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XO its another ....doujin.... >_<

i hope all the proportioning is right since i came up the sketch freehand.

anyway i decided to go back to cell shading as the last one didnt turn out properly.
its the renji again, clothing done in a gankuotsu-ish way.

lol i chose a blood splattered print for no reason at all, makes it more murderous XD

i drew the fence and the seireitei type buildings seperately from renji and merged them during the colouring.
slightly grunge but not too much.

also i tried to make it decent for desktop usage, if anyone actually wants to use it T___T

please comment so i know what to improve

well thats all. enjoy ^^

please visit my newly updated site: http://www.freewebs.com/kaiproductions

not that its a surprise, but the thumb is very ugly.
please spend 0.6 or so of a credit to dl ^____^ thanks

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  1. Phill Mar 04, 2006

    this doujinshi is great ^^ , but somethin wrong , the height of the body is right , finally. I figured out that his neck and his arm are so big to compare with his height , it will be perfect if you fix his neck and amr
    just my opinion XD hope this comment useful

  2. IllusionistAria Mar 04, 2006

    Well, I can't draw for my life, so all I can say is that this is AWESOME. I love the whole painting feel of it, and the very Japanese sort of atmosphere with all the cherry blossoms and all. The mild grunge texturing is a nice touch. ^^
    Damn you for being able to draw when I can't. >_<

  3. Amru-chan Mar 04, 2006

    Very nice doujinshi XD. You are awesome >_<. Fav from me ^^

  4. Amaranth Mar 04, 2006

    iuno...renji has a very big build in your pic o.o to me it looks like...
    but i reaaally like his outfit =3
    the texture is mostly nice...but i can see some really darker lines and boxes iuno from where ..there's one on top of the middle ..stick?..^^''....maybe it's not the texture iuno =x

  5. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 04, 2006

    Improve? i think you got your true calling in using your drawing skills to up a notch your walling tecniques and skills to further your graphic intention but yeah i liek the textures and stuff just dont know about the stuff on the wodden pillars cos it could be just small splotches of blood to lessen the weirdness i get from it but thats just me... Great job as always! :P

  6. Sandra Mar 04, 2006

    Is this a doujin ? You drew it !? You kiddin ? I thought it's a scan :P Really awesome one ! I Love it , and the textures are perfect ! The colors , so soft and calm.Only thing ..... i think you should add some birds on the left part because it looks too empty.Over this , still a fav !

  7. Yina Mar 04, 2006

    you've got an interesting style.. =3 its quite original.. XD
    mhmm renjis's shoulder looks a bit weird.. and i think his arm is a bit too short.. x__x
    and i don't really like the texture you put over the drawing.. it makes the whole think look kinda dirty.. >__<
    but you did an amazing work on the sky and the bg.. >__<
    they look so pretty.. ;__;

  8. TenX Mar 04, 2006

    its great!..
    ur paint style is really cool... the colors are really harmonic there.. ^^...
    i liked it very much....
    i dont know if i can say anything to improve but.. when i looks to me, like the shoulder is positioned a little bit upper than he should be... hmmm... that causes me the sensation like he's tense and hard.. it dont seem confortble to me... but maybe u did it on purpose.. ^^...
    anyway... its an awesome draw!...

  9. rythem Mar 04, 2006

    I quite agree all that yina said ~ but the textures r okay ~ ^^ I love the sky ~ ;o;
    overall , its a nice drawing from u , kai =D very neatly done ~ X3

  10. phamthuha Mar 04, 2006

    OH! I do love this wall OoO How did you make such incredible cloud like that? you make me so jealous....
    Sure a fav and big kisses for your hard work, sweetie ^_^

  11. MagicianFairy Mar 04, 2006

    like the bg hate the scan :)

  12. ayaki Mar 04, 2006

    man..i wish i can draw...
    the only thing that i think i'm okay at is oil painting.. T__T
    what to improve eh?.....ok...let's see....really..i don't really know... X__x
    maybe becoz i lack the skill...
    i kinda love your sketchy style. It makes the whole thing looks so soft, and original.
    ehm...i don't like the grey patches all over the wall. Just like what Yina said...it makes the whole thing looks dirty. Kinda kills the mood.
    uhm..i'm guessing.....maybe u want to be consistent with the sketchy style..and so applied this texture to the wall? I do like the subtle grid pattern..but the patches just gotta go.
    Cuz without it..i'd see a clear sky.....with the sakura and Renji walking by. *__* hehe altogether giving me a nice, and serene atmosphere.
    but hey~ this still looks great. and keep drawing~ ^__^b

  13. anji Mar 06, 2006

    Yeah good work ^^
    I like the subtle grunge texture you put on.
    Also the pencil sketch lines on the clothes give a cool look, however it's a bit less nice on the face like on his chin. Just erase a bit what exceed would do a clean job.
    Beside that I like the scene of the drawing, the sakura trees look good and the clouds and sky too.
    So keep it up :)
    Already in fav ^^

  14. asianspirit Mar 07, 2006

    great job on the doujinshi!
    i think this is the first time I see renji in a profile view. and your coloring (of renji and the background) is excellent.
    what i like more is how the grungy texture. it gives that freshly drawn feel to it.
    i also find it interesting that renji is probably one of the few guys that can pull off wearing pink. XD

    great job, kai! :D

  15. sukie Mar 11, 2006

    mmm you are pretty good with this! =D i lvoe it! his hair looks soo cute! *pulls* HAHA! great colouring too! i gota learn from you!

  16. kyubinaruto Mar 12, 2006

    Wai! Kai-sama is such a good artist >.< (hides Hinamori wall)
    The colouring is simply too awesome, especially the pattern on Renji's clothes.
    The background is of course, very cool as well *___* The canvas texture does give a nice touch overall.

    A few things about the drawing... the neck is rather fat X3 and the shoulder is a bit too stiff. Maybe Renji's face can look a little bit more relaxed because it would show the side of Renji we have never seen before, no?

    Looking forward to more of your doujinshi ;)

    *looks at the amount of fav* D< This wall definitely deserve more fav!

  17. shirokaze Mar 19, 2006

    Everything are good as always but do Renji look thicker than usual?
    BTW the color of sakura is great.

  18. slivermoon Mar 20, 2006

    the bg really suits the guy, it makes it look like he died and went to heaven >.<''
    anyways i really like the textures in this one and th design of the bg is very well done
    thought the lines in u'r drawing could have been a bit neater
    they look really sketchy and out of focus
    other than that nice work ^-^

  19. RengekiShin Mar 30, 2006

    It looks great, but the body proportion looks a bit odd, nice job still, I'd love to see more doujins like this.

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