Clover Wallpaper: The Caged Bird's Song

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CLAMP Mangaka Clover Series Suu Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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1280 version available at pixel ellipsis.

Lately I've been feeling like something's dying inside me... >_>

nell'illusione ho creduto alla mia forza inesorabile
e inevitabilmente sono diventata debole


Why is "originality" so overrated? What does originality really mean in anime walls? If you're working off an inspiration from another person's original idea, is it really that hard to take a min to credit the real original person for your inspiration?

*corks ebil flyin' (>D) up* She's been going on an ass-kicking rampage... normal flyin' isn't usually prone to rants >(
Well, actually normal flyin' has been kinda angry and easily annoyed lately as well, so this wall was a good way to exorcise some inner demons. This is the first wall in a while that I didn't completely hate while I was making it, which was nice. I love using design walls and am trying to make some now... they look ok, but I think right now I have a weak spot for scenics still. There's nothing quite like a good scenic for creating a sense of open space, so that's what I really tried to go for in this wall :)

Vectored off this manga page; clouds from http://www.mayang.com/textures/. Background inspired by this wonderful Tama wall... :D

Mmmm, thanks crap tates fuku Shinn nageni for subjecting themselves recently to flyin's singing >D, and also for sharing lots of terrific songs with me and spoiling me silly x3. Stylish Gideon is another victim... *wubs* And another note to ebil fuku for the song request (you still owe me one btw >D) and also, Shinn has a sexy Trent Reznor voice when he sings, it's so awesome >D Thanks Shinn for being patient with my whims and taking the time to correct my crappy Italian >D

P.S. Tama's and Gid's descriptions... makes me want to print parts of them out and frame them *_*

3/10/06: Fixed some previously overlooked details u_u

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  1. Sandra Mar 10, 2006

    Flyin + Shinn = <3 :*

    :D :D :D :D


    Hi one of my provate best wallers ^___^

    Wowee ! It's such a great idea with this cage ! I wish i could have such a original concepts ; ___ ;
    I like the vector and the birdies and the sky and everything because it's so clean and so calm and so beautiful *__* Definitly a fav ! Thanks 4 all works , so original and so great that i added to my f avs Flyin :) FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAV AS BIG AS THE LONDON EYE :P

  2. crapmonster Mar 10, 2006

    this is a really great start for a good simple wall. i tihnk it would have been perfect is maybe the sky was a tad more detailed to make it a little more interesting. either way great wall!

  3. ShiXon Mar 10, 2006

    aiyaaa soo beautiful flyinchaann <333 feel so calm :3 i'm just gonna add this to me favies :3 suu is so pretty :O

  4. moonriver Mar 10, 2006

    I like this wallie very very much, as a 'clover' fan! agree comments above, this would be perfect if sky adds more details~ like that in
    silhouttes of war but with less contrast cloud and blue sky.

  5. zaira Mar 10, 2006

    wow! love the soft bg!
    the scan is cute! + the texture really rockz! XD
    those birds are soo cute! love the clean scan + bg!
    great job on the vectoring dude! :D +fav!

  6. fukushuusha Mar 10, 2006

    Crap said it all...great concept and composition

    hmm...yummy xD

  7. DREAM Mar 10, 2006

    if only the birds were black...
    this would have fit the whole Clover "vibe" better..

    good job though..

    originality overrated? hmm probably..
    but hey it's Mt after all

  8. cyd84 Mar 10, 2006

    Hmm...hmm...great finishing touchs from the version I saw...I love how you did the metal parts...worth every bit of time :) Like the train transparency too

    Finally a clover wall that I can use! :D
    I absolutely love the color scheme of this wall...(no black birds...even if goes with the clover vibe ;) )
    You really got the open space feeling...great great work
    I agree with above that a bit more detail on the sky would have been nice to break up the blue...but still loves :) (Oh and superglad you kept it textless)

    As to originality and crediting...you know what I think...Just keep it up...

    Looking forward to your next finished project (if you don't die from all the wips you've stocked up... :D )

  9. Yina Mar 10, 2006

    ohh did you watch the TCR movie? XD
    the cage kinda reminds me of the country in the movie.. haha xDD;;
    again, you created a wonderful piece of art. the sky and vector are really well done.. and i love the concept.. >__<

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 10, 2006

    Wow, really cool. Love the simplicity and the colors are very soothing. Nicely doe with the vector too. Cool perspective as well ^^ Excellent job!

  11. Erdbeermilch Mar 10, 2006

    Such an ...AMAZING... vector *_*. I'll always wonder how you do this. Guess vectoring took some hours... but it looks so nice and detailed. XD
    Problems with scenics? I often have some problems too ^_^' once someone told me things in my wall looked like they were floating T_T.
    But your background looks fine the sky is pretty and your softly colored cupola makes me feel like ...open space. XD

  12. bluSake Retired Moderator Mar 11, 2006

    What can I say? It's beautiful. Now don't go ranting about originality being overrated when you've created something so refreshing. XP
    Love the perspective, with the lines of the cage creating a vastness and space.
    The vector is beautifully done, and the shading is very nice. Especially like the part with the transparent fabric.
    Hm...it's a bit strange that the leg behind is completely shaded when the enviroment is so bright though...

  13. Semuta Mar 11, 2006

    I love Clover manga, and your wallpaper fit with it sooo great ^^ It's amazing! Athmosphere of your wallie seems like athmosphere of manga. +fav

  14. Regenbogen Mar 11, 2006

    Hello flyin'...

    Thanks for submitting this Clover wallpaper. I love the whole concept... The only thing I don't like that much is her leg... it seems a bit too dark to me...
    Looking at the wallpaper I want to reread Clover which I read some years ago... but unfortunately I had to leave it at my grandparents' place... my room in the students' hostel is filled up anyways... *lol* As usual: looking forward to your next wallpaper. Keep them coming! ^_^

  15. ayaki Mar 11, 2006

    eek..inner demons go away.... @___@

    HAHA same as Yina..i just finished watching the TCR movie...and it talks about ppl trapped inside bird cages.....

    A vector wall again?!?! I'm kinda losing my patience everytime i start a new vector...HAHA
    Awesome perspective. Great choice on making the cage kinda transparent.
    i see everybody has already said what i wanted to say...so
    GREAT WALL flyin' ^_^

  16. Zoamel Mar 12, 2006

    What a beautiful wall! Because of the cage the wall is not looking empty at all, but it isn't to colourful either. I love the way she's floating there :D

  17. Vetrox Mar 13, 2006


    One of your flying dreams? xD

  18. AlexXan Mar 13, 2006

    Hi Flyin :)
    Realy nice idea with that bird cage ~ u got realy nice touch for originality :D
    U are realy good by vectoring O_O wana be soo good ~ LOL
    Take care and keep it up!

  19. kai81220 Mar 17, 2006

    ...beautiful work O_O
    lol i don't know what else to say.

  20. heavens-Dragon Mar 19, 2006

    Wowies, this is just simply beautiful. Love the whole perspective and the concept. You did an awesome job vectoring and colouring in the b&w scan. It looks so gorgeous! Grea work! Keep it up!

  21. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2006

    Oh no Fly is in a hissy fit.... as long as you believe in yourself and block those voices inside your head while doing your own original thing then the whole wall will cometogether beautifully.... though i would like it if the sky was clearer on the top so i can see the gush of light! anyway the wall is superbly done as always! :P

  22. xinmu Dec 17, 2008

    Nice! Not too complicated and she fits well with the background. Thanks for sharing! :)

  23. sailorcapuccino Apr 16, 2009

    Amazing work!

  24. talestry Dec 03, 2009

    love how it gives the actual feeling of being caged awesome wallie~

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