Yuese Meiying Wallpaper: Yuese Meiying: Melancholy

Yuese Meiying Wallpaper
Yuese Meiying Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This was an exerimental wallpaper to attempt to get off a waller's block. It's very simple, but I kind of like the way the layering turned out. Hope someone else does, too. ;)

I used a scan from a Yuese Meiying artbook, which I found over at Graceful Lament. As soon as I saw the girl's face in the background, I wanted to make a wallpaper out of it.

I vectored the face, then added and took away some details in her hair and kimono. I used a texture from DA and toyed with it a bit to make it look like old paper. Then I filter-whored it until I liked what I saw. I wanted to add text, but couldn't find a font I liked enough to go with it.

Layers - 40
Listening to - Look To The Sky by System S.F


Chosen by EternalParadox and belmikry

fantastic vectoring, simple background but absolutely effective- anything else would take over from the fantastic image of the woman. Texturing is throughoutly effective and adds emotion to the piece. Great work!

Proposed by EternalParadox and highlighted by belmikry.

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  1. EternalParadox Retired Moderator Mar 08, 2006

    I love the way you did the vector. The texturing is really neat, especially on the lips; makes the whole face look more realistic. Though I would question that little blob on her nose. It feels a bit too dark in constrast to the surrounding face.

    But overall, a very well done wallpaper. I think the old paper effect wall very effective. And looking on the scan you used, I think the way you simplified the part you extraacted into only that which is necessary in your vector really enhances the image in the vector medium.

    Good job! :)

  2. fukushuusha Mar 08, 2006

    I am totally in love with the use of negative space and color scheme right now...vector also seems simple yet has a great effect. Well' let's say hello to my new desktop

  3. DREAM Mar 09, 2006

    woah- i am totally impressed here.. you managed to take the essence of the original artist's work and mold it if you will and breathe new life into it.. in effect giving it new meaning... thats what seperates great work from the norm.........

    haha i even forgive you excessive use of filters. :)


  4. ayaki Mar 09, 2006

    omg..beautiful. X__x
    and yes~~ it's better to leave it like this without any font. Or else i think it'll ruin the calmness that i'm getting from looking at this wall.
    the filter-whoring thing is least to be worried about simply because the effect looks amazing.
    excellent job zephi!~

  5. cyd84 Mar 09, 2006

    Amazing color shading job from the original scan...perfect choice that really creates a loose/relaxed tone for the wall while adding an artistic touch
    I really like the use of empty space for the background...the slight color/texture keeps it from looking blank
    I wish you had extended the hair a bit from the original scan to avoid the flat head look but otherwise a completely beautiful wall
    (Now feel desire to check out this artist :) )

  6. flyindreams Mar 09, 2006

    Lol... this is lovely! If this is filter-whore then I wish all filter-whore walls could look like this. I love how everything works so well together. And... is that tiny text I see, or is it me hallucinating? :D What does it say? *curious*

    Waller's block? Really? x3 Beautiful beautiful work :D

  7. upheaval325 Mar 09, 2006

    interesting concept there...great vector work...lovely colours and great effects, love the amazing texture of the wall...marvelous work!

  8. MPX88 Mar 09, 2006

    wow it is really really beeautiful!

    I feel like if i am watching a japanese painting...
    Just as elegant and deep.

    I could be really great with a japanese or chinese calligraphy.

    add to fav ;)

  9. MirageA Mar 09, 2006

    Very good texture in photoshop skills.
    It's looks cool, Great work.

  10. Yina Mar 09, 2006

    I'll give you my last free download.. XD since the wallie really looks interesting.. *__*
    wow.. oh my gosh.. the vector work is really amazing.. *______*
    your really one of the most talented vector artists here.. >__<
    i especially like the eyes.. they look so dreamy.. XD
    the wallie looks more like a painting than a design work.. xDD;;
    +fav for an excellent work XD

  11. bluSake Retired Moderator Mar 09, 2006

    It's beautiful. I love that delicate, slightly windswept feel of your vector, and those wisps that seem to be floating to the side. That texture, antique feel really gives it a certain glow. Again, beautiful.

  12. markjo Mar 12, 2006

    Looks great, probably due to your minimalistic use of only two colours and the textures. Since the colours are very warm, the wallpaper has got a soothing and art-like quality.
    My new desktop. Thank you!

  13. shinorei Mar 13, 2006

    Wow. This looks so pretty. ^^ I like the style you used, and your vector.
    It feels artistic, and floaty like there's a certain mystery to it. Very nice, yes.
    I also like the lines on the left side, they potray scratchy lines, like the one you see on scratched glass. :P And the simplicity. It's like a smooth surface, but it doesn't seem so. I don't know how to describe very much, but yes, it's lovely. :D

  14. animefairy Mar 16, 2006

    Ooo...this wall is very rare and ancient! The colors all blend into together to make such a pretty wall! Keep the work up, zephirus!

  15. shiningdays Mar 16, 2006

    very gorgeous. the definition of the vectored face versus the softness of the background and the blends used all work well together to make a wonderful wall. good job :D

  16. kai81220 Mar 17, 2006

    its rare to see such an original idea for a vector.
    awesome work on the detailing esp the eyes and lips XD
    beautiful stuff ^_^

  17. EverInTheShadows Mar 18, 2006

    Ever: wow...so simple yet so detailed...

    Shadows: love the colour combination...

    Ever: delicate...

    Shadows: Can't wait to se the next wallie!

  18. DarthTofu Mar 18, 2006

    Holy Hell! =O
    This is freakin' awesome!

  19. walkure245 Mar 19, 2006

    This is a really pretty piece. You did a really nice job on the vectoring and I really love the way you add your special touches to it. I like the textures which gives a old paper kind of look and the overall look is quite nice to look at. Really wonderful work~

  20. silencex Mar 21, 2006

    wow this wallpaper is just beautiful. theres no other word i can think of but beautiful. great work!

  21. Skyneth Mar 21, 2006

    Very good idea this sepia color and the brown-old-ink effect. So discrete.
    Add to fav - to be sure. :)

  22. Texcap Apr 05, 2006

    I'm running out of ways to describe the word "impressive" so that it doesn't come off the same every time, but whatever the case, that's exactly what this is. A beautiful image taking advantage of the subject & style that you chose, as well as the colors. One of the best I've had the good fortune of stumbling accross.

  23. MapleRose Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2007

    wow, that looks really nice! wonderful vectoring ^^ I like the old paper look, esp the burned colouring style :)

  24. Rhed Jan 09, 2010

    awesome!..like it.. i like this type. keep up..and its nice

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