Cowboy Bebop Wallpaper: What's Up Sweetcakes?

Toshihiro Kawamoto, Sunrise (Studio), Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel Wallpaper
Toshihiro Kawamoto Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio Cowboy Bebop Series Spike Spiegel Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

credits: text and title were from the song "Ask DNA" by yoko kanno
circle brushes was from devart (i forgot who ._.)

ive been workin on and off with this wall coz i was lazy, but had the energy earlier to finish it.
there are 2 versions of this wall, the other one is with electra http://po-taters.tamashii.org/thumb.JPG<< click! xD

the one with electra was the original, but Flyin wanted spike only, so i made this one, and i thought it looks less cramped for desktops. tell me which is better or..which is uglier, however u see it lol

thanks to Boing (d000d i didnt get to put in the swordfish), flyin, and Gideon for the help in this one...
and yes i love those circle brush >xD lol

fixed the link :3


Chosen by Tama-Neko and euna

tAtEkAnE has done it again.

You can tell it's an eye-popper at first sight. Its unique composition and the use of golden brown sepia tone and refreshing green go surprisingly well together (as commented by tama-neko). This wall uses a stock photo in a very interesting way and you will have already noticed (I hope) that the vectored image fits into it as if it really belonged to it. The circles in the bg just add that extra 'pop' to this wall that makes it look very modern along with the vectored buildings and the billboard. If you didn't notice it already, there is also a contrast in time between the modern style buildings and the old, sepia 'photo'. This is a demonstration of unique composition and flawless vectoring skills.

Awesome work tAtE! We expect many more spectacular walls from you inthe near future.

Proposed by Tama-Neko and highlighted by euna.

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  1. cyd84 Mar 11, 2006

    Couldn't get the electra link to work :( ... but I think I like both versions
    I can see why the spike only version has appeal...simpler and more focus on cool spike...and really showcases the neat sepia effect on the billboard
    but I also like the balancing effect of electra
    Overall...great integration of crisp vectors with oldfashioned sepia charm (especially on the billboard itself...really smooth shift)
    The text works well in both colors
    Am a fan of the city and stripes...the circles are ok I guess :)
    Really just love the color scheme

  2. candy-chan Retired Moderator Mar 11, 2006

    Electra one definitely, dont listen to flyin! btw the colors are really strange, but for some odd reason it doesnt seem to matter, the result makes it somewhat original. Mayb it's gid's influence XD
    i think it's hot, and I can see where you got your inspiration from, lol. Those damn design walls are so popular these days.

  3. Tama-Neko Mar 11, 2006

    I like the version without Electra, actually. I think the whiteness of her skin is just too distracting from the rest of the wallpaper as it wars with the Spike portion for prominence, but the green and tannish gold colors go surprisingly well, complemented by spots of other bright colors.

  4. ShiXon Mar 11, 2006

    hahaha the title is soo funny :D i love the retro touch you put in this wallie with the arrows and stuff! the arrows are my favorite x333 so cool! This wallie is just very interesting and stylish and it would fit a desktop perfectly! ;)

  5. rica-san Mar 12, 2006

    ---copy-pastes comment from AP---
    Acually I love the one with Electra more. But I'll give a comment on both of it. ;D
    The Only Spike one:
    The wall is awsome great, stylish, moody, & very well done, alltough I agree with Kalico that the old photo doesn't match with the stylish moody bg. But with that moody fonts, maybe it became better^^
    The Spike & Electra one:
    I like this one much better. Stylish, mody, awsome, facinating, & fully well done. Awsome vectoring! & I love tthe pocket you made at Electra. I love the texture , & also the vector brushes. The arrows are also great! But maybe the font on the Spike Photo must be a litle bit brighter..
    Overall, Awsome job! I'll definately add this to my favs! Keep up the awsome work, Taeteee~! XD

  6. ayaki Mar 12, 2006

    I prefer the one with Electra in it, but not liking the white u've picked for her skin tone. It stands out a bit too much.
    Other than that....
    wicked design. The different colors in the arrows kinda make the wall looks more interesting and as a whole..leading ur eyes around.
    ^______^b great job

  7. Meierlink Mar 12, 2006

    This is going to be added to my favourites. Good work.

  8. sammo Retired Moderator Mar 13, 2006

    oo, this wall is awesome *_* i was just taking a break from studying, and then i just noticed this spectacularly done wall :D i actually like the carmen one better, because it adds to the random vector/abstract feel to it, but heck, i'd fav both XD

  9. lthnadml Mar 13, 2006

    I prefer that with Electra more . . . although both version are excellent . . . the colors are sooo strange but they match interesting together . . . awesome job!
    Thank you for the sharing! XD XD XD

  10. tareren Mar 16, 2006

    Hmmm, if you ask me, the one without electra is better :) Electra is a bit too stand out there... ^^ but you have to know that I think both look great ;)

  11. Devilet Mar 17, 2006

    Heee, on first glance, the one without Electra looks better. But up close I like the original better ... Still, Spike is cool on his own. I like this wallpaper, it's very popish, and reminds me of a TV station, lol, with the background and effects. Excellent idea and you did it nicely in the finale product.

  12. euna Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2006

    I prefer the one without electra, but they both look so awesome!
    I'll keep this short coz I've made a far more detailed comment on the highlight comment =D
    Fabulous work tate! Wonderful composition and awesome colours. <333
    Well worthy of highlighting *fav*

  13. SpottedCat Mute Member Mar 18, 2006

    That is so cool. Spikes the best. I'm favorin' it. Easy come but not easily made.

  14. Yina Mar 18, 2006

    ahh i always wanted to comment on this one.. >__< so here we go.. XD
    i really like the idea and the originalty.. *__*
    it's just so different than the other wallies here.. >__<
    great work, ne +fav =D

  15. animefairy Mar 18, 2006

    Heheh...this wall is very hilarios and cool! The colors are very pretty and fun! it has a cool dance style to it! >_< The bg with the real people is very weird and nice! Keep the work up, tAtEkAnE! ^_^

  16. evasion Mar 19, 2006

    o.O ooooooooo? *downloads and puts as wall*. This is totally awesome! I am definitely giving this one a fav. I luv it! :-D

  17. Taurec Mar 19, 2006

    Seen the style (mixing vector and stock) of the paper on DA and it seems to me that this will become a rising trend. So soon the galleries will be swamped with clones. *sigh*
    Still nicely done..

  18. Zanpaktu Mar 20, 2006

    Its realy awesome.
    Licke GTA Vice Sity style.

  19. Rex Mar 22, 2006

    personally, i like the version of the one with electra in it, since the one without seems a bit empty, and it just seems more complete overall with electra

    u got really funky on your colour choices there, but i have to say, it worked out quite nicely

  20. ImperialDragon Apr 05, 2006

    wow, thats the most unique set-up i've ever seen for a Cowboy Bebop wall.

    Excellent, tAtEkAnE. You get an A.

  21. woundeds0ul Apr 14, 2006

    O.O .....
    *claps* yay~! tatekane-chan~~~~! >_<
    *favs* hohohoho~~~ you are always pulling magic out of your hands~~~~
    magic being uber-cool works~~ >w<

  22. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Apr 16, 2006

    Why can it be Spike taking the place of electra on it then? o_o

    Anyway the colors and movement of the spazzy techies are coooool as ice and they speak inovation.... Tate really put the word "Funk" in "Funk-ay" XD
    Lovely job as always! :P

  23. LeeAnn May 31, 2006

    man! when i look at this wall, i feel like im going to abroad and will get lost! >.<eheheh!
    love the concept! its like "buy this item and you'll ge the chance to go to blah blah..!"

  24. rollingmreg Nov 12, 2006

    It is animation ranked the successive top ten.

    merged: 11-12-2006 ~ 08:37am
    It is animation ranked the successive top ten.

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