Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Picture Perfect Act.1

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Vector #13

Layer's: Kira (35), Lacus (45)
Time: 9+ hours
Easiest Part: All
Hardest Part: None
Original Image:

Third version. And my most favorite one, of course! The outlines, the color and the eyes is 1000x much better than the previous ones!

Anyways, I finished the outlines like... 6-7 months ago (and maybe more), but didn't have the heart to color it >_< It was suddenly that I decided to finish up all my re-vector project. So, I better start on the ones that the outlines already done. That's... 6 vector (including this one)! >_< Well, 2 more re-vector to go! :nya:

Picture perfect Act.2 - Currently Re-vectoring
Picture Perfect Act.3

vectory celestial-luminesse negaraku gundamseed-angels kira-and-lacus-in-love the-ultimate-coordinator the-pink-princess

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  1. laurent Mar 10, 2006

    Wohow, that is one fabulous vector ! Your vector skills are so great *jealous XD* This looks really awesome. Your 50 hours of work were worth it 'cause this looks really impressive. Nice colours, and of course my beloved Kira and Lacus. Oh, they look so happy together. Lovely romantic scene. *adding to favs*
    Thanx a million times for sharing !


  2. rica-san Mar 10, 2006

    Clean, detailed, clear, & smooth vector. The ouline color also blends very well with the image color. Awsome job! I'll definately addthis to my favs! Keep up the awsome work!

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 10, 2006

    Great job Eeva-chan <3
    I love this scan, it's nice to see
    someone made a vector of it :)

  4. kira-freedom Mar 10, 2006

    Kira&Lacus...Very sweet pic^_^

  5. phamthuha Mar 10, 2006

    WOW I LOVE IT OoO Keep up your wonderful Gundam work sweetie ^_^ Fav+!

  6. Amru-chan Mar 10, 2006

    Very lovely vetor XD. Fav from me >_<

  7. royaldarkness Mar 10, 2006

    awesome vector :) a job well done indeed, and a great couple to ^.^

  8. eternally-asuka Mar 10, 2006

    hey awesome vector! i love LAcu's hair too XDDD

  9. Athrun Mar 10, 2006

    Simply one of the best vectors I have ever seen. Gotta give you the credit for working so hard now. Oh by that, I don't mean I was gonna wall, (I ain't got the skillz to do justice for your vector anyway), but I mean for those... OTHER guys... lol

    Anyway... keep up the awesomeness~!

  10. GolgoXIII Mar 10, 2006

    Thank you it looks Beautiful there thanks for doing this vector :) It shows that you spent a long time on it :)

  11. xianghua Mar 11, 2006

    Lovely vector eeva-san! I really like this scan that you turned into a vector of course^^
    favs from me^_^


  12. Yureika Mar 12, 2006

    kyahhh ! eevaleena-san *muxx* i love you ! *haha* just kidding ...
    u make kira as LT. General ! YAy ! the shadows, colours outlines are all just prefect ! definitely fav from me *wink*

  13. celestial-Ceres Mar 12, 2006

    That looks soo great >-< ^^

  14. CosmoStar Mar 12, 2006

    Indeed! Lacus's hairs is looking simply gorgeous here! I'd like to have hair like her, the pink would not suit me like suits her, however...
    Congrats for this pretty vector! You've done a wonderful job!

  15. enchantressinthedark Mar 14, 2006

    Awesome vector Eevaleena! ^_^ Very clean and nice! Keep it up!

  16. PinkPrincessLacus Mar 14, 2006

    Oh i love it. It looks wonderful. You have talent. Kira and Lacus look so romantic looking here. Thankyou so much for sharing. :)

    ~* Lacus *~

  17. WingsofFreedom Mar 14, 2006

    its beautiful^__^
    *sigh*i wanted to do that one-_-

  18. Danny2004 Mar 16, 2006

    What a great work for such a great moment! One of the best vectorized works ever.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Puts to favs!

  19. paintmearainbow Mar 18, 2006

    Aww! Such a sweet and lovely vector of Kira and Lacus ><
    Excellent job! Hope to see more works of yours -grins-

  20. EverInTheShadows Mar 18, 2006

    Ever: Mad ass...

    Shadows: so sweet...

    Ever: What's vector?

    Shadows: Gosh...we have no idea...

  21. abarairenji7 Apr 03, 2006

    nice work its great i love it. i would give you an A if i was a anime drawing teacher but too bad im not well nery excellent job on your drawing and i love lacus and Kira as a couple one of my favorites

  22. Nucleous May 05, 2006

    Absolutely love this vector! Very nicely done!
    WOW is all that comes to mind I'm at a loss for words a.t.m!

  23. 95Elizabeth May 11, 2006

    Its soooooooooooooooo nice ! Fav on Kira and Lacus in love .

  24. Chem Jun 16, 2006

    Lovely lovey lovely. Nothing more I can use to describe it!

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