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..possibly my most favorite french word.. :D

so this is for FlowerDog-chan.. for being so kind and let me know about portalgraphics.net.. XD ..domo arigatou!..

so the ref again is by my favorite murakami suigun... i absolutely love his concepts... he's the only one who's works i truly "look at" and study... the non-ecchi works, that is.. ^_^'

so this was really fun.. hope you like it! :D

ps. limited space for the paper... sadly i couldn't give the whole 'sprawled' effect.. gomene. -_-

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  1. Milkiyo Mar 11, 2006

    yeah..u are like a photostating machine..I've seen the original scan before and it looks almost the same :P just...dun put the red there next time..really seems odd
    *faving* though..the red... *pokes* :P

  2. bigeejit Mar 11, 2006

    AMAZING! Very nice bold red you got there! Well done as usual! :)

  3. Osirisa Mar 11, 2006

    wow.... so ggod ^__^ I haven't seen the stock scan but ur doujinshi is really nice n harmonious

  4. Maji Mar 11, 2006

    Great! I love it ! ^_^

  5. venicequeen Mar 11, 2006

    Goshhhhh......this is great..
    *speechless at your talent*
    Love the bold red, black and white..
    Everything just clicks..

  6. Devildude Mar 11, 2006

    you gotta stop impressing me with such great artwork! It is too much....just gotta love this piece!

  7. julian1 Mar 11, 2006

    ugh... it's too darn pretty again... i'm just pretty amazed by your talent, chi-san. but then again, if you don't color the WHOLE artwork... i don't think it'll look alive...

  8. cyd84 Mar 11, 2006

    Love love for the dramatic drawing! :)
    The angled shading is amazing...truly professional
    and I love the bold red color...really contrasts with the black and white
    Good job with the proportions as well
    Always enjoy seeing your work

  9. nobana Mar 11, 2006

    Wow...it's pretty,i love it sooo much!awww..your colouring technique is awesome!Great job!

  10. Kasuga14 Mar 11, 2006

    Man, another well done piece of good dojunshi. Looks real beautiful, and this time, the red doesnt seem to be making such a big deal about the overall piece being colour. The red seems to reall contrast and lighten the the image.
    Again, real nice shading and folds in the miko, the face is alittle long, but thats it.
    Proportions are really accurate, maybe some help with her left hand sholid be needed, but some more shading would probably do the trick.
    This looks really nice, keep up the good work Chisaikame!

  11. jasaiyajin Mute Member Mar 11, 2006

    this one is very nice, the deep red is hypnotic... passionate... I love it...

    Ohh, forgot to include, the contour is beautifully put together...

  12. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Mar 11, 2006

    Beautiful chisai! The red and the black are really nice... immediately draw your attention! Great job on the shading as well! Definitely a fav from me! :D

  13. sacredsky Mar 11, 2006

    Wow, you're an amazing artist! Keep up the great work! I especially love your shading...you definitly did the original scan justice :)

    Keep it up!

  14. cloverfann Mar 12, 2006

    amzing color. she looks amazing. great art! ^^

  15. BlkLotus Mar 12, 2006

    some dont like the red some love it and i am with the ones that love it. i like the fact that its all blk/wht and some color like that. you do so wonderful when you draw this stuff!

  16. LeeAnn Mar 12, 2006

    not much shadowing on this one.. but youre still good

  17. celestial-Ceres Mar 12, 2006

    Very beautiful^^

  18. FlowerDog Mar 12, 2006

    Murakami Suigun works are amazing but you are just as wonderfully talented as Suigun-sama. Thank you so much Chisaikame-sama. :) I always love your techniques in coloring, shading and drawing. I like the close up feeling to your sketch. There are no limits to how wonderful your skills can go. I am sure you could overcome any difficult callenges in an artwork. Beautiful job and choice. Thank you again Chisaikame-sama. I am always happy to see your works. Please keep it up. :)

  19. sumimasen Mar 12, 2006

    I like the red and the white, reminds me of the japanese flag.
    By limiting the shadowing the pic looks even better. keep the white as white as possible ;)
    definately a fav!

  20. maho-ho Mar 13, 2006

    Another good work, that pretty shades you manage to do, is really very good. Have liked as the expression of the face is seen I, is contiguous. Greetings! :D

  21. ToriTori Mar 13, 2006

    aww this is so pretty! hehe nice job..

  22. Tinbad Mar 14, 2006

    Once again, another wonderful work of art.

  23. beyondmeasure Mar 17, 2006

    Magnificent reverie!
    Another great doujinshi from chisaikame!
    Arigatou gozaimas(I hope I'm right in spelling this...)

  24. mechanical-angel Mar 17, 2006

    nice... ^^

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