Loveless Wallpaper: You see me as HOPE

Yun Kouga, Loveless, Ritsuka Aoyagi Wallpaper
Yun Kouga Mangaka Loveless Series Ritsuka Aoyagi Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wall is dedicated to my grandma who passed away on Monday, March 6, 2006.

i wanted to create a heaven scenery that i see in my head, and let me jst tell you I think i did a nice job *nods* Yup, i would have to say one of my best walls ot their...and the longest wall to make.....SHEESH I didn't even get to sleep *looks at mirror* .................I would write more but my eyes are dragging that I cant see no more (what a stupid excuse T_T )
But what can I say when i create a wall, Its so mch joy that im litteraly stuck on my compter until i finish it :D
One thing I will say about my wall is that........the "loveless" scan is so cute >.<
Thank YOU!
and goodnight!


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  1. fawna-chan Mar 08, 2006

    I'm sorry about your grandma. :( But it's a very nice wallie and I do think that this is one of your best wallies! :D Keep it up! :)

  2. hepro2000 Mar 08, 2006

    yeah sry about your grandma...But yay for loveless!

  3. dianas Mar 08, 2006

    oh this wall is wandeful.. [i`m so sorry about your grandmother u_u ..others are comeing in our world
    and others are leaving us....#silence#
    the is the cycle of life..this is reminding us that we have to live our life]
    + fav from me for your work on this lovely wall

  4. Rhonda21 Mar 08, 2006

    Yeah I'm so sorry about your grandmother.

    This wall is so beautiful! Love the background and the loveless scan. Nice reflection. You did such a wonderful job!

  5. lunacrystal Mar 08, 2006

    I'm sorry.. Th wallpaper looks beautiful though!

  6. sakuya-sama Mar 08, 2006

    It's a really wonderfull wallie, I loved. The colors, the bg, the scan are amazing ;]
    Very good job ;}

    I'm so sorry about your grandma / You made a beautiful homage ^______^

  7. inuspirit Banned Member Mar 08, 2006

    i love this picture it is like the best i love it i love it i love it

  8. Devildude Mar 09, 2006

    Not too bad, though I am no fan of male characters but the subtle use of sakuras and the wallpaper made well match, it looks really silent, reminds me of the silence of the gardens of midnight flowers (somewhat a poem I read in DevArt) which was really beautiful. The scan matches well with the intense purple and pure feeling, a little texturized if any, but well done on all levels. You gotta love the background anyhow.

  9. phamthuha Mar 09, 2006

    As always i love your work for its smoothness, sweetie ^_^ Sure this one is not beside, i love it >__<!
    Fav+ for sure and add to CW gallery, Chi-chan ^_^

  10. Ketsumi Mar 09, 2006

    First of all, I'm forry for your loss.

    Anyways, great job on this wallpaper.
    You did a really nice job and it has a nice quality to it too.
    The reflections are quite beautiful too.

    One question...
    Is that a guy or girl? I can't seem to figure it out and it keeps bothering me. XP

    Keep up the good work, and good night. ^^

  11. zaira Mar 09, 2006

    wow! its ritsuka! go for it! XD
    very nice scan of him! + the bg is soo cool! love the pillar, the petals + the reflection effect! great job! +fav!

  12. nolove Mar 09, 2006

    wow it's really so great XD, your wall always awesome Chichiri, dark scene, water and sky XD, really great. luv all da effect you put in so so wonderful reflection >_<.
    +fav for sure

  13. thecatmistress Mar 09, 2006

    I'm sorry about your grandmother....may she rest in peace. *bows* lovely wall you have here, it does have heavens touch to it ^^ +fav

  14. Amru-chan Mar 09, 2006

    So wonderful wallpaper XD. You're so great >_<. Fav from me XD

  15. schwindelmagier Mar 09, 2006

    a wonderful wallie ^.^
    your grandmother would be proud of you T.T
    I am so sorry about her.....I want to dry your tears but there are miles and miles between us...these shit miles
    I will certainly add it to my favs
    I know how you feel....I also lost a great-grandmother and...my lovely guinea-pig who died because it was sick and I have noticed it too late....I wanted to go to the veterinarian next day....but.....T.T in the night...in front of my other guinea-pig.....I am near to cry again when I am thinking of this situation T.T....although it happened for a year...
    ah....gomen.....I hope I have not make you cry again
    I only wanted to say....although it is hard....the life continues and you will smile again....your grandmother would wish it...
    take care of yourself^___^

  16. dalidadod Mar 09, 2006

    its so amazing..furst ov all i'm sorry for ur grandma *may her soul rest n peace*
    ur wallie its amazing this is one ov my fava olor for this year..and u just put it in an amazing way..for sure a fava from me too ^_^

  17. Fran Retired Moderator Mar 09, 2006

    I'm so sorry for your gandma, she is in a better place now...
    I love your wallie! so cute, the combination of all the elements in this wallie it's just perfect!
    sorry again

  18. Vinght777 Banned Member Mar 10, 2006

    Outstanding wall you got there...keep it up ;)
    goes to fav

  19. sukie Mar 11, 2006

    wow what a pretty wall! i love purple! =D the scan is cute! ritsuka is soooo kawaii! =D (i think that's hoe you speel him name...) anyho! great wall!

  20. Lodigo Mar 11, 2006

    Hello Chichiri, Im very sorry to hear what happend to your grandmother,...actually i just came back from the mosque was the 40st day since someone (my grandmas sister) died and that is an important day, and we prayed for the people that have been passed away.So we prayed for ur grandma too.You shouldnt worry too much.She is resting now, see it as a long vacation.

    I know how you feel as well ;P
    My grandmother + uncle were murdered a few years ago.
    She was 69 if im right, and i dont know about my uncle.
    well...im not going to tell the whole story lol..as if you would care XD.
    but anyways, just want to say that you shouldnt worry, she will be resting now.No stress, no work, no nothing ;)

    About the wallie: I think ur view of heaven is different then mine :P
    it looks good, very good, i like the flowers.

    First i thought that the scan was a....girl O_o...but then i read the comment of devildude and i was like...ohh shit! haha

    I think that this wallie of urs is a fav for sure, even if the scan is a guy >_> ( damn i really thought it was a girl -_-)

    *clicks on fav*

    Take care, I hope your family is doing o.k out there.
    May God bless ur grandma!

    Ciao~, Juan

  21. animefairy Mar 12, 2006

    Aww...I feel so sorry that your grandma passed away on March 6, 2006! Hope you feel better. T_T This wall is very oretty and dark. It has great colors and effects! Great background with nice texreus. Keep the work up, chi-chan!

  22. oldbie Mar 12, 2006

    im sry about your grandma
    another great wall...keep it up
    only thing is that it's a male char lol

  23. Lucifur Mar 12, 2006

    GREAT Job ! its very nicely done and hopes everything is well , great submission

  24. Arashi-san Mar 12, 2006

    wowi =) i just like the colour, the backround, chara xD simple: everything
    a fav from me

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