Disgaea Wallpaper: Says Bunny .

Takehito Harada, Disgaea, Pleinair Wallpaper
Takehito Harada Mangaka Disgaea Series,Game Pleinair Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this wallpaper I made is for fuuuunnnn ~~~ trying to polish up my sceneric techniques ~ =D
the grass looks rather bad , I know .. >__> its rather plain , I know .. but I LOOOVE Takehito-san's kawaii drawing ~ I took the pic from his website , btw . it took me about 3 hours ~ I put some lil tones , but u can barely see them o__0

critiques are encouraged ~~

last of all ,


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  1. strawberrt Mar 03, 2006

    awww its really cute XD its so simple.. like just 2 living beings standing in the middle of a vast area. =)

  2. Phill Mar 03, 2006

    OMG , XD super kawaii the grass and the sky is totally great ^^ I just love it :x

  3. Erdbeermilch Mar 03, 2006

    LOL. Hope this won't be quarantined because of the ecchi scan. XD

    Actually I like your grass it matches the scan's style and the sky looks very nice too. I think it's okay the way it is, you could have added flowers or birds but who knows how that would've looked. :pacman:

  4. Amru-chan Mar 03, 2006

    Wow, so funny, so lovely XD. I like the grass very much XD. So gentle XD. Fav from me >_<

  5. cyd84 Mar 03, 2006

    Aww...cute and funny
    I absolutely love the text for this wall...you picked the perfect font and placement
    I like how you did the grass...the simple style suits the scan...if anything...I would say make the sky a little darker blue because it's a little faded
    Great wall!

  6. semanga Mar 03, 2006

    this is so nice
    i love your cuty wall
    thanks for sharing your wonderful and funny work

  7. Zefie Mar 03, 2006

    weee new submission from ventures-san again :D it's pleinair and her bunny from disgaea. oooh, what are they doing ? O_O showing their panties to us like that !
    kinda funny wallie you have made here ! you made so lovely job on the grass, like the green tones in it very much :) also sky looks wonderful, light blue colour is calmy and clouds are soft looking. those white rounds and...eeh...flying grass on the wind are nice details. text fits nicely with everything. overall nice work although it's little empty, but i think that simplish look is best for it ^_^ thank you for sharing !

  8. Kiako Mar 03, 2006

    the two look cute and the background colors are nice and kind of soft^^
    the wallpaper is very nice, keep it up

  9. enchantressinthedark Mar 03, 2006

    The wall of perfect simplicity! ^^ Gawd..I wubb it! The bunny ish sooooo cute XD The background is amazing... very soft colours! ^^ Keep up the good work!

  10. Dioma Mar 03, 2006

    everything is sooo cute and smooth, it's just forcing me to fav it XD

  11. pitbull Mar 03, 2006

    its addorible wallpaper.adding it to my fav.thank you for sharing!(*_*)

  12. flyindreams Mar 04, 2006

    Ahahha this is just so cute! The grass looks a bit blurry, maybe, but the painted look overall works so nicely in this wall, sky, grass, and all xD I don't think this is plain, the simplicity is wonderful!

    Ahhh... really... oh so cute *_*

    *goes to nominate it for Simple-ism*

  13. nolove Mar 04, 2006

    wonderful lovely venture-chan XD, sooooo cute how lovely, ur lovely style urhhhh love it sooo much. the color is very nice very wonderful, sure +fav XD

  14. Yina Mar 04, 2006

    omg.. kawaii.. ne x__x
    haha.. and it's so funny.. XD
    i don't think its too plain.. =D
    it would look weird if you added more stuff.. >__<
    overall great work, +fav ^^

  15. rythem Mar 04, 2006

    ahhhh~~~ chou kawaii ~ =D u have the nerve to submit some ecchi ne ~ >_> LOL

    what can I say though , I saw this in progress .. =/ hahaha its not that hard .. lol jk kay ~
    I like the blue blue sky ~ n the green green grass is very nicely done ~ :) soft n lumpy land ~ haha

    uuh ... *baldens ur teddy's new hair* nice work nee-chan =)

  16. phamthuha Mar 04, 2006

    So cute sweetie ^_^ You never fall my expectation on the bg and the sky ^_^ So lovely and sure you got my fav >__<!

  17. mayver123 Mar 04, 2006

    ohh is pretty your wall, follows like always: smiling and happy

  18. FlowerDog Mar 05, 2006

    Oh my! The cuteness is unbearable! :D This is a really cute and funny theme for a wallpaper. To you the grass is plain but I think it matches very well with Takehito Harada's work. I never thought that Pleinair and Bunny could be so silly. XD

    I actually really like the feel of the scenery, it does have the wonderful summer brezze feeling. :) I wish it was summer already too. T_T Though I like how the wallpaper is centered and the quality is also excellent. Wonderful job Venture-sama! I just love this wallie of yours. Keep it up! :D

  19. evasion Mar 07, 2006

    awwwww, kawaii! I love this wall! Teehee, I wish it was summer...it's all rain over here >_<. Poopies. Thanks a bunch for sharing! Makes me feel happy, lol.

  20. AlexXan Mar 12, 2006

    Hi hi Nice one :)

  21. shinorei Mar 13, 2006

    Nyahaha. You always make cute wallpapers. Since when you didn't? :D
    I like the scenery very much, it's simply made and a touch of cuteness - especially ventures-san's cuteness. :3
    I like the grass, it's not perfect, but it's nice in myopinion. So is the sky. And whoever says it's ugly, I'll pound them into cheese. Yum!
    It's pretty and lovely, gambate ne?

  22. minamitakayama Mar 15, 2006

    oh, it's so cuuuuute
    nice weather there, it's snowing here...
    i have to say it again and again: cuuuuuuuuute!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  23. Pladao38 Jul 14, 2006

    Ah I see this too late T_T.
    A very cute and funny walle, I like both Plenair and her rabbit ^_^".
    Color and bg are nice also.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  24. MadWiz Aug 28, 2006

    hehe totally cute wallie~ has that simplistic feel to it!

    your background is done pretty nicely to suit the way the "scan" is done =p

    sky's good and the ground's good but the grass poking out messily.. well.. not too bad but messy~ they oughta go like right like how the ground does XD

    I don't get the "snow" though hehe

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