imagination but it looks like it :P
    *favs* XD n.n

  6. Rikkablurhound Mar 12, 2006

    Hey! I thought I was gonna be the first! >_<
    no Fair!
    anyways... yes, the sky doesnt looks realistic...
    But its still a lovely wall XD
    Im so envious... Im way behind... gonna catch up soon XD
    lol... anyway... U blend the image well inside, & the sky is really pretty even for the fact its unrealistic... It looks a lil like glass... lol... Pretty...
    Nice vector...
    It looks exactly like a scan!
    Great work & combo XD

  7. nolove Mar 12, 2006

    enchantress-chan, you're my idol >_<, you're wonderful, im totally speechless *__*. i've made a wall with this vector too ^^, but that's so so ugly that i deleted it at first time i finish T__T, but yours is wonderful......this one deserves favssss.

    ohmygod you make my heart broken XP, my page really become a toilet bowl >_<, luckily you two's posts has gone over hehehe (oh my.......plz dont attack me again 2 lovely gurls ^__^) lol, then you dedicate this amazing wall to your victims? cant believe XP

  8. phamthuha Mar 12, 2006

    WOW! COOL! I can surely say that your skill is really cool ^_^ Just like the first time we meet (if i don't remember wrong then that is the work from Gundam, a girl dancing ^_^) i did realise you are talent but sure your skill at that time did not show out much ^_^ For now, you did use all the techinques so well and that makes out attractive works ^_^ Do do love this one so sure you got a feature in CW ^_^
    Thanks for adding the banner too and keep up your great work ^_^

  9. MiniMog Mar 12, 2006

    I think this is one of those wallpapers that I like. I kind of seem to prefer these kind of wallpapers, where they have a scene, such as a grassy meadow, or a flower field.

    I think you chose the best scan for this one, and that background is really nice, too. I may be misinterpreting this, but that black void, in the field.. it kind of makes me think that tht particular spot is where all the 'bad karma' is drained to, in the setting, which I think amplifies the name you have given the wallpaper. That is one of the things I like about most wallpapers I see; they give you tha visual representative.

    Nice job with this wallpaper, Enchantress. I look forward to when next you create a wallpaper. ^_^

  10. Walina Mar 12, 2006

    My wally of the day ^^

  11. k1ru Mar 12, 2006

    totally cool! ^^
    really like it!
    so great!

  12. Devildude Mar 12, 2006

    bright and shiny, first thing i noticed is the super hueg as xbox signature below.
    The rest pretty much speak for itself. It is a great wallpaper with many fanciful styles, especially the shiny grass and lively character of the whole wallpaper.
    great job!

    Now...regarding the spam...am I glad Daft Punk was on my page....you guys should spam lol...i dun mind, but here is one thing (you can't!) hahahhahhh

  13. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 12, 2006

    Wow, very beautiful!
    The bg is just awesome, I really love it! And Kiako is a genius when it comes to vectors ;)
    All in all, excellent job!

  14. xianghua Mar 12, 2006

    Very very beautiful!
    I love the sky background a lot!
    The scan is pretty too!
    Very perfect work! Keep it up enchantress-san!


  15. Kiako Mar 12, 2006

    nice wallpaper,
    the sky looks great, all the effects and the composition, it looks very pretty.
    thx for the dedication ^^
    keep it up

  16. yo-chanbokura Mar 12, 2006

    speechless.. >.< just GREAT! that's all ^_^ +fav for a wonderful wallie n vector!

  17. Rhonda21 Mar 12, 2006

    That does look very hard to extract and I really dislike extracting. But you did a really great job with it! Very lovely background! So pretty! hehe, I see that "horse" Milkiyo was talking about. Well looks wonderful!

  18. Lenne Mar 12, 2006

    Lovely wall,i love the background! :D

  19. ZonSlashSykato Mar 12, 2006

    Wow, very lovely ...
    I just love the wallies u made.
    Their all great ... so good .
    nothing to say but excellent! sign*


  20. Saikusa Retired Moderator Mar 12, 2006

    I don't know about 'haven', but it certainly looks like Heaven :) It's very pretty, very calming, and so many details that don't bombard you, but wait for your eye to wander around to find them... beautiful.

  21. thecatmistress Mar 12, 2006

    How lovely ^^ its absolutely beautiful. the effects and colors are spectacular <3. +fav

  22. WingsofFreedom Mar 13, 2006

    Quote by saikusaI don't know about 'haven', but it certainly looks like Heaven :) It's very pretty, very calming, and so many details that don't bombard you, but wait for your eye to wander around to find them... beautiful.

    i totttally agree!
    it looks so nice and the sky looks great!
    the field kinda looks blurry though

  23. AngelKate Mar 13, 2006

    Oooh, this sky is so pretty! The details are soft but still beautiful. The scan is extracted perfectly as well. Awesome wallpaper! Keep it up. :)

  24. rubenz Mar 13, 2006

    so pretty and so soft ^^ esp the sky ^^

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